Easy + Delicious Homemade Bread {Recipe}

Easy + Delicious Homemade Bread Recipe

Can we take a minute and talk about comfort food? I think now is the time more than ever to let food be a comfort, and what is more comforting than homemade bread? I used to find the idea of making my own bread intimidating, but I’ve gained some confidence and wanted to share our family’s favourite homemade bread recipe for you to try out with yours! This recipe calls for simple, basic ingredients and requires no more than a beginner skill level.

With the kids home all day, errrryday right now, I’m trying to think of activities that can incorporate a little bit of learning. Baking is something we enjoy and do fairly often (or we cheat and do a no-bake recipe, like these GF No Bake Protein Bites that the kids love) and it’s a great way to teach kids about measuring, chemistry, where our food comes from… just call me Ms Frizzle lol! And let’s face it, knowing how to make your own food is a life skill, so why not just go ahead and call this home ec 101. 😉

New to making bread? This recipe is perfect for beginners!

I started dappling with making my own bread in the Fall of last year and after a few tries, I felt like I had found a recipe I liked and that had consistent results. While searching for a recipe to use as a jumping-off point, I found Butter with a Side of Bread‘s recipe for Easy Homemade Bread and it lived up to its name. My homemade bread recipe is an adaptation of that one, and I absolutely recommend you check out this awesome blog for more great recipe ideas!

Another bonus of baking your own bread is that you can control the ingredients that are used (no yucky fillers/ preservatives, etc), and it’s a great money- saver. Ok, maybe that’s 2 benefits, but hey, the more the merrier! 😉  Enjoy it as a sandwich bread, or dip it in your fave oil/ vinegar combo- it’s a delicious, versatile loaf!

If I’ve got you convinced to give making your own bread a try, check out my recipe for Easy Homemade Bread below! 

Easy + Delicious Homemade Bread Recipe

Recipe: Easy + Delicious Homemade Bread 


-2 cups of water (warm is best!)

-1 1/2 tbsp yeast

-1/4 cup raw sugar

-1 tsp salt

-1/4 cup organic sunflower oil (olive oil or another neutral-flavour oil is also good)

-3 cups each organic whole wheat flour and unbleached all-purpose flour 

(+ more for kneading)


  1. In a Pyrex jug, pour the yeast into the warm water. Set aside for 5- 10 minutes
  2. While you let the yeast proof, measure the salt and sugar into a large bowl 
  3. After 5- 10 minutes, pour the yeast/ water combination into the bowl with the salt and sugar, followed by the oil. Stir until combined
  4. Add in flour 1 cup at a time, kneading to combine with the wet mixture
  5. Once all the flour has been added, knead the dough on a floured surface for 5 minutes
  6. Roll the dough into a ball and lightly coat with more oil. Place in a large bowl and cover with a damp cloth or towel and let rise until the dough has doubled in size- approx. 1 hour
  7. When the dough has doubled in size, punch it down and turn it onto a lightly floured surface. Knead the dough back into a large ball and cut in half
  8. Lightly oil two loaf pans. Roll the halves into two loaves and put one in each pan. Cover again and let rise for another hour
  9. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and bake for 30- 40 minutes (when ready, loaves will be slightly golden brown and baked through when tested with a toothpick)
  10. Pop the bread out of the pans and cool on a rack or enjoy warm and fresh from the oven!

I love that this bread is healthy + not too heavy!

Easy + Delicious Homemade Bread Recipe
Easy + Delicious Homemade Bread Recipe Easy + Delicious Homemade Bread Recipe Easy + Delicious Homemade Bread Recipe

Find more delicious ideas on the OHP Recipes Page!

To check out the recipe that helped me kick start my bread making journey, check out Butter with a Side of Bread

Have you tried this recipe? I’d love to know what you think! oxox Kat

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Easy + Delicious Homemade Bread Recipe

Hey Girl, Hey! First Post of 2020!

Covet Thrift Poshmark Canada

It’s hard to believe we are already almost through the month of February! 2020 kicked off strong and even though I’ve been a bit quiet here on the blog, I’ve been working away at things in the background and after a few months, I feel ready to share about what I’ve been up to. In order to maintain the level of quality I like to produce, I realized I had to pick my priorities and take a pause from posting on OHP even though I missed it.

So, after several months of prep and work, I’m excited to share a new branch in my journey… but…

A little bit of background first!

I’ve always had a love of fashion and thrifting. Growing up, I loved the hunt of scouring the racks at thrift stores and consignment stores, always on the lookout for something beautiful and unique. As I’ve gotten older, nothing has changed except the time I have to hit up my favourite thrift stores (because, kids) and I’m less impulsive when it comes to the pieces I’ll pick up. In the past, I’d add something to my cart even if it didn’t fit quite right or wasn’t totally my style but was close enough.

In time, I’ve learnt to leave behind pieces I don’t love, that won’t get a lot of wear. Sure, there’s the occasional statement piece or treasure that I just have to bring home, but not without careful thought and consideration. There are plenty of days when more than half of my outfit is thrifted, and rarely a day goes by when I’m not wearing a thrifted piece; my favourite style moments are when I’m asked where an item is from and I can direct the person to one of my favourite thrift or consignment stores while telling them how much (aka how little) I paid.

But I digress… In the past year, I started to realize more and more people are turning to online thrifting/ reselling, and for nothing else other than general interest, I started to pay attention (for one of my favourite inspos/ bloggers/ fashionistas/ humans, check her out @jenpistorcloset!). About midway through last year, the early stages of my own ideas of reselling were forming, but I wasn’t sure how or if I could put anything into motion. The ideas were there, they just needed time.

So I let them hang out in the back of my mind, waiting patiently for the right opportunity or idea to spark inspiration. And it was in an unlikely place in the Fall of last year that that spark ignited. I was chatting about thrifting with a lady at one of the community programs I was taking Liam to, when she mentioned Poshmark, and how another local Mom she knew was finding success with the reselling app.

Poshmark was something I’d heard of in passing, but had never given it much time or thought. Pretty much all of the reselling I knew of came from sites like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, eBay, LetGo, and other similar locations online. There were only two accounts I followed on Instagram that resold clothing and one was in the more luxe category, and the other was my aforementioned friend and fellow blogger, Jen (check out her blog here!). I’ve enjoyed watching Jen- a fashion industry alum- build her reselling business on Insta, and we had chatted a few times about possible ways to co-host events, but juggling 5 kids, 2 blogs, and various other life activities, meant it was hard to pull something together, and inevitably we put our idea on hold. 

As they say, C’est la vie!

But even though I wasn’t totally sure how to move forward, my curiousity was sparked and I started looking into Poshmark. And watching a lot of Youtube videos. Anything and everything for tips and tricks from how to get started, to best practices, brands to look out for, etc. I think I researched starting a Poshmark account more than I did on starting a blog. 😉

As with many others, I started by listing pieces from my own closet, and slowly began sourcing and adding pieces from my favourite thrift stores. I kept this little project separate and quiet because I wanted to build it without distraction, without pressure. I wanted to put in the time and effort to produce something of quality and not overwhelm myself while learning something new. I was navigating new- fun, but new- territory and I felt that trying to juggle family, work, OHP, and now Poshmark was too much, so I opted to pause on the blog front so I could attempt balance. Or at least not completely sink myself in the deep end as I have in the past.

Over the past few months, I have built up my little online shop (aka my Poshmark Closet) into something I’m proud of and am now excited to share it with you! My goal was to offer quality pieces with a personal touch- nice wrapping, a thank you note, etc.- to add some warmth and personality to the faceless and cold experience online shopping can often be. Outside of building my own small shop, this is the next best thing and I am loving it!

I have hopefully found a way of bringing two of my favourite things together: blogging and thrifting, and hope this will help OHP grow and develop in a way I’ve been trying to articulate over the past few years. I love fashion, green/ eco-friendly living, DIYs, etc and have always tried to bring those things together here on OHP, but have struggled in the past year or so with the time and effort needed to put together quality fashion content here on the blog. My hope moving forward with this new direction is to add back more fashion content and drive more attention to eco-fashion and all of the fun and amazing options that are out there, plus build out more content around thrifting/ reselling. I’m excited for this new chapter and hope you’ll join me and follow along.

Find me on Poshmark!   

Covet Thrift Poshmark Canada

If you are still reading along with me here, thank you! I am grateful for how this journey has evolved and grown and can’t wait to bring these two worlds together. If you would like to follow along on my Poshmark/ thrifting/ reselling adventures, here’s where you can find me:

Poshmark Canada: covet_thrift

Instagram: @covetthrift

Facebook: Covet Thrift 

Interested in trying Poshmark out? Use my code COVETTHRIFT to receive $15 off your first order on the app!

Want to see more Style content here on OHP? Dive into the archives and check out other posts on the Style page!

Glow Vancouver is Back {Giveaway}

Glow Vancouver indoor Christmas festival

Looking for more festive activity ideas for the family? Glow Vancouver returns with more than a million twinkling lights this holiday season! Check out the light gardens and illuminated structures, playgrounds, help Santa find his lost gifts and enjoy live music at this returning (indoor!) seasonal event.

Glow Vancouver returns for its 3rd season!

Feeling hungry? Thirsty? While you’re at Glow Vancouver, you can also check out the fully licensed bar so you can enjoy some seasonal cocktails and delicious treats! And like I mentioned, this Christmas festival is indoors, so you won’t have to worry about staying warm! Glow Vancouver has you covered whether you bring the family, make it an outing with friends, or come for a date night. 

For more info about Glow Vancouver, see below or check out their website. Aaaaaand make sure to scroll to the end of this post to enter for your chance to win a 1-Day Family Pass to Glow Vancouver!


Christmas Light Gardens

Interactive Hanging Lights

Bouncy Reindeer

LED Swing and Hopscotch

Glen the Glow- comotive

Food + Drink

Live entertainment and…



Date: November 21, 2019- January 5, 2010

Hours: Varies (see the Glow Vancouver website for dates/ times)

Location: Harbour Convention Centre, 760 Pacific Boulevard, Vancouver

Tickets Prices Starting at: Adult $19.99, Children + Seniors $14.99, Children 3 and under FREE

Family ticket pricing, ticket bookings, and further info on the Glow Vancouver website.

Purchase tickets here

Glow Vancouver indoor Christmas festival

About Glow:

Christmas Glow launched in 2017 in the Vancouver area and has become one of the largest indoor Christmas festivals in the world, and can be found in 10 cities across 3 countries. Featuring a million twinkling lights, Glow offers a variety of interactive festive activities for everyone in the family.

For more festive inspos, check out these posts: Simple Greenery Holiday Wall HangingDried Orange Christmas GarlandPrintable Christmas Cards

Enter to win with Glow Vancouver!

Enter to win a 1-day Family Pass to Glow Vancouver!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Vancouver Christmas Market Returns for its 10th Year! {Giveaway}

Vancouver Christmas Market at Jack Poole Plaza Returns for its 10th Year! {Giveaway}

The Vancouver Christmas Market returns for its 10th year this month! From November 20- December 24, this seasonal favourite will be back at Jack Poole Plaza with more than 80 huts featuring gifts, food + drinks, and treats. If you’re trying to think of ideas for the holiday season, the Vancouver Christmas Market is a great choice for families or couples looking for a festive date night, and I’ve partnered with them on a festive giveaway!

Get in the holiday spirit at the Vancouver Christmas Market + enter to win!

This authentic German market is sure to spark the holiday spirit, with its stalls featuring delicious edible fare (think: sizzling sausages, warming Glühwein- mulled wine to name just 2), handcrafted gifts, and so much more. Whether you come for the food, the entertainment, the shopping, or all of the above, the Vancouver Christmas Market won’t disappoint. See below for details + how to enter!

Highlights include:

Alpine Lounge- cozy up for food + drinks

WunderBAR- enjoy seasonal Winter cocktails + holiday-inspired bites

Lover’s Lane- 40 foot-long tunnel featuring 20,000 twinkling lights + mistletoe (of course!)


Christmas Pyramid Flying Stage- featuring daily seasonal entertainment

Variety of family activities


Date: November 20- December 24, 2019

Hours: 11:30am–9:30pm. Closes at 6pm on December 24

Tickets: Adult $15, Seniors $13, Youth $9, Children Age 0-6, FREE
Purchase online to save on admission, skip the ticket line, and receive a free Season Pass.

Ticket bookings and further details at: vancouverchristmasmarket.com.


Vancouver Christmas Market Returns for its 10th Year! {Giveaway}Photo credit: Tourism Vancouver

Vancouver Christmas Market Carousel Photo credit: Tourism Vancouver


Enter to win 2 Fast Passes to the 2019 Vancouver Christmas Market!

A Fast Pass offers you Fast Lane access at the market entrance and includes a Season Pass to return as many times as you wish during 2019!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For more festive inspos, check out these posts: Simple Greenery Holiday Wall Hanging, Dried Orange Christmas Garland, Printable Christmas Cards

Trick or Treat Halloween Ice Scream Sundaes

Trick or Treat Halloween Ice cream Sundaes
What do you do with all of that Halloween candy your kids bring home? This year I’m trying a new approach with trick-or-treating: I’m going to let the kids binge eat their haul for a few days and then the Halloween candy is going to magically disappear. Have you ever done this? Usually we let them have a little everyday, but that usually means we’re digging into all that Halloween candy for months to come, which isn’t the greatest for anyone.
I figure it’s worth a try, especially with Christmas just around the corner and all the baking and holiday treats that come with it. I’m not a total Halloween scrooge, I just want to find a way to kick all that extra sugar out the door while still letting the kids enjoy their trick or treat stash. I’ve seen recipes for boo bark but I wanted something a little different to use up that Halloween candy. So, how about Halloween ice scream? 

I scream, you scream, we all scream for…

I thought this is a fun way to use up some Halloween candy from trick or treating, or even as a fun treat for a Halloween party. Just put out the candy and any other toppings and let the kids decorate their ice cream. They’ll have fun, and it’s a great way to get through the sugar rush of Halloween. 
I’ll let the kids dig into their treats after Halloween to make these, but if you want to make these for a party, you can pick up your favourite Halloween- themed candies to top them off:
candy corn
jelly beans
pumpkin gummies
candy eyeballs 
flavoured syrups for topping (maybe strawberry to look like blood…?)
The version I created in this post is a dairy-free one( I used our favourite non- dairy ice cream from Nora’s), but let’s face it, chopped up mini chocolate bars would be all kinds of yummy on these. Like I said at the beginning of this post, I figure letting the kids dig in for a few days then stashing the rest away is a tactic worth trying, but we’ll see how that goes! Either way, Halloween is a fun time for the kids and we’re on countdown over here.

If you make this for a Halloween party, there are lots of ways to set it up.

Making a self- scoop ice cream station with candy set up in little bowls is one idea, or give each child their own little bowl of treats to decorate their ice cream at a table. Just keep in mind the ages of your guests and set up in an age-appropriate way (although some adults might be just as tricky with the treats as some kids! 😉 ). Just have fun with it and enjoy!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Trick or Treat Halloween Ice cream Sundaes

Trick or Treat Halloween Ice cream Sundaes

Trick or Treat Halloween Ice cream Sundaes  Trick or Treat Halloween Ice cream Sundaes Trick or Treat Halloween Ice cream Sundaes Trick or Treat Halloween Ice cream Sundaes 

Looking for more Halloween ideas? Check out this Spooky Branch DIY Halloween Decoration or this simple DIY Halloween Ghost Garland!

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Trick or Treat Halloween Ice cream Sundaes

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