10 Fingers & 10 Toes

Everyone always tells you when you have a new baby to enjoy every minute of it because ‘it goes by so fast’. Today my baby girl is 5 weeks old, and I can honestly say that this is so true! We are doing everything we can to document these precious early days.
Of course we’re taking a TON of photos and video, but we’re also trying to capture memories in more creative ways. One way we have tried is the plaster hand/ foot print. I will say this: it is not as easy as you might think! We tried to do her footprint and ended up with dry plaster before we could get her little foot near the mold! We have bought another kit and I’ll let you know how it turns out- it is best to do these hand/ foot prints when the baby is asleep because they are so relaxed (they’ll clench their little fists if you try and do hand prints when they’re awake- cute, but ineffective!)

Another cute idea I got from my sister- in- law is to do a mini canvas with poster paint so you can get all 10 fingers and toes in one place. Again, easier said than done! With some work, we managed to get 2 handprints with several blobbies in our first attempt, but had to call it quits when the young lady announced she needed a diaper change. Our mission for the second attempt: feet!
Canvas Supplies- Just add baby!
Attempt #1: 10 Fingers! (+ blobbies!)
What I love about these projects is their simplicity (even if they’re not so simple to create!)  and that they are budget friendly. Plus, it’s nice to be able to show your child just how tiny they once were. Great for decoration now, and memories later.

The plaster print kit I used is from Walmart and cost $8.99. I have heard some dollar stores carry similar kits, but I haven’t looked. I also really like the idea of doing Christmas ornaments for the Grandparents, but we’ll have to practice more first! The same goes for the canvas and paint- just make sure you buy washable, non- toxic paint (I used Elmers) and wash baby’s hands and feet after.

I’ll update the photos when we can get our young lady to cooperate (read: when she’s sleeping). We’re going to try and finish this little project ASAP, but have to wait until a morning or afternoon nap in case she doesn’t settle back down. 


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