Ari’s Room

Decorating Ari’s room has been a work in progress for a while but a lot of fun for me. We knew that we would keep the nursery the same and make the 3rd bedroom Ari’s when it came time to have another baby, giving us a blank canvas to work with. It took us a little while to pick out paint colours, but once that was done the walls and the bed were my jumping- off point for everything else. It wasn’t until about 2 months ago, when we took down the crib and set up her bed, that it felt ‘finished’. Her room really has been a labour of love, and I loved searching for the furniture and everything else that’s gone into it. I also love how well everything came together within a pretty tight budget: her vanity and bookshelf were Craigslist finds that my Dad refinished, her bed was bought on sale, as was her duvet set, there’s a few garage sale finds, and the curtains, pillows, and a few other items were bought at Homesense (who doesn’t love Homesense???). Added into the mix are some sentimental items, gifts, and a few DIY projects. I loved it when I’d find something and add it to the room, layer by layer. Decorating within a tight budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your vision, you just have to get a little creative. I loved creating a fun space for Ari and how her room turned out. We love snuggling up on her bed or in the reading corner and going through piles of books- it’s somewhere we all love to spend time and most importantly that she loves too. Source info for some of the photos is included at the end of the post. <3

Bed- Pottery Barn 
Duvet- Target
Mosquito net- Ikea
Dreamcatcher- VMD Jewellery 
Canvas bucket- From the Seeds
Throw cushions- Homesense
Vintage trunk- Garage sale
‘Classy’ print- Kardz Kouture
Tassel garlands- Fun Fiestas by Ili
Necklaces (on vanity)- Glitter & Spice
Bracelet (on vanity)- Rachel Rainbow
Flower Monogram- DIY project
Vanity- Craigslist & refinished with FAT Paint
Confetti wall decals- Urban Walls
Paper lanterns- Target
Gold fairy prints- Elk & Elm Home
Ari’s Outfit:
T- shirt- Whistle & Flute
Necklace- Glitter & Spice
Mocs- Minimoc
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