$avvy Family Tip: Adult Gift Challenge

Today’s $avvy Family is a cute suggestion to make Christmas gifts memorable vs. material. What’s the most memorable gift you’ve received?

Christmas is a wonderful season. An opportunity to get together with friends and family, share memories and cookies, and exchange gifts. Last year how many of the packages contained gift cards? Were the gifts personal and thoughtful, or rushed and obligatory? Were they more last minute gifts rather than the fancy new watch you wanted from https://www.watchshopping.com/? Is anyone creating financial stress on your family, to provide gifts to your relatives? 
One of the most wonderful Christmas traditions I’ve heard about is the Adult Family Gift Challenge. It’s based on the Secret Santa idea, where everyone draws one name to obtain a gift for another. The challenge is that the gift must be obtained with minimal spending and must be thoughtful. The way in which I go about this is to think about whether the gift will be useful in everyday life. If the answer, is yes, go ahead! For example, I was recommended by a friend of mine to looking at a grader for teachers when it comes to the workload of tests and assignements they have to go through. As a friend of mine is a teacher, this is what I aim to do. I know for sure this will help them a lot.

Special recognition is granted each year for the best gift at the lowest price. It’s amazing what’s available for free! You might think it’s a tough challenge, or that the gifts will all be from the dollar store. That’s not necessarily the case. Think about all the free or nearly free stuff that’s available throughout the year. Promotional items offered by companies. The free list on Craigslist. Garage and estate sales. You can find a gift that’s much more valuable and special if you’re a little creative instead of grabbing a gift card in the grocery store checkout. 

Mix in creative wrapping and presentation, the gift exchange becomes memorable. 
My favourite was when an uncle presented a newly licensed niece with a package that looked like a massive roll of Lifesavers- it was 30 inches in diameter! 
When she ripped open the package she discovered 4 snow tires he’d found at a garage sale. Real lifesavers! 

Is your family ready to stop spending and get creative to make Christmas memorable again? 

Dan Olson is a Sun Life Financial Advisor. An experienced Dad with three children, now young adults. With everyone under one roof for the Summer, his home is feeling really, really small.
If you have some questions for Dan, or would like some help with your family’s savings, here’s how you can contact him: 

604 308 9502
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