Fall Date Night Ideas!

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No matter what stage of life you’re in, it’s important to make sure you spend some quality time with your honeybuns. Since Ari came along Will and I had been trying to organize a night out, but as life goes, it took some planning and coordination. It was never about when or where we went out, so much as making the effort to do so. I started to see people with babies younger than ours getting the chance, and while I was happy for them, I began to feel a pang of urgency to get out with the hubby.

Most of my friends seem to be able to find time to spend with their partners, so we thought it was about time we did the same. A friend did tell us about the Escape room in Fort Worth that she recently visited. She said she’d never had so much fun. Her and her husband both seemed to really enjoy it. When we’ve got more time, perhaps we’ll have to do that. For now though, it’s difficult for us to plan anything like that with Will’s crazy work schedule. That’s why most of our plans usually have to be made last minute. Of course, this is next to impossible with a little one- especially with consideration to the kind person/ people willing to watch her for us. This past week we finally had our chance. My parents offered to watch Ari for us so we could finally get out for the much-coveted first date night.

We ended up going out for sushi 5 minutes from home, this and the fact that sushi isn’t a meal that takes very long to prepare & eat, made us comfortable for this to be our first step out. But I have to say it’s so true what I’d heard: you’re so grateful for some grown up time without kids and to maintain that cherished bond with your spouse, but you can’t stop thinking and talking about the little critter! We were chuckling at ourselves as our conversations kept making their inevitable rounds back to our little lady. And we knew that if we found ourselves amusing, my parents would even more so- especially when we made our way home after being out for only about an hour! No matter- we had had our first Mommy- Daddy time since the birth of our little girl and it was a much-appreciated opportunity to remind each other that our marriage will aways be a priority. 
It has always been my belief that you have to focus on keeping your relationship healthy -especially when kids come along- because it will impact the entire family. Taking the valuable time to put each other first, even if for only pockets of time, helps keep the love alive. I hope you get the chance to spend some one- on- one time with your sweetie pie and to not be afraid to over- use those 3 words: I LOVE YOU!

If you need some idea to kick start the romance, check out The Dating Divas 50 Fun Fall Date Ideas. They have a variety of suggestions that you’re bound to find a few ideas that you’ll like. 🙂

Image Source: http://www.thedatingdivas.com/just-the-two-of-us/50-fun-fall-date-ideas/

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