Father’s Day Gift Guide

 Father’s Day isn’t that far away and I’m teaming up again with Janette from Ava to Zoe to share some great gift ideas for Dads this year. An ongoing goal of mine is to share some of the amazing options available when it comes to local and handmade, especially when it comes to gifting ideas for occasions like Father’s Day!

Janette and I have worked together on some great projects this year, including our Mother’s Day Gift Guide (click here to view) and we want to continue to offer quality content for our readers while working with some of the talented locals we know. By teaming up again for the Father’s Day Gift Guide we feel that we can offer the same great value while inspiring some unique gift ideas Dads will love.

As an example of the value we can offer participating brands, the gift guide Janette created for Christmas 2016 finished with just over 11,000 views (stats are currently unavailable for the Mother’s Day Gift Guide but we look forward to building on it’s success). The quality and value offered through these gift guides speaks for itself and both Janette and I enjoy the opportunity to team up with a selection of amazing locals to share ideas we know our readers will love.

To highlight the brands and products included within, this year’s Father’s Day Gift Guide will include original photography by Captured in Squares, creatively styled to show the products featured at their best. If you are local to the Greater Vancouver Area and would like to be included in the 2017 Father’s Day Gift Guide, please see below for further details.


Gift Guide Booking fee deadlines (reserve early to save!)

April 26- 30th Early Bird Registration: $40

May 1st- 7th: $45

May 8th to 13th: $50

We will require the product to be featured in the photoshoot for the Gift Guide by May 15th. If the brand would like the item returned, they will be responsible for making arrangements to retrieve the product.  


To view the Christmas 2016 Gift Guide Janette produced, click here.


If you are interested in being featured in the 2017 Father’s Day Gift Guide, please fill out the form below. 

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April 26, 2017