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I remember when I was pregnant wondering how I would be able to dress in a way that was a) stylish and b) comfortable (by the end, that order of priority was reversed!). Figuring out a flattering pregnancy wardrobe can be frustrating and expensive. Then once that bump makes it debut, you have to nurture and raise it to the best of your ability. Finding clothes for you and your baby/ child and the supplies, gear, toys, etc necessary for them can be an undertaking. And often the selection becomes repetitive and/ or expensive as you shop around.
Rather than trying the standard retail fair, why not seek out a unique, local option? As you hopefully know by now, I’m big on supporting local, and today’s featured business is a husband and wife team offering a great selection of clothes (maternity wear and kid’s clothes ages 0- 5 years) and products for the kiddies in the family. I am so excited to feature Beth & Ben Fairchild and their store, Steveston Village Maternity.
I had the pleasure of speaking with Beth recently about the store, what they offer, and product trends. Make sure you check out the goodie up for grabs at the end of the post!

How did you get started?

While I was pregnant and then on my first mat leave I found there was a need for maternity wear; that there was something missing in the market. There were very few pieces that you could feel good about and like wearing.

How do you select the brands you carry?
We do a lot of research online, go to lots of trade shows, and through word of mouth. All of the brands and products we carry are ones that we love, otherwise we wouldn’t carry them.

What sets your store apart?

We get to know a lot of our customers when they’re pregnant and they continue to shop with us after they’ve had their baby. We spend a lot of time at the store, so we meet and develop relationships with our customers. We want our store to be somewhere people feel comfortable to bring their partners. Since my husband and I both work in the store, it’s nice for the men to have someone to talk with and relate to while the women shop. It’s nice to have a male perspective for the Dads, so they can be a part of the experience.

What are your top products/ best sellers?

For maternity, leggings are popular. It’s very important to us to support local, and we carry a brand made here in Vancouver, Au Fait Mama that’s really popular. Also nursing bras; Bravado and Bella Materna are big sellers. Otherwise, our maternity wear is seasonal, so what’s popular/ in demand changes throughout the year. For kid’s products, ergo carriers are really popular. Aiden and Anais (which is a very popular brand) make great dribble bibs and burp cloths. There’s also the Tea Collection, which uses a different country every year as inspiration for their products.

How have trends changed in the products you carry?

In terms of fashion, women are more proud to show off their bumps; they’re not as hidden. Maternity wear now tends to be more form- fitting and snugger than in the past. In kid’s fashion, the clothes have become way more edgy and more like adult fashion. And in terms of products, the quality, and how materials are used has changed. An example would be the Toofeze Teethers we carry. They’re made of silicon and have a stainless steel disc; they’re great because all you have to do is dunk them in ice water to chill the disc. They’re great for soothing soar gums at home or on the go.
I really enjoyed my conversation with Beth and love that her and her hubby are also business partners! I hope you go check out this gem of a family business- and tell them you heard about them here!

Remember the goodie I mentioned at the beginning of the post??? Beth & Ben have generously offered a $25 gift card to the store up for grabs! For contest details & how to enter, click here

Some of the cute goodies offered at Steveston Village Maternity

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Beth & Ben have generously offered a $25 gift card to the store up for grabs! For contest details & how to enter, click here

Images courtesy of Beth & Ben Fairchild, Steveston Village Maternity



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