First + Last Day of School Printables | Preschool – Grade 7

First Day of Kindergarten printable

The time has come to mark the end of another school year, and for our family, this means the end of kindergarten. I know I’ll probably say this every year at this time, but where did the time go?! Looking back on this photo of Miss A in September is a reminder of how much changes from the beginning of the school year and how far they come, how much they grow. I created this First Day of Kindergarten printable in the Fall (check out our goofy photo that followed the one above on Instagram here) and have since created a full set of first day/ last day of school printables for preschool through Grade 7, so if you want to get the coveted first day/ last day photos you can quickly print them off and pop them in a frame.

These school printables are perfect to capture special memories of your kids at the beginning and end of each school year to look back on in years to come. I think it’s safe to say I’m going to be pretty teary-eyed when we snap this year’s end of kindergarten photo, but I’m sure I’ll say that every year from here on out lol. Next up: Grade 1! 

If you print these off to use with your kids I’d love to see the photos! Tag @ourhappyplace on Instagram if you share them on social media. These signs will fit a standard sheet of 8.5″ * 11″ piece of paper, but feel free to scale them if you want to make them bigger/ smaller. Find a preview of how the file will look (I used the preschool version) below.


See below to print your First/ Last Day of School printables!

What are your favourite ways to remember the beginning/ end of the school year and other milestones with your kids? 

First Day of Preschool free printable Last Day of Preschool free printable

Just click + print, it’s that easy!

First Day of PreschoolLast Day of Preschool 

First Day of Kindergarten | Last Day of Kindergarten 

First Day of Grade 1 | Last Day of Grade 1

First Day of Grade 2 | Last Day of Grade 2

First Day of Grade 3 | Last Day of Grade 3

First Day of Grade 4 | Last Day of Grade 4

First Day of Grade 5 | Last Day of Grade 5

First Day of Grade 6 | Last Day of Grade 6

First Day of Grade 7 | Last Day of Grade 7  

Come back and print these each year for some special memories to look back on!

First + Last Day of School Printables


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