Getting Our {Healthy} Snack on with Love Child Organics

Toddlers. That one word says it all. Some days it feels like World War 3 trying to get my little blondie to eat her veggies (luckily she’s pretty good about fruit), and it can be a pretty frustrating experience to say the least- tantrums would be an understatement. But like most kids, she’s got her go- to favourites and when we go grocery shopping there is one thing Ari always asks for: pouches. When I ask her what we need to buy at the store each week, these are at the top of her list. Our grocery list has changed quite a bit since taking her off gluten and dairy, but I’m glad these are still an option.
I don’t know about you, but these are a lifesaver for me- a quick grab & go snack that I can toss in the diaper bag and head out the door. Sure there are things like crackers, but I’m not a fan of the overly- processed, gluten free options that are out there, and I’d rather get in as many greens as I can (even if I have to be sneaky about it!). On our recent visit to see a gastroenterologist about her digestive issues, he mentioned how kids on a gluten- free diet can suffer from ailments such as constipation because many of the gluten- free options kids eat lack fibre and other nutrients. One thing I’ve taken pride in over this dietary journey with her is that we didn’t simply swap whole wheat bread, crackers, etc for gluten- free versions that don’t replace the nutrients of quality wheat/ grain poducts; instead we added in more fruits and veggies, nuts, and other gluten free whole foods. And when I need some quick grab & go options, Love Child Organics has been one of the brands I love and trust the ingredients list. 
Some ‘convenient’ snacks are lacking when it comes to nutrients and can have questionable ingredients, but pouches are a great way to pack in nutrients without it being a battle. In the past I’ve shared about some of the healthy snack options our family has tried and loved (see here), and now that Liam’s also on our grocery bill (the kid’s a bottomless pit!), I want him to eat the same healthy foods that his sister does- a little bonus is that he isn’t gluten free, so that makes shopping for him a little easier/ less expensive.  
In addition to the pouches, some of the other snacks I’ve given the kids are LCO’s Toodle O’s and Oaty Chomps (for Liam- these aren’t gluten free) and Love Ducks (for Ari- these are gluten free and they didn’t stand a chance!.. which is why they’re not in the photos). 😉
Aside from the pouches, one of my other favourite products by LCO are the Toodle O’s. They’re like another classic breakfast cereal, except without all of the- sorry to use this word- crappy ingredients, and there’s the added bonus of using them to keep little ones entertained while you’re prepping dinner- Liam loves picking them up and pinching them between his fingers (which is great to help babies develop motor skills BTW). If you’ve got little ones to buy for on your grocery list, I’d recommend you try out some of the options from Love Child Organics; the more we support companies like this, the more widely available and affordable their products will become (see the end of this post for a promo code). 

Love Child Organics is an organic children’s food company preparing 100% pure and organic products powered by superfoods. Filled with nutrient- rich ingredients, Love Child Organics’s products are made using only real, simple, and clean ingredients that parents will recognize and feel good about.
Enjoy 15% their products on when you use promo code LCOMOM01 (please note this is a one- time use code. Expires July 30, 2016)

Visit the LCO website to see all of the products they offer and find them on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

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