Going Natural with Baby: Chemical Free Products

The term ‘natural’ gets tossed around  a lot these days & it can be hard to know if a product really stands up to it’s claims. I’m always on the hunt for natural and chemical- free options to replace some of the current products we use and came across Boo Bamboo Baby almost by accident.
I was giving my friend’s baby a snuggle a little while ago and when I buried my nose in her fuzzy hair to give her a kiss, I couldn’t believe how yummy & coconuty she smelt! When I asked her what she used, she told me about Boo Bamboo. So off I went to find the products & see how they stood up to my scrutiny. I wasn’t disappointed.
The company offers four products in their baby line: a body lotion, bamboo wipes, a body wash & shampoo, and a diaper cream, all claiming to be natural, gentle, & safe. While the ingredients appear convoluted, I looked up each and every one to cross- check them against their natural claims and only came across 3 ingredients that raised minor concerns. I loved the coconut scent in the body wash/ shampoo & lotion (that’s what got me to try them!), but didn’t love that parfum is a listed ingredient. I also appreciated that the diaper cream & wipes were unscented, recognizing that these get used on some of the most sensitive parts of a baby’s body. The products also contain bamboo extract, a source of silica, which has great benefits for skin & hair. If you’re like me, you’ll be sneaking the body wash & lotion for yourself! 😉
All Natural Baby Lotion 
Loved the coconut scent! Rich & creamy. Perfect to moisturize after a warm bath.
Product attributes: all natural & organic ingredients; paraben & DEA free; gluten free. 
Ingredients of Concern: isopropyl palmitate– can be pore- clogging & can cause acne, dry
skin/ skin irritation. 
My rating: 8 out of 10

100% Bamboo Wipes 

I liked that these were unscented and loved the softness of the bamboo, making them a great choice for delicate skin on faces & bums; they stood by the claims of being gentle. They were thick & strong and held up to the challenge of dirty diapers. The pouch also made them convenient to toss in the diaper bag. 

Product attributes: gentle, biodegradable

Ingredients of concern: none. 
My rating: 10 out of 10.

All Natural Baby Wash & Shampoo 
Again, loved the coconut scent. This stood by the claims of being gentle & safe: it got into Ari’s eyes a few times and it didn’t sting (major bonus for babies & kids). 
Product attributes: all natural & organic ingredients; paraben & DEA free; gluten free. 
Ingredients of concern: parfum– a myriad of harmful ingreidents can be hidden under this term; hydrolyzed soy protein; soy concerns me as it is known to be genetically modified. 
My rating: 10 out of 10. 

Soothing Diaper Cream
This cream is thick & rich, allowing for coverage where it’s needed; I liked using it at night to help protect against dampness. If you’ve struggled to find a diaper cream that offers protection without a laundry- list of chemical ingredients, I’d recommend trying this one.
Product attributes: gentle, reduce soreness & severity of diaper rash
Ingredients of concern: none. 
My rating: 10 out of 10.
Final notes: I give Boo Bamboo major bonus points for being vegan- friendly & cruelty free. I also liked that the wipes are made out of bamboo, a renewable resource. If you’ve been on the hunt for some natural baby products, check out this great brand. (They also make a sunscreen for babies & kids– perfect as we head into the Summer!). If you’re looking for some grown- up products to try, they also have adult hair & body lines worth checking out. These products are great for users with sensitive skin and/ or skin conditions, as they help sooth & alleviate conditions such as eczema. Check out the Boo Bamboo website to view products & find retailers.
The website I used to look up the ingredients was Naturopathica– it had a user- friendly glossary of ingredients used in cosmetic & skincare products with an explanation of where they are derived from and what they are used for. 
Photo Credits:
Baby photo: NZ Womans Weekly
Product photos: The Pampered Baby
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