Healthy Smoothie Recipe Ideas + Giveaway with Love Child Organics

Healthy Smoothie Recipe Ideas

Hands up whose kids pick and choose what they like to eat on the daily? One day they’ll happily snack on apple slices and the next they push them away with a ‘really Mom?’ kind of look. Kids, amiright?! I totally admit I was a picky eater as a kid (sorry Mum and Dad!) and now with my kids I’ve gone from one end of the extreme to the other: I’ve had phases where they’ll try anything I serve them (yessss!!!) to days when everything I put in front of them is pushed away/ spat out/ thrown on the floor, etc.- and everything in between as part of the crazy yo-yo that is feeding children. Ughhhhhh. Somedays I just throw my hands up and ask for a little more patience and ideas for foods they’ll eat.

I find that my kids take turns being the pickier eater, so I at least (hopefully) have one at any one time who’s easier going. In general there are certain foods that are guaranteed to be a hit, and one of those things are smoothies. They’re win-win because I can pack them full of good stuff like kale and spinach, toss in some fruit and favourite berries so they’re getting a nutrition- packed snack and the kids love them (fun twist: pour the smoothie mix into popsicle moulds to make healthy popsicles in Summer). As both kids get older and we’ve grown out of our favourite baby/ toddler snacks, I’ve been looking for other ideas and have teamed up with one of my favourite baby/ kid’s food brands, Love Child Organics, on this recipe post (plus check out the giveaway after the recipe!). Their food puree pouches were a hit with both of my kids, and if I let them they’d still eat them everyday, but luckily LCO offers healthy snack options past the baby years and we’ve recently been trying out their Lil Shakes (another hit with my kids).

I wanted to find a way to combine some favourites the kids are familiar with along with some nutrient- packed foods for some new snack ideas, and I thought smoothies were a great place to start. I created this smoothie with Moms in mind who have young kids transitioning into ‘big kid’ foods like my youngest recently has done, while also incorporating familiar favourites to ease the transition, without compromising on nutrition. Also, when it comes to babies who are eating solids/ toddlers, items like puree food pouches are a quick and simple addition to a smoothie loaded with healthy ingredients. You can sneak in some of the veggie- packed ones and mask the flavour with things like berries and bananas to help get those healthy greens into your child’s diet (and hey mama, it doesn’t hurt us to snack on a smoothie loaded with good stuff does it?). Even if you want to skip adding the puree pouches in yours, the flavour combinations are a good jumping- off point for smoothie blend ideas.

See below for the smoothie recipe I created in partnership with Love Child Organics and head to the end of the post to enter to win a variety of Love Child Organics products to create these smoothies yourself- perfect for Spring Break snacking!

Healthy Smoothie Recipe Ideas Healthy Smoothie Recipe Ideas Healthy Smoothie Recipe Ideas  Healthy Smoothie Recipe IdeasHealthy Smoothie Recipe Ideas

Healthy Smoothie Recipe IdeasHealthy Smoothie Recipe Ideas 


1 bottle Love Child Organics Lil Shake (235mL)

1 puree food pouch of your choice (or skip the pouches and use their combinations to inspire smoothie blends)

1 cup fresh or frozen organic berries

1 apple, cored and sliced

1 banana

Optional: large handful of fresh kale and/ or spinach

Tip: if you find the mixture is too thick, add water 1/4 cup at a time to help everything blend together


Combine all of the ingredients in a blender and mix until combined/ smooth. If you want to make popsicles, pour the smoothie mix into moulds and freeze.

Both of my kids loved this smoothie recipe and I love the added nutrients the Lil Shakes add (learn more about them here). I’m looking forward to making healthy popsicles for them once the weather warms up!

Healthy Smoothie Recipe Ideas  Healthy Smoothie Recipe Ideas Healthy Smoothie Recipe Ideas  Healthy Smoothie Recipe Ideas

If you want to try Love Child Organics products with your family, click here to find retail locations + websites where their products are available. Find the Love Child Organics Cookbook, It All Begins With Food on

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Enter to win everything you need to make this smoothie recipe for your kids! Win a variety of Love Child Organics products by entering below! Good luck!
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Healthy Smoothie Recipe Ideas

Disclosure: As a Love Child Organics Brand Ambassador I received the products needed for this recipe in exchange for this blog post. LCO is a brand our family loves and I happily recommend their products. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.



  1. March 10, 2018 / 12:09 am

    Cucumbers sliced , he loves it.

  2. March 22, 2018 / 12:22 am

    Your snacks look delicious! I never tried avocado brownies before. I might have to give them a try! I love granola bars! I can see myself eating roasted chickpeas & the peach/honey Popsicles.

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