Hello Sunshine: Kick Those Winter Blues

Anyone else feeling the winter blues? I always get to this time of year and ask ‘is it Summer yet’? Once we get through New Years I wish we could flip a switch and bring back the warm and sunny weather, skip all the grey and rain (hey, the rain isn’t always a bad thing but we get a lot of it here and it can get to you when you haven’t seen blue sky in a few days). This time of year is hard for a lot of people, so I thought now would be a good time to think up a few ideas to try and keep everybody in high spirits. I’m sharing 5 below and would love to hear how you count down to the brighter days this time of year!

  1. Plan a vacation. Even if you’re not getting on a plane anytime soon it can be fun to day dream a little, look at some bright and sunny destinations and ignore the gloom outside. A little distraction can be a good thing, no? Where would you go? What would you do? What vacay essentials do you need? And on that note…
  2. Pretend it’s Summer and buy that swimsuit! Or 2. Or 3… I did this in January and had a good laugh at the irony that there’s plenty of time before it’s bikini weather but it added a bit of fun to an otherwise pretty boring month (anyone feel like that about January?) and it gave me something to look forward to in the mail. Plus now I have some pretty new suits for when I head to the pool in the meantime. Little things like that can make a difference on a gloomy Winter day. And if not a bathing suit, maybe you’ve had your eye on a pretty outfit or pair of shoes. Maybe now’s the time to go for it. You deserve it. 😉
  3. Go green. This is a simple one that I’ve heard a few others suggest: bring the outdoors in and add some nature to your home. Fresh flowers and plants add colour and can brighten a room. There’s something about pops of green in a home that adds a sense of calm. It’s a way to treat yourself but also lift the spirits in the house. Added bonus if it’s stems or a plant that smell nice- aromatherapy anyone? Add some throughout your home so you have a little pick-me-up as you go from room to room .
  4. Go play outside. Living in BC, if we stayed indoors all the time because of the rain we wouldn’t get outside much over the course of the year. So sometimes it just means we’ve got to layer up despite the wet and cold and get out there for some fresh air. To put a positive spin on grey and wet weather, the sound of rain is a calming one, the smell of a forest after it rains is pretty amazing, and sometimes getting caught in a downpour makes for some laughs and fun memories. Sometimes we just have to embrace it and when you get back inside to the warm and dry, it’s a great time to cozy up with a cup of tea or glass of wine.
  5. Get a (new) hobby. I know you’re probably thinking ‘I don’t have time’. But remember the point here is to help kick the Winter blues. Maybe it’s time to make time. Instead of getting weighed down, why not put a few minutes aside to try that DIY you’ve been creeping on Pinterest? (Check out this one for a fun Summer/ beach inspired one!) Try a new recipe. Dare a friend to try something new with you. Add some fun to the grey. Find something to enjoy by yourself or with someone and make it a priority as much as you can. Hitting that refresh button and having something to look forward to- even if it’s once a week- can shake up the monotony of the months where you tend to stay indoors more.

Floral romper: Tobi

Hat: DIY (see this post)

Swimsuit: Zaful

Sunglasses: My own


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