Hiring a Personal Trainer: My Transformation After Two Months | Muscles and Mommies Review

Hiring a Personal Trainer: Muscles and Mommies Review
Have you ever thought about working with a personal trainer? For the past few months, I’ve been working with Erin from Muscles and Mommies and have been enjoying getting my butt kicked trying out her Ultimate FitB!tch training package. I consider myself fairly disciplined when it comes to exercise, but this experience has taught me that an added layer of accountability can go a long way. Whether you are trying to add fitness into your routine, or want to switch things up and try working with a personal trainer, I hope you find this post helpful.
Self-care has become a buzz word over the past few years and whatever form it takes for you, it’s a positive reminder we’re seeing everywhere to find time to take care of ourselves. For me, self-care comes in a few forms, but exercise is one that satisfies me on many levels with the added benefit of getting my body in better shape. I heard about Erin and her personal training business, Muscles and Mommies, at my friend Janette’s third annual #AtoZSelfLove Yoga Retreat last October, and the rest, as they say, is history. After working with Erin for two months I want to share a progress report and why I’m continuing to work with her moving forward (initially Erin and I agreed on an exchange for a two-month period, so I could share about her services with readers. I have enjoyed our sessions so much that I’m excited to continue working with her as a paid client! If that doesn’t tell you something about Erin and her personal training services, I don’t know what to tell ya).

From our first conversation, I felt an instant connection with Erin and knew I’d love working with her.

This is the first time in several years that I have worked with a personal trainer. I came into this experience with Erin and Muscles and Mommies not really sure what to expect with my only hope being that I could work on strengthening my body and feeling better from the inside out. For me, this journey wasn’t going to be about a number on a scale (even though that lurked in the back of my mind), but about making my body stronger and healthier.
My fitness journey over the past couple of years has been largely focussed on cardio (running) and yoga. In general, that routine was working well, and my cardio was great, but my overall strength was lacking. I was only focusing on certain areas and neglecting others; then I just fell off the exercise wagon altogether, which brings me to last October…
Hiring a Personal Trainer: Muscles and Mommies Review
When I first met Erin and talked to her about my fitness journey and goals, there was an instant connection and comfort. Here was someone I could talk to openly and comfortably about my body, my fitness experiences, and goals, and in return have a realistic expectation of where my body was capable of going since having two kids. What I loved about Erin right off the bat was that she advocates for women in a way that transcends physical goals related to training; she has a respect for and understanding of the female body and its capabilities, and has an amazing way of helping her clients feel encouraged and empowered but not limited by the physical changes that they have gone through (pregnancy, childbirth, aging). Her overall message: enjoy the journey.
After deciding that working together would be a fit, Erin checked out what workout equipment I had so she knew what I had to work with and conducted an initial assessment and spoke to me about my goals and expectations. What did I hope for? What areas did I want to focus on? She then made it her goal to help me get there, but with a gentle reminder that it may not happen as fast or possibly quite in the way I wanted it to. For example, I like a flat stomach and having toned abs, but since having two children achieving that goal has become a lot harder, if not impossible to obtain. No matter how hard I try, things are just a little softer and squishier where my babies spent 9 months each; something I’m proud of my body for doing, but nonetheless a change I have had to accept. But through our initial conversation, Erin was able to help me understand what realistic expectations of my body were, and that regardless of the results at the end of this two months, the process was going to be an amazing one, to embrace the journey.
In addition to the initial consultation and a personalized workout plan, Erin also offers access to the Muscles and Mommies closed Facebook group, The Fit B!tches, as part of her personal trainer programs, which you gain access to upon signing up for one her monthly fitness packages. Here she offers demonstrations of certain exercises, fitness tips, links to articles of interest, recipes, and group challenges. She also sends out monthly newsletters featuring a recipe and exercise of the month, and specials, among other info. If training with Erin wasn’t value enough already for the monthly fee, the additional resources she provides further extends their investments in her services.
Hiring a Personal Trainer: Muscles and Mommies Review

Her mantra and outlook is something I absolutely love about Erin and her approach to physical training.

As a former Doula and as a mother herself, she understands how our bodies change as we age and the changes that pregnancy and childbirth bring. Two factors that are not always related but certainly can be. Erin’s outlook and understanding have been things that continue to motivate and inspire me as I continue my fitness journey with her. Thanks to my weekly Skype sessions with her (2 per week), I’ve come to a point with my body that falls somewhere between pride and acceptance. Pride of what my body has done and has been able to accomplish through these training sessions, and acceptance that how I feel means waaaaaay more than any number I see on a scale and that the strength I have built both inside and out surpasses any ideal I had to let go of in my head.

My body is not what is used to be; it’s better. In all it’s imperfect, post 2- babies glory.

It’s safe to say, I’m loving seeing the results and the hard work paying off. But just so you don’t think I’m dancing around every week like a unicorn bouncing on rainbows, let’s be real for a minute. Admittedly many nights I am tired and burnt out heading into our sessions, the idea of relaxing with a book much more appealing than ramping up for a workout. But I know I’ll feel so much better afterward and I look forward to my time with Erin, so I push through my lack of motivation and am always better for it. When we started working together, Erin was just launching her Skype sessions and they have proven to be a valuable option for me; I love working out in person, but training with her via Skype has made her services much more accessible and eliminated the challenge of coordinating childcare, etc.

Working out in the convenience of my own home with a personal trainer? Yes, please!

Hiring a Personal Trainer: Muscles and Mommies Review

As I have mentioned, I am looking forward to working with Erin on an ongoing basis, and can’t recommend her enough. Even if you don’t live within her service boundaries, but are wanting to work with a personal trainer, her online personal training sessions via Skype are a great option to consider. If you would like to learn more about her range of services, make sure to visit the Muscles and Mommies website. You can also find Muscles and Mommies on social media: Instagram | Facebook.

Disclosure: I was provided with two months of personal training services in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 



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