Improving Your Wellness Routine with Botanica Health {+ Giveaway}

What little things do you try to do as part of your wellness routine?

It can be drinking more water, taking your vitamins, or working on your mental health. Whatever it is, even small steps can add up to create healthy habits we can maintain. It can take a little time and patience, but over time these efforts add up and today I’m sharing how making Botanica Health a part of that routine is not only an easy choice, but a delicious one.

This has been something I’ve been working on for over a year, and even though I think I’ve still got progress to make, I’ve learned that I can’t change things overnight- but I’ve got to start somewhere and have a little patience. Creating new healthy habits has taken two forms for me: focusing on body and mind, and the two have gone hand-in-hand. Running has become a part of my weekly routine and something that has helped my body and mind feel better. But that’s just half of the equation; the other is paying attention to how my body feels and fueling it with healthy choices.

I admit: I don’t eat perfectly, I enjoy chocolate and wine and coffee, and and and… the point is, I try to enjoy things in moderation, making healthy choices as often as possible, and continuing to make adjustments. I don’t believe in ‘perfect’ when it comes to diet, but making those efforts more often than not definitely pays off.

I notice a difference in how my body- and mind- feel when I’ve over-indulged. Too much coffee? My anxiety goes up, something that I could then use items from The Herb Centre or similar dispensaries to solve (a friend told me this is their trick for when this happens to them). Too much wine and chocolate (or other less healthy choices)? I feel sluggish and bloated/ heavy. So I try to keep everything in balance. I’ve been considering following in the footsteps of my friends who buy cannabis online, to try and take control over the anxiety I feel after consuming certain foods and drinks. It’s herbal at the end of the day so what harm could it do to give it a try? I don’t have the solutions to my problems down to a science and I definitely have to make adjustments and try new things as I go, but this attention to my health and the time and effort has made a difference. I have had to learn to be patient and not expect things to change overnight, and also that I have to incorporate these healthy choices around my life (kids, hubby, work, etc), so finding options that I can easily incorporate into my daily routine are definitely at the top of my list.

For the past little while I’ve been trying out a few natural products from Botanica Health, incorporating them into my daily wellness routine. The main two have been their Turmeric Golden Mylk (a modern take on an Ayurvedic drink which draws from the natural healing properties found in turmeric; just add 1 tsp to 1 cup of non-dairy milk) and Fermented Turmeric Ginger (just mix with your favourite juice for a nutritional boost; 4 tsp to 1 cup of juice). If you follow OHP on Instagram you may have seen me mention these products (see this post about the Turmeric Golden Mylk , and I’ve also been trying their Licorice Liquid Extract (Will has also been trying out their Sleep Thru Compound Liquid Phytocaps as a natural sleep aid). My hope has been to find natural options to help us both with our overall health, including sleep and anxiety, and incorporating these has been easy to include into our daily routines (because let’s be honest, it’s easy to make excuses, so the simpler, the better, at least at the beginning of creating new habits).

In talking with friends about these efforts, I had one of them comment that even the act of taking a few minutes for ourselves can help us feel better and help calm us/ reduce anxiety, and I have to agree. My nightly cup of golden mylk has become a little ritual I look forward to. Enjoying the warm drink in a quiet house before I go to bed helps me wind down and prompts me to take a few minutes to be present with myself, reflect on the day, and focus on what I am grateful for. Add in the health benefits of turmeric and I feel like the 5 minutes I’ve put aside for myself creates benefits on a variety of levels: mind, body, and spirit. The flavour is unqiue and hard to describe, but enjoyable. I mix mine with coconut milk and warm it up for a soothing pre- bed drink.

I’ve shared about our home’s ongoing health efforts over the years, including my own challenges with anxiety, and I have found that mindfulness (positive thinking, being present in the moment, attitude of gratitude) helps a lot. It helps to calm the nerves which are a psychological response to whatever it is that has triggered the anxiety. Luckily, because anxiety is a psychological response it can be minimised using herbal remedies like Natures cbd, which halts destructive brain functioning. However, it is also important to look into with more depth, the kind of things that usually make you feel this way and why that might be. This is an ongoing effort of mine, with periods of calm and periods of angst (and everything in between) but also making choices that are good for my body and mind has been something I’ve been trying to give some focus to. I’ve found it’s as much about reducing ‘bad’ habits (ie too much coffee) as it is about adding in healthy ones (a cup of Turmeric Golden Mylk at night, going for a run). I have to hold myself accountable, but also be patient and gracious with myself as I figure out what works best and make the time to ensure these efforts are a focus (also: stop making excuses not to do them). As I mentioned, creating healthy habits, whether physical, mental, or both, takes time and repetition, but even a few minutes a day, starting with small steps, counts and eventually adds up to a healthier mind and body- and a healthier lifestyle- overall. I’ve also heard about steps other friends have taken, such as one who uses Capsule Supplies products to make their own turmeric supplements. They had training in how to do this safely, but it’s amazing what people can find to help them on the road to better health.

To learn more about Botanica Health and the products we’ve been trying in our home, see below. If you would like to try them for yourself, head over to this post on Instagram to enter to win 2 bottles of Fermented Turmeric Ginger for you and a friend (plus find some bonus entry options at the end of this post).

Turmeric Golden Mylk

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Fermented Turmeric Ginger

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Sleep Thru Liquid Phytocaps

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About Botanica Health

Botanica Health focuses on creating high-quality health products through research and expertise and partnering with Nutrition Artisans from around the world. Their goal is to help their consumers find quality options that serve their health needs in the long run to help them achieve their best health through a natural, mindful approach to wellness. To learn more visit the Botanica website and follow them on social media: Instagram | Facebook

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