Kid Style: Pineapple #OOTD

When you buy your kids clothes what do you look for? Two of my criteria are comfort and cuteness (I’ve lost count how many times I catch myself wishing some of Ari’s clothes came in my size!). And with Summer only 2 weeks away, I’m loving all the vibrant colours and prints I’ve been seeing like this ensemble from Blink Kids. And let’s just be honest: I’m a sucker for anything with a pineapple or other cute design.
I met owner, Amanda, a few years ago when the blog wasn’t even a year old and her business has since grown along with her kids. Now that they’re out of the baby and toddler years, she’s been turning her talents to creating cute wears inspired by her own kids. The result are pieces that make both kids and Moms happy: they’re as cute as they are comfortable. And if you’ve got a little one who’s opinionated about what they wear, you know you need all the help you can get getting them out of their pjs (so cozy Mom!) and into their clothes (or as Amanda likes to call it, ‘something presentable’). Haha, just one of the arguments to be had in a day! 
Getting Ari to stand still for these photos was a challenge because all she wanted to do was JUMP, but the pineapple shirt was a hit with her and I love how soft and comfortable the fabrics are (cotton and bamboo). Definitely check out Blink Kids if you’re looking for some clothing options for your active youngsters (Amanda’s wear their Blink Kids pieces for yoga- how cool is that?).

About Blink Kids
Blink Kids is a modern, handmade kids fashion line offering up comfortable pieces perfect for everyday wear. With options for boys and girls, Blink Kids is all about creating new and exciting items including clothing and accessories. To learn more visit their website and find them on social media: Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest 

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