Live and Love Life in a Tee

When it comes to personal style I’d sum up what I look for in 2 words: classic and unique. My closet is loaded with pieces that are easy to slip on for days when I don’t have time to consider my outfit for too long but want/ need to look pulled together. I keep aside certain pieces that I don’t wear when I’m in Mom- mode to save them from the unavoidable stains that come with the territory, but most of my clothes have to be up to the challenge of Mom life. Either way, I like pieces that are versatile- bonus points if they’re comfy too- and can be dressed up or down. And what’s better for this than the classic t- shirt? 
To give a fun and fresh twist to this wardrobe staple, the ladies behind West + Wind– Jen and Kait (of Prairie Girl in the City and Kait Creative)- have curated a collection with pieces that are perfect for relaxing on weekends or dressing up for a girl’s night out. (I have their Signature Plus slouchy tee and have worn it dressed up with a blazer and heels or down with my favourite jeans and a chunky sweater and love how comfortable and versatile it is). I recently got together with Jen and had fun playing dress- up with some of their tees and trying on a few of the jewellery pieces they also offer through their line. What ensued was a hilarious example of what bloggers will do to get a photo- braving wind, rain, and the cold to snap some photos outside- and we couldn’t stop laughing at our luck that as soon as we stepped outside the rain and wind picked up. Insert the emoji laughing with tears rolling out of it’s eyes and that pretty much sums up this shoot. Despite the elements I think the photos turned out great and loved having the chance to get together with my talented friend. I hope you’ll fall in love with their line the way I did, enjoy!

Aside from the awesome designs Jen and Kait have created, I love their mantra behind the line and that they want people to have fun with their pieces: “We decided to create a playful line of t- shirts in soft yummy fabrics that we could live our day to day lives in. We feel our favourite fashion go- to item can be chic in an everyday way… We created a line where we don’t tell people how to wear their clothes, but hopefully inspire them to play with their style… We’re not ones to be a slave to a trend as we find personal style and people’s interpretation of a trend far more interesting”. Love it! 

Photos: Jen Pistor, Prairie Girl in the City

From Sunday brunch, to sitting around a campfire, to Friday night cocktails, W + W offers up pieces you can live in and have fun wearing. How would you style your W + W tee? To see their complete collection (plus kid’s styles!) check out their website and stay connected on social media for the latest sales and events: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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