Madison Ave Baby: Amazing Mom Feature & Giveaway

After talking to so many women I know about returning to work after starting a family, it’s always interesting to hear their stories and learn how they decided on their journey. Many return to the jobs they had, while others start on a whole new career path. Today’s Amazing Mom Merina is one of the ladies that decided motherhood meant a change in her career. Today I am really excited to introduce you to Merina and her adorable business, Madison Ave Baby  (make sure you check out the giveaway at the end of the post!).

            In the beginning…

My Sister in law Shawna and I started a website with of some of our favourite jewelry, home decor, party supplies, and other favourite finds. Madison Ave Baby is a section of that site that offers handmade, local, modern and- most importantly!- adorable baby head bands.  

The baby head bands retail between $7.50- $13.00 online- I really want them to be affordable. 

            How did it all get started?

I started Madison Ave Baby when I was still pregnant with my little girl and was starting to think about her first photo shoot and how I was going to style it (naturally, having been in the beauty/ fashion industry for so many years). Looking around trying to find accessories that were fashionable, sweet & stylish was a huge issue. So like every situation I encounter, I created a solution that I was happy with instead of settling for what is out there. I began to sew little simple head pieces for her and suddenly Madison Ave Baby was born! 

Naturally my baby girl inspired me to create something unique. In my personal day to day look I like to have my own style and flair and I LOVE accessorizing. True style believers know accessories can make any outfit. I figured why not do the same for baby girls out there?
What makes you love what you do?
My favourite aspect of this venture is design and marketing. Shawna and  
I design the line together, collaborating and incorporating both our styles.  
When you really love something you do, you’re not shy to show the world what you have created.  

What are the challenges with your business?

The most challenging part is limiting the amount of styles we put out. There are so many fabrics, buttons, stones, ribbons and ways to get carried away, but buckling down and narrowing down options can be challenging.  

What advice do you have for other Moms thinking about starting their own business?

Just do it! You don’t have to know a darn thing. Just start simple and grow as it comes naturally; don’t dive into the deep end off the bat, its to overwhelming and intimidating. With a busy life don’t bite off to much. Just do what you love and start small.. grow as it needs to, keep the passion. 

More about Merina:
I started out as a make-up artist 10 years ago, and ventured into the world of wedding planning. While working for an up scale bridal boutique I started making bridal head pieces and customizing accessories for brides. I even considered joining a Wedding Dress Franchise for a while. It has always been in my nature to create beautiful things, and I’m continuing the pattern into the world of baby girls’ accessories.  
My goal in life is to be my own boss, use my skills and abilities, and strive for success while doing something I love.. after all isn’t that the dream? 

If you’d like to get your hands on some of Merina’s cute accessories, go to our Contests page for a chance to win a set of 3 headbands from Madison Ave Baby (fits 0- 18 months).

From top to bottom: Vintage Flower in Grey,
Cheetah Diva in Ivory,  City Chevron in Pink


To see more of what Madison Ave Baby offers, check out their website.
You can also find the company on Facebook & Instagram: @merinachandra.
Photos & logo courtesy of Madison Ave Baby
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