Meet Will: Blog Hubby

One of things I was excited about when I decided to rebrand the blog was to have the man behind the scenes- my husband Will- make an appearance from time to time. He’s the voice in the background cheering me on, the one I bounce ideas around with, and occasional Instagram photographer. In short, he’s the guy who’s helped make my blogging career what it is. Going back to the beginning when the words ‘I want to start a blog…’ left my mouth, Will was the one who encouraged me to go for it, knowing I craved a creative outlet.

You will rarely find him in front of the camera here on the blog or in squares on Instagram, but he’s often the one taking the photos, rolling his eyes and smiling at my constant requests to take photos at random times. He keeps my obsession to take photos in check, reminds me to unplug from time to time, and also keeps me thinking positive on the days I’m doubting my efforts. We’ll both admit that marriage is a lot of work, it’s a crazy ride, and that there are days you drive each other crazy. But we’ll also tell you that we laugh together, share inside jokes and tears, and cheer each other on when the other needs it. We’re far from perfect, our marriage is a dynamic labour of love, growth, and evolution, but above all we’re a team and we’re just trying our best like everyone else.

Since you’ll be seeing a bit more of him here I thought it would be fun to ask him a few questions about what he really thinks of this blogging thing I do and share a little about what it’s like to be a blog husband. But first here a few things about this blondie I get to call my hubby:

  • he loves hot wings- the more they burn the better
  • he’s had the same hair cut forever until about a year ago when he decided to go for broke and switch things up- that’s why you now find him rocking a man bun/ ponytail as he grows it out to the style he wants (and seriously, he’s got better hair than me- it’s so thick and luscious and I know he’s proud of it)
  • you can see where my kids get the blonde hair/ blue eye thing from 😉
  • he’s totally a comfort over style kind of guy and jeans or cargo shorts with a tee are his go- to OOTD
  • …on that note he wore cargo shorts when we hiked a glacier in Alaska on vacation a few years ago (and yes he was the only one in shorts!)
  • he takes pride in that beard of his. I wasn’t a big fan of facial hair for the longest time but he can rock pretty much anything and I’ve come to like it
  • we have some epic inside jokes together and Monty Python, Search for the Holy Grail is quoted in our house way more often than I can even keep track of
  • if you know me, you know I’m a chatterbox; he’s the silent & deadly one, but when he talks, you know he means what he says and it comes from the heart

When I asked him what he thought about my blogging adventures this is what he had to say:

What’s funny/ annoying about a wife who has a blog? 

Taking photos of everything can be pretty annoying

She’s always on her computer or on her phone- always taking photos

She’ll take photos of her food and then complain it’s cold

She’ll take photos of literally almost anything

Hashtags. Nothing to add

What are the positives?

She seems to have tapped into a positive community. The Internet is usually so full of hate so it’s nice to see something positive online.

The blog and what she does is her in her element. It’s a passion more than a job for her and it’s kind of cool to see people enjoying what they do. It’s awesome to see people enjoying what they do and enjoying doing it together; it’s a healthy work lifestyle.

I like that she’s pursuing her dreams and passions, I want her to be happy in what she does and with the blog she is.

… you can see why I think he’s kind of awesome. He really gets what I’m trying to do here, even when he may find some of my antics (and constant photo taking) a little annoying. I’m excited for him to be more a part of the blog this year and we’ve got some big things coming your way. Hugs to this man for loving me and for going along on this crazy adventure with me.

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  1. February 8, 2017 / 9:25 am

    Loved reading more about your hubs! Mine is growing a man bun right now so maybe he can give mine some tips hehe

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