Milestones: Celebrating Then, Now, and What Lies Ahead

Milestones. What would you say your last one was? Was it personal? Work? Family?

Sometimes you see them coming, you work towards them. And others sneak up on you seemingly out of nowhere with a funny way of making you pause and reflect. Either way, they are a line in the sand with a before and after. 

But whether you count down to a special day or you suddenly realize you’ve crossed a line into a new phase of life, these are the moments we look back on and say ‘that was when…’ 

Sure, I celebrated my 30th with some of my nearest and dearest, but I also woke up on the morning of my birthday and the day after, and the day after not really feeling any different. 30 whoop whoop… But something I really noticed about this birthday in particular was a looking back and a looking forward. I took stock of the past, all of the versions of ‘me’ I have been for the past decade- I entered and left this one as an adult- then looked forward to the decade ahead, of the person I hope to continue to become.

I’m not the same person I was then, or the different versions that came between then and now. I’m all of them, a sum of all the parts. I’m here because of where I came from, just as I’ll be somewhere in the future, reach another goal, because of where I am now. I’m not sure what the next milestone will be but I’m excited for what lies ahead. Milestones, in whatever form they take, always seem to leave us changed, if even only a little. We grow, we celebrate, we move forward. Whatever your next one may be, I hope you celebrate everything that led up to it, even if there was more blood, sweat, and tears than confetti and party hats. Even the hard times deserve celebration in their own way. Here’s to the next milestone and the one after that. And the one after that. May they be a part of an amazing- if not crazy- journey. <3



Outfit details:

Crop top & skirtTobi

Shoes- My own

Photo credit: Captured In Squares/ Ava to Zoe


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