Mom Knows Best: The Terrible Twos

The funny thing about becoming a parent is there is no grace period, no easing in to the role. One day you have a bump, the next you’re a parent (give or take, depending on how long you’re in labour) ;). Another fun fact my parents always remind me of is that kids don’t come with manuals. Even if they did, you’d probably have to scrap the old edition with the birth of each new offspring and scramble to re- write a new version. No wonder wine was invented!
While the first little while after having a baby can be daunting, each new phase has it’s own set of challenges made easier or harder depending on your child’s temperament. These lil critters are always changing, evolving, and discovering  new ways to challenge our resolve.  What was a snap for one family can be a nightmare for another; each child is so different, it’s impossible to ever have all the answers. 
Comforting isn’t it?! Ah the adventures of being a parent…. At the request of a reader, I am putting together advice for parents for children of different ages, since the baby years are only the beginning of the adventure. (And perhaps a new found affinity for wine?!) And because they’ve ‘been there, done that’, I thought I’d ask some experts- aka Moms– for some words of wisdom- starting with mine with some insight about two year olds. 
Judy Miller, Mother of Two:

By age two children have discovered the word “No” and often find it very difficult to do
what they are told and sometimes become very frustrated and have temper tantrums, hence,

                                                  the expression “The Terrible Two’s”.  

As a mother, you need to realize that this is just a phase your child is going through which will
not last forever, however, you need to be firm and persistent and help your child to understand
that they can’t always have their own way.   A good way to try to understand your 2 year old
child is to imagine yourself in their shoes and look at the world through their eyes.   In  order
for a mother to help her child, she needs to try to get inside the child’s head and try to understand
where they are coming from so that she can somehow find a way to explain to her child why they
need to do what they are told.   For some mothers this can be a very trying time, however, you must
not always give in as the child quickly learns how to get their own way, which can lead to more
problems in the future.
 Not only is this true for the terrible twos, I think the advice of putting yourself in your child’s shoes and  explaining a situation to them in a way they understand is something we should remember throughout life. It’s tough and requires patience (my Mum loves to remind me how lovely I was!), but I think being stubborn and consistent with a child pays off. More Mom advice coming soon!
Thanks Mom for everything- but especially for loving me. I appreciate you now more than ever! <3
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