Nature’s Classroom: Help Langley Forest School Build a Yurt!

Have you heard of an outdoor school? At a time where kids are spending more time with technology- driven activities and less time outside, there has been a growing concern among parents to help them reconnect with nature and the great outdoors. Programs that take the classroom outside, where the environment literally becomes the classroom are growing in demand. The benefits take many forms, with parents noticing an improvement in their children’s development, including listening, emotional, and social skills. An added bonus is that kids often sleep better after spending a day outside in the fresh air (heck yes!). 
One local school, the Langley Forest School, is helping kids reconnect with nature, and with it’s outdoor program in such high demand, is seeking help from the community to help fund the completion of a yurt (what’s a yurt? Click here to learn more) through an Indiegogo campaign. With just under a month left in the campaign, the school hopes to raise $10,000 to help fund construction. The yurt will serve as a future classroom as the school gradually expands to include an elementary school program teaching up to grade 7 and will also serve as a place for kids to warm up and store back- up clothes and equipment, and display artwork. Currently the school’s base camp classroom is a clearing in the forest, with the yurt’s platform already completed.

Living here in beautiful BC, we are spoiled by the natural beauty around us and interest in outdoor school programs is growing. As one of the first of it’s kind in the Lower Mainland the Langley Forest School has answered a community need for alternative school options and is the first fully outdoor preschool and has recently expanded to include a kindergarten program. As a play- based outdoor school program, the belief behind it is that children “thrive in a play- based learning environment”, and that extensive time spent outdoors enhances their learning; children’s self esteem is nurtured while they are prepared to enter kindergarten and develop important life skills. 

About the Langley Forest School
  • Outdoor curriculum developed by fully licensed ECE teachers and a BC Certified teacher
  • Affordable, non- profit school managed by parents- Each class is run with the voluntary assistance of parents, allowing parents to be more involved in their child’s education
  • Works in partnership with the Traditional Learning Academy and the Township of Langley 
  • Demand is growing!- Originally Happy Hours Preschool, the Langley Forest School was created after dwindling enrolment threatened to close the school that has been a part of the Fort Langley community for 49 years; the decision was made to run an outdoor program alongside the indoor program and after only one year of operation, enrolment grew from 15 to 26 students, as interest and demand has grown for such options. 
  • Enrolment fees for each 4- hour/ day program: $150/ month for 2- day preschool; $300/ month for 4- day preschool; $350/ month for 4- day kindergarten 

If you would like to learn more about the Langley Forest School, please visit them at If you have any questions about the school you can email them at 

Find them on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

To make a contribution to the school’s Indiegogo campaign, click here.  

Logo, video, and images courtesy of Langley Forest School

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