No Toy, Cup or Bottle Left Behind

Who else has been loving this amazing warm Spring we’ve been having? It’s been fun getting outside more and two of my favourite things to do during the warmer months are picnics and beach days. On days when the kids get restless or are grumpy, having the option to take them outside without layering up can help make the day go more smoothly. Everyone is usually in a much better mood after we’ve had some fresh air and sunshine and we’ve got some great parks nearby that Ari loves. 
I’ve shared some of my on- the- go must haves before and I always try to keep a bag packed with things like wipes, snacks, blankets, sunscreen, etc to save time getting out the door (I swear it sometimes takes longer to get ready than it does to actually do whatever it is we’re doing!). Liam is currently in the drop/ push everything off the highchair phase, so basically anytime I give him something, he tosses it to see what happens (usually followed by a cheeky smile or a fit of giggles, so it’s hard to resist playing along). Pair this with the general forgetfulness of mombrain and there’s a good chance something will get behind (how often do you get home and realize something’s missing?). 
To help wrangle some of the things I pack up to go, I’ve been testing out some items from HNY Baby including their Sippy Strap– an adjustable strap that fits around bottles/ cups and clips to highchairs, carseats, bags, etc- and the Toy Along– similar to the Sippy Strap, but for wrangling toys- and I love how handyand multi- purpose they are (you’ll also see Liam rockin’ one of their super soft bandana bibs in this post). Below are some photos of one of our recent picnics at Annieville Park in Delta where we put them to the test- scroll to the end of the post for some more info on HNY Baby and the products we’ve tried from them, and what I like about them.

Sippy Straps– These are compatible with all sippy cups and bottles. All you have to do is squeeze the release button to adjust the strap on one end (made from a non- slip fabric so it stays in place) and clip the other end onto a secure object (also adjustable- I think this would be perfect for older kids with water bottles and backpacks). I love that these make toting drinks easier and harder to lose. If you run out of space in your bag, just zip one of these around the strap and hang the cup.
Toy Along– These straps have two adjustable lengths with snaps so you can fasten one end around a toy and the other around a car seat, highchair, or bag like I did. Even though they’re designed for toys I could see these having a lot of other uses. 
Trip Clips– These are super handy. These are adjustable straps with clips at each end, so you can do pretty much anything you want with them: turn a receiving blanket into a nursing or carseat cover, wrap up wet beach clothes in a towel and use as a handle, or turn a branch into a tent/ sun shield like what we did; I also like the idea of using them to attach mittens together for the Winter. The options are endless and something you’ll always find a use for
What are your must haves for getting out the door with kids? 
Thank you to HNY Baby on collaborating on this post!
Help wrangle everything you need to get out the door with the kids- visit the HNY Baby website to see their full selection and order your favourites to have on hand this Summer. 
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