Savvy Family Tip #4: Plan for Holiday Spending Now

For some of us holiday shopping inspires excitement, for others it is a source of stress in anticipation of the credit card bills that follow. Today’s Savvy Family Tip from Dan Olson of Sunlife Financial can help make budgeting for holiday spending stress- free and simple.

Savvy Family Tip # 4 – Plan for Holiday Spending Now

Would you like to eliminate your post-Christmas credit card shock? 

In the middle of gift wrapping have you ever realized that you’ve been really generous? The joys of the Christmas season often cause a January hangover when the credit card bills arrive. 

My wife, Laura, and I discovered a way to reduce the January pain: 

Starting in the summer we put $100 – $200 each month into the Magic Christmas Envelope. From that envelope the gifts and goodies are purchased. Because the funds aren’t unlimited, it’s easier to make better decisions. 

Investing the time to find the perfect gift will make the giving joyful. 

Dan Olson is a Sun Life Financial Advisor. An experienced Dad with three children, now young adults. With everyone under one roof for the Summer, his home is feeling really, really small.
If you have some questions for Dan, or would like some help with your family’s savings, here’s how you can contact him: 
604 308 9502

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