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The Surrey Girl Project is about taking a negative and turning it around, making it something positive. The term ‘Surrey Girl’ is something that a lot of us from this City (BC’s second largest) get called, and it’s time to put an end to the rude/ negative association and make it something we’re proud to tell people (no more saying ‘I’m from South Surrey/ Vancouver/ White Rock’!). Being born/ raised in Surrey isn’t what defines us, but it’s a part of us, and shouldn’t be something we get shamed for or made fun of. A label we didn’t ask for isn’t what defines or shapes us, it doesn’t limit us, and we hope to show that amazing things- amazing people– are coming from this diverse city. This project is about being proud of where you’re from, speaking up for something you believe in… We’re having fun with it, and the hope is to show how amazing it is to be a Surrey Girl, a girl from Surrey. 

The mantra and the message behind it is that you can take charge of a situation and take something that may be viewed as a negative and turn it into a positive. To take ownership of something. I am so grateful for everybody who has helped me bring this project together including the ladies featured in this series, as well as the collaborative partners who helped me bring this project to life. Through #thesurreygirlproject, those featured will share about their experiences growing up in Surrey, favourite memories, and why they’re proud of where they’re from. 

To learn more about The Surrey Girl Project see these posts and follow the features published on the Surrey 604 website.

Introduction to #TheSurreyGirlProject

The Surrey Girl Project Launch

#The SurreyGirlProject 1ST SERIES

The Surrey Girl Project- Katherine PetruniaThe Surrey Girl Project Katherine Petrunia

The Surrey Girl Project- Carolyn TurkingtonThe Surrey Girl Project Carolyn Turkington

 The Surrey Girl Project- Piya Sandhu The Surrey Girl Project Piya Sandhu

The Surrey Girl Project- Monica LevarskyThe Surrey Girl Project Monika Levarsky

 The Surrey Girl Project- Samantha LenzThe Surrey Girl Project Samantha Lenz

BIG THANK YOU to the partners who’ve helped bring The Surrey Girl Project together:

Surrey 604 | Ally Fotografy | Locomotive Clothing

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Be a part of the project! Use #SurreyGirl and #TheSurreyGirlProject on social media to help spread the word.

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