Swaddling: Snug As A Bug

Like so many things with babies and kids, there are plenty of opinions and taboos. One person says something is ok, another says it’s not. All of the conflicting information can be very confusing and stressful to a new parent.
One of the topics I have encountered is swaddling. I have heard arguments both pro and against swaddling, but have opted to swaddle my little one. Given that I was on my feet and moving during my entire pregnancy, I was warned by a few people that my baby may need help to settle- including lots of rocking, walking, and swaddling to help ‘it’ (We didn’t know what we were having) to settle. My Mum swears if she had swaddled me that my Dad and her would have had some sleep before my first birthday! Of course there never is one ‘right’ answer, but I have to agree with my Mum on this one. I bought a swaddle blanket before my little one came along just in case.
So far I have had quite a bit of success swaddling, but there is an art to it. I have used regular and muslin receiving blankets, and the swaddle with velcro, all with varying success. Since I have a Summer baby, the challenge of swaddling is the heat. I can tell that it’s getting to her, so she’s been sleeping in just a diaper and swaddle. Poor lil monkey has been harder to settle the past few days because she’s so hot. I have had the most success with just a diaper in the velcro swaddle (it’s a thicker fabric than the muslin blanketss)- she’s a cheeky monkey and can wiggle out of everything else!

For simple & clear instructions to swaddle your lil one, go here. (aden+ anais has ADORABLE  muslin receiving blankets)

The swaddle I’m using can be found in the TPB shop and there are different options for different ages. I’m using the 2nd stage size small right now. 

If you plan to swaddle, I do recommend trying a few different options to see what works for you and your baby. I wish you all the best with this- it may make the difference between a sleepless night and getting some well needed rest!

I’d love to hear if you’ve tried swaddling and how it’s working/ worked for you 🙂

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