Dried Orange Scent Sachet

Fall scent sachet DIY with dried oranges

It’s beginning to feel like Fall… And in less than two weeks the season will officially be here. Bring on all the cozy: the sweaters, boots, scarves, hats, hot apple cider (call me old fashioned but I like it better than PSLs), Fall decor, candles, baking……. all of it. I’ve started adding some Fall touches around the house and as much as I love LOVE candles, I wanted a flameless option to add a seasonal scent to the house.

This little DIY was inspired by none other than the food dehydrator that has been a staple in my kitchen for the past few weeks as we pick fresh herbs from the garden to dry (we have a round one like this one and love it). I’ve seen lots of cute ideas with dehydrated oranges (warning: this may not be the last one you see here 😉 ), and this DIY is a great way to add to the coziness of your home for the Fall by making it smell amazing. You can choose any scent combinations you like, but I really like the smell of coffee and added citrus essential oil to help keep the house smelling fresh. I opted to make a sachet that I can tuck out of reach from the kids, but pouring everything into a jar or vase would also make for a pretty home made potpourri to display (those dried oranges just make everything look pretty). This is also a great option if you’re trying to avoid artificial air fresheners- simply switch up the scents for the season to keep your home smelling fresh.


1 large navel orange

Citrus essential oil

Piece of paper towel or tissue paper

1- 2 cups coffee beans

Paper bag

Lightweight fabric bag (or use a piece of fabric tied at the top)


  1. Begin by cutting the orange into slices not quite 1/4″ thick

Fall scent sachet DIY with dried oranges 

2. Place slices into a food dehydrator (or you can preheat your oven to 250 degrees and dry the slices for 2- 3 hours)

Fall scent sachet DIY with dried oranges

Fall scent sachet DIY with dried oranges

3. When the orange slices have dried, allow to cool. Add a few drops to a piece of paper towel or tissue paper.

Fall scent sachet DIY with dried oranges

4. Pop all of the items into the paper bag- the dried orange slices, coffee beans, and paper towel/ tissue paper- and wrap it up so nothing can fall out. To be extra secure tape the seams so no coffee beans fall out.

Fall scent sachet DIY with dried oranges

5. Pop everything into the fabric bag and tie at the top. Pick where you want to have the scent in your home and place the sachet. You can tuck into a closet or add it to a Fall display/ vignette. 

Fall scent sachet DIY with dried oranges

Fall scent sachet DIY with dried oranges  

Fall scent sachet DIY with dried oranges

As I mentioned, you can also dry the orange slices in the oven at a low temp for a few hours, but I love the option of a dehydrator and the round one we have gets a lot of use. If you’re thinking of buying one, this one is similar to the one we have and works great.

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Fall scent sachet DIY with dried oranges

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Natural Sunscreens for the Whole Family

Every Spring as the weather is getting warmer I start to get everything organized for the heat of the Summer- water shoes and sandals, hats, beach essentials, swim suits… and sunscreen. And each year I try to find a natural option that isn’t loaded with chemicals while keeping my family from turning into lobsters (no olive skin/ 5 minutes to bronzed over here, we fair- skinned folks have to build up a tan over a looooong time). There seem to be some general things to look out for, some questionable, and some that you want for sun protection. As I did the research for this post I tried to simplify the information and make recommendations based on what I found* (I’ve also included the sources that I referred to at the end of the post so you can do some research for yourself if you wish). It’s sometimes hard to find quality options in grocery stores, so all of the options below are ones that you can easily find online (you can also find them in natural/ health food stores). See some of the good and bad things to look for in sunscreens and a few suggestions to try this Summer below- just add sun!



Top to bottom, left to right

Goddess Gardens Organics Baby Sunscreen 

thinksport Kids Sunscreen

Badger Kids Active Sunscreen

Goddess Gardens Organics Natural Sunscreen Spray

Badger Baby Sunscreen

Goddess Gardens Organics Kids Sunscreen

California Baby Super Sensitive Sunscreen

thinksport Baby Sunscreen 

For more natural sunscreen options available online check out Well.ca and Amazon– if you’re unsure about some of the products you find, Google search them by name and you should be able to find their ingredients listed along with information about how they really measure up (that’s how I discovered one of my old go- tos wasn’t as good as I thought).

One other thing I learned while researching the sunscreens to include in this post: if you like sunscreens in spray form (ie in an aerosol/ pressurized can), look closely at the ingredients, as they may not be cause for concern when applied to the skin, but inhaling them has it’s own set of concerns (this article was informative on this topic). This opens up a whole ‘nother can of worms, so I didn’t include any aerosol suggestions, just a cream that you can spray on without it becoming a mist). 

* Please note that these recommendations are based on research and information I found online. I am not making medical or scientific recommendations, and as with any skincare product if in doubt, apply a small amount to a test area prior to use. 


EWG.org: Here and here.




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House Box Review {+ Giveaway}

There are some great products for the home out there, but one thing I’m finding is that the products I love and use the most aren’t usually the ones you find in big box stores. They’re from smaller companies, many of them only available through small shops and online. Products such as cleaners (when I don’t make them myself), personal products like lotions, and even things like tea and coffee are all examples of products that I prefer to buy from smaller brands instead of the big multi- national ones. The quality alone sets them apart, and I like trying out options that are unique- especially if it also means supporting a small business while doing so.
For the past month I’ve been testing out a variety of items from House Box, a subscription company that delivers an assortment of products for the home every two months. It’s a great way to try out brands that are harder to find or unavailable at big retailers, and if you find a product (or a few) that you love, you can order full- size products through the House Box website. I’m sharing below about the products included in the House Box I received, plus see the end of the post to learn how you can enter to win a 6- month subscription (3 boxes every 2 months). 
Here’s what was in the House Box I received:
Lunatec Odour Free Dishcloth– Scrubbing dishcloths that are odour- free and hold less bacteria than sponges or cotton dishcloths. Simply rinse to remove food debris.
loved this dishcloth- it’s really a combo between a cloth and a scouring pad. It worked great to scrub clean a variety of surfaces (including a very messy counter after baking!) and because it’s thin and flexible it could fit into tight spaces to scrub off caked- on messes. I’ve popped it into the dishwasher after particularly messy clean ups and it came out good as new. Rinsing under warm water works well after regular wipe- downs. 
Essential 8 All Purpose Cleaner- Organic nontoxic all- purpose cleaner made with pure citrus essential oils. Safe and gentle to use on surfaces where kids will eat, play etc and is safe for cleaning wood, countertops, leather, upholstery, tile, and plastic. It can also be used as a car wash and pre- treatment for laundry stains.
This got use a lot and I loved that I could use it anywhere and everywhere without worrying about the kids touching or eating off of the surfaces I cleaned with it. Added bonus: it has a lovely fresh citrusy- scent thanks to the essential oils.
Tupperware Citrus Peeler- A classic tool to help peel citrus easily.
This is a neat little gadget that doesn’t take up much drawer space and is great when you need zest for recipes.
Great Canadian Soap Co Healing Butter- Made with Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils, which are known to have healing properties for a variety of things from cuts and burns to insect bites and more. Perfect to have on hand in the kitchen, a first aid kit, or in the diaper bag.
I love that this is a natural option to sooth skin. I used it on a cut I got from a kitchen knife and it worked well; then I tried in on the kids. Because they have more delicate skin I wanted to try it on myself first and once I knew it was good to go I put some on a scrape Ari had and even used it to help clear up some diaper rash! Each time it did a great job and I’ve now got it tucked in the diaper bag for on- the- go needs (yay for multi- purpose products!).
Tea Pigs Tea- Made with high- quality ingredients, there were two varieties included in my House Box: Every Day Brew, a blend of  3 black teas, Assam, Ceylon, and Rwandan, for a tasty caffeine boost, and Peppermint Leaves, made with whole peppermint leaves for a strong and refreshing herbal option. 
I’m a tea lover, and I enjoyed trying these. I was even kind enough to share some of the mint tea with Ari (peppermint is great for soothing soar tummies and promoting healthy digestive systems) and she loved it as much as I did. This is s nice way to try different varieties of tea without committing to a whole box; it was lovely enjoying them while I worked and kicked up my feet during nap time.

And now about that giveaway!
Like I mentioned at the beginning of the post, House Box is giving away a 6- month/ 3 box subscription to one lovely reader. See all the ways you can enter below, good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

About House Box 
House Box is a subscription company that delivers a selection of products for the home right to your door. Boxes are delivered every two months with a variety of subscription options available. Gifting options are also available.
To learn more about House Box & to start a subscription visit their website. You can also find them on social media: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter
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#TryNatural with SocialNature

Have you ever seen a green product you’ve wanted to try but didn’t like the idea of spending money on it because you didn’t know if you’d like it? This has happened to me several times, and I find it even harder to spend on natural/ organic, etc products when trying them for the first time since they can cost quite a bit more, only to have them not live up to my expectations.
I recently came across an interesting way to sample green products for free- think organic deodorants, vegan mascara, healthy snacks and eco-friendly cleaners- before taking the plunge and buying them (and spending $$$): SocialNature. All that is requested in return is that you share your opinion with the SocialNature community. If you loved the product, you’re also able to invite friends and family to try them for themselves. This is perfect if you know someone who’s on the hunt for a new healthy snack idea, green cleaning products, and so on. There’s no pressure to buy or to share, but the hope is that you’ll help spread the word so that more people try green products.

Making greener, more natural choices with the products we buy can have more impact than we think, especially when we share about what’s worked for us. I recently enjoyed some Tega Tea, which is a brand based right here in Vancouver, specializing in certified fair trade organic tea. I love coffee and tea (confession: I can’t live without a little caffeine boost!) but I’m starting to pay closer attention to where it’s from, if it’s fair trade, organic, etc. A nice cup of herbal/ caffeine- free tea at night is one of my favourite ways to wind down after a busy day, and I like knowing that it’s not only quality, but that it supports fair trade. 
SocialNature is encouraging everyone to #trynatural and help bring green into the mainstream. If you would like to check out SocialNature for yourself, enjoy priority to try any of their products as a TPB reader by following this link.
To learn more about SocialNature, visit their website & find them on social media: 

Fall & Winter Skincare with Studio Aroma

I owe credit to my Mum for teaching me many things, including how to care for my skin. Growing up she helped me create a regime that I carried through my teen years and it wasn’t until my twenties that I began exploring different products to switch up my 3- step program (you know the one, it’s French & starts with a ‘C’). As I’ve shifted towards more natural products, I have reconsidered what I use on my skin and have had a hard time finding products that I love as much as those from that famous French brand until recently. I stumbled upon Studio Aroma at my favourite farmer’s market this past Summer and have been trying out a few of their products including the Moisture Balm, Multi Purpose Balm, and Eye Serum. Founder Jen is a certified aromatherapist and is an advocate for using natural products, both for the benefit of our bodies and the environment. Her products are made from natural and raw ingredients, making them a great choice for individuals with sensitive skin in addition to regular daily needs.
Jen started creating her own skincare products as a teen struggling with acne after being told the product she was using contained a steroid that was affecting her body. With no commercial options available, she successfully learnt how to blend essential oils and use them to treat her acne; she was soon creating unscented products for daily use. This experience led her to further study in aromatherapy and essential oils where she learnt how to formulate skincare products, receiving feedback from family and friends she shared them with. After years of trying products that simply didn’t work for her, Jen realized there was a gap in the market and Studio Aroma was launched in 2014. 

Hands down, the Moisture Balm is my favourite face cream of all the ones I’ve tried, and what Mom doesn’t need some help with those fine lines and wrinkles around their eyes? This brand specializes in holistic personal products for the face, lips, skin, and body that are made in small batches from high quality ingredients sourced from around the world. I like that the products don’t include harsh chemicals and my skin agrees. I also love her mantra: Passion and motivation are a basic foundation of starting a business. To help you get through the colder months ahead, Jen has offered some tips to help us care for our skin.
Skincare Tips for Fall & Winter

Exfoliate regularly– In Winter, a lot of people think their skin is too dry for exfoliation, but this isn’t the case. Regular exfoliation helps to clear dead skin cells and prepare your deeper layer of skin to absorb moisture.
Moisturize more often– Depending on how dry/ chapped your skin is, you’ll want to moisturize more often. Try adding soy milk and/ or a few drops of almond oil to your cleanser to help. (Starting in December we will be offering custom skincare for customers based on their unique skincare needs).
Adjust your skincare regime No matter what your skin type, you may have to adjust how you care for your skin in the Fall/ Winter. In the Summer we have the heat and UV rays of the sun to contend with; in Fall/ Winter we deal with elements such as the cold air and wind (but still have to think about the sun!). Now is a great time to transition into a skincare routine for the cooler months.

3 Questions with Jen (founder)
Why do you think it’s important to use natural products?
A polluted environment, plus the chemicals/ artificial ingredients in many personal care products can affect our health and weaken our immune systems. We can’t always change our environment, but we can change the products we use.

What is your favourite product that you offer & why?

Hydrosol Tonic would be my choice. Hydrosol (also called hydrolat) is a co-product of essential oil distillation, with similar effects but more gentle and non-oil based. Hydrosol itself can be used as a cleanser, mask, body spray, and as a natural toner to help balance and improve the condition of the skin. We distill hydrosols in our studio from raw natural ingredients that are free of artificial additives, alcohol, preservatives, or colouring. The Hydrosol Tonic is usually blended with up to three hydrosols according to the customer’s choice or with our consultation to match their skin type or special needs. This is a product I use every day.
What is your most popular product?
The Eye Serum is one of Studio Aroma’s signature products and is the best seller. Customers from different age groups purchase it and I am glad to see women as young as their twenties taking care of their skin to help prevent wrinkles when they’re older. I have several customers who are flight attendants and need to put on make up almost everyday; they’re also working in planes with recycled air which can be tough on skin. They found that our eye serum effectively soothes and hydrates their skin after working in a dry environment all day and after removing their makeup.

Studio Aroma products retail for $11- $30 CAD and can be purchased online and at various locations in BC. 
Visit the Studio Aroma website for more info and find them on social media: 
Facebook | Instagram
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