DIY Bath Bombs & Body Butter

DIY bath bombs and body butter with essential oils
Anyone else looking for some simple DIY gift ideas? Well you’re in luck! Today I’ve got 2 simple ideas to pamper someone special: bath bombs and body butter. Mmmmm sounds indulgent doesn’t it? And the best part is there are no weird ingredients, just simple things like essential oils, baking soda, citric acid, and shea butter (which you can find at soap making supply stores and online). All you have to do is decide what scents you want and the rest is simple- these are even fun projects to make with the kids and they’ll love trying out the fizzing bath bombs for themselves after all their hard work. Plus I’ve teamed up with Pam Lauzon of Young Living to share about some misconceptions about essential oils, so you can learn a little something while you get your DIY on (see that info after the DIY instructions). So who’s ready to whip up some Christmas presents?
Bath Bombs
1 cup citric acid
1 cup baking soda
½ cup cornstarch
3-4 tbsp melted coconut oil
Spray bottle with water
15 drops of pure, therapeutic grade
essential oil
Food colouring (optional)
Combine citric acid, baking soda and cornstarch in a bowl and mix together well (If doing two colours or two scents, divide mixture into two bowls)
DIY bath bomb with essential oils tutorial
Add essential oil a few drops at a time and colour if desired and whisk vigorously to stop fizzing
DIY bath bomb with essential oils tutorial
Melt coconut oil and pour small
amounts into dry mixture, whisking continuously to stop fizzing (listen
carefully for fizzing and mix until it stops)
DIY bath bomb with essential oils tutorial

Spray water into mixture, one spray at a time, and mix with hands quickly to stop fizzing. Make sure there is no fizzing sound before you add more water


DIY bath bomb with essential oils tutorial

Add water until mixture holds together when you squeeze a handful in your hands, it should crumble apart still but hold a shape when squeezed together


DIY bath bomb with essential oils tutorial

Press firmly into molds (silicone works well or muffin tips are fine too)

DIY bath bomb with essential oils tutorial
DIY bath bomb with essential oils tutorial
DIY bath bomb with essential oils tutorial
DIY bath bomb with essential oils tutorial
DIY bath bomb with essential oils tutorial

Once tightly packed in, let dry for 24 hours or place in fridge until firm and remove from mold to dry overnight


DIY bath bomb with essential oils tutorial
DIY bath bomb with essential oils tutorial
DIY bath bomb with essential oils tutorial
For gifting, line a box with shredded paper or tissue to prevent the bath bombs from breaking. Tie with a pretty bow and finishing touches like a sprig of fresh rosemary and your DIY gift is ready to go under the tree!
DIY bath bomb with essential oils tutorial
Body Butter
1 ¾ cups shea butter
½ coconut oil
¼ sweet almond oil
20 drops essential oil
Mix shea, coconut and almond oils in a pot and warm on the stove until melted but not boiling (stir until evenly mixed and place in fridge or freezer until firm but not hard).
DIY body butter with essential oils tutorial
Use whisk to beat the mixture and add your essential oils
DIY body butter with essential oils tutorial
DIY body butter with essential oils tutorial
Scoop into mason jar or desired container and enjoy!
DIY body butter with essential oils tutorial
DIY body butter with essential oils tutorial
DIY body butter with essential oils tutorial

To wrap the body butter you can simply tie the container with a pretty ribbon (slip a sprig of fresh greens for a festive touch), or pop into a bag or box. Just make sure the lid is on tight.

DIY body butter with essential oils tutorial
Top 3 Misconceptions about Essential Oils
Essential oils are getting a lot of attention these days but there is still some confusion about them- education is key. According to Pam, here are the 3 things people ask her most about.
Essential oils can be toxic and
are dangerous
What is an
essential oil anyways? Essential oils are in your home right now! You smell the
oil in the zest of a lemon, in your fresh herbs and that fantastic smell that
comes from your Christmas tree. The oils are the life blood of the plant. They
carry oxygen and nutrients into the cells of the plant and waste out. They
protect the plant from disease and repel unwanted pests. An essential oil
usually comes from steam distillation and is much more potent than an herb.
They consist of hundreds of different chemicals. Some of these chemicals on their
own can be toxic, however in nature they are balanced and the toxic chemicals
are quenched by the other chemicals in the plant. That is the key! The oils
must be of good quality and tested to make sure that the chemical constituents
in the oil are properly balanced and safe, and then used properly! You never know when something like Healing Solutions essential oils will become useful within your home. I believe everyone should at least have one essential oil. My favourites are tea tree oil and lavender oil. No doubt will you find a favourite amongst the many oils out there.
All essential oils are the same
In North America there are no real regulating bodies for essential oils. This exists in Europe but
here  in Canada they are considered to be cosmetics. Labels can say pretty much anything.
For example, a bottle can read “Pure” if it contains only 5-35% pure oil. The
term “organic” gets everyone excited but it only refers to the farming
practices and has nothing to do with the quality of your oil. Many companies
use 2nd, 3rd and 4th distillation which is
like steeping a tea bag over and over. It smells the same but it’s weaker. This
brings down the cost and often creates a sweeter smell but don’t be fooled!
Very sweet smells often indicate a poorer quality product. Many companies also use
synthetic oils to keep down costs. You will find these most commonly in soaps
and lotions but also in many bottles of essential oil sold as pure oil. Using
synthetics or low grade oils IS very dangerous, so buyer beware. Do you know
what is in your bottle?
Essential oils are “snake oil”
and don’t do anything
If you use
synthetic, or low grade essential oil you may like the smell but you will
likely not see any amazing changes. What you may experience are headaches,
rashes, burns, respiratory issues and more. I often have people tell me they
can’t use the oils due to a fragrance allergy. I always tell people to work
within their comfort zone but from my experience many with fragrance allergies
do not react to pure essential oil.

Want to learn more about essential oils?

Check out Pam’s Facebook group dedicated to helping answer all your essential oil questions:’s also got an online class coming up on December 10th if you’d like to learn more from Pam. RSVP at the link below to learn more:

Other free online courses available at:
About Pam
Pam Lauzon has been using essential oils with her family for three years and at first didn’t know the extent to which they could impact health and well- being. Having two kids, one with severe food allergies
and one with respiratory issues, making food
from scratch became necessary for her family and that led to making their own
non-toxic home products to help with issues like eczema. Pam and her family have experienced amazing results in her three years with Young Living and is now
committed to providing the best education to others seeking natural and safe
alternatives. Contact Pam at any time to
setup an in-person or online class to learn more. She also works with doulas, massage
therapists, and chiropractors among others and offers education on a variety of topics
like essential oils for children, pets, hormones etc!
About Young Living
YL is the oldest and largest essential oil company in the world and are at the forefront of essential oil research and education. YL is the only company to own their own farms around the globe, with some located here in BC. The farms are sustainable, organic and ensure that plants are grown where they were meant to grow. Each batch is tested both in house and by a third party to ensure safety and quality.
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 DIY bath bombs and body butter with essential oils
**Young Living Lavender Essential Oil is approved by Health Canada for headaches,
digestive discomfort, relaxation, aches, pains, arthritis, colds and cough. It
is gentle and soothing on skin.
**Young Living Lemon Essential Oil is approved by Health Canada for coughs and colds.
It is uplifting and energizing and amazing for cleaning.

Shop & Save Online this Holiday Season with Groupon Coupons

Call me a weirdo, but I usually start keeping my eye out for Christmas gift ideas starting in August. I’ll pick up things throughout the year that catch my eye, but the end of Summer is usually  when I really start to pay attention. I love finding the perfect gift, but I really love it when I can get it on sale. With everyone we have to buy gifts for throughout the year, the total can really add up (I remember telling Will what we budgeted to spend on gifts one year and he didn’t believe me). I love shopping local when I can but when it comes to things like gifts, I try to buy brands and products that I know the recipient loves. I sometimes use websites like shoppok to pick up some good deals and I’ve found loads of great items on there in the past! And when it comes to a lot of things- ie toys, gear, etc for the kids- online deals often can’t be beat.
Over the years one of my favourite go- tos for online shopping has been hitting up sites like Groupon to see what featured deals they have available. Online coupon sites are great one- stop shops to find discounts on everything from restaurants to clothes, and household needs. One of my favourite purchases was for a local company that delivered organic produce right to our door- it was something we needed and the discount made it a great budget- friendly way to stock up on expensive items on our grocery list.
If you’re a fan of online shopping and love a good deal, add Groupon Coupons to your list of online places to shop. They’ve partnered with thousands of retailers such as Birchbox, NordstromNine WestToys R Us, and Babies R Us to offer exclusive discounts and promo codes- perfect if you’ve got a long list to buy for this holiday season (or if you’d like to treat yourself!). There’s way too many to list here & if you have a US PO box you can make the most of both Canadian & American deals.

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$avvy Family Tip: Adult Gift Challenge

Today’s $avvy Family is a cute suggestion to make Christmas gifts memorable vs. material. What’s the most memorable gift you’ve received?

Christmas is a wonderful season. An opportunity to get together with friends and family, share memories and cookies, and exchange gifts. Last year how many of the packages contained gift cards? Were the gifts personal and thoughtful, or rushed and obligatory? Were they more last minute gifts rather than the fancy new watch you wanted from Is anyone creating financial stress on your family, to provide gifts to your relatives? 
One of the most wonderful Christmas traditions I’ve heard about is the Adult Family Gift Challenge. It’s based on the Secret Santa idea, where everyone draws one name to obtain a gift for another. The challenge is that the gift must be obtained with minimal spending and must be thoughtful. The way in which I go about this is to think about whether the gift will be useful in everyday life. If the answer, is yes, go ahead! For example, I was recommended by a friend of mine to looking at a grader for teachers when it comes to the workload of tests and assignements they have to go through. As a friend of mine is a teacher, this is what I aim to do. I know for sure this will help them a lot.

Special recognition is granted each year for the best gift at the lowest price. It’s amazing what’s available for free! You might think it’s a tough challenge, or that the gifts will all be from the dollar store. That’s not necessarily the case. Think about all the free or nearly free stuff that’s available throughout the year. Promotional items offered by companies. The free list on Craigslist. Garage and estate sales. You can find a gift that’s much more valuable and special if you’re a little creative instead of grabbing a gift card in the grocery store checkout. 

Mix in creative wrapping and presentation, the gift exchange becomes memorable. 
My favourite was when an uncle presented a newly licensed niece with a package that looked like a massive roll of Lifesavers- it was 30 inches in diameter! 
When she ripped open the package she discovered 4 snow tires he’d found at a garage sale. Real lifesavers! 

Is your family ready to stop spending and get creative to make Christmas memorable again? 

Dan Olson is a Sun Life Financial Advisor. An experienced Dad with three children, now young adults. With everyone under one roof for the Summer, his home is feeling really, really small.
If you have some questions for Dan, or would like some help with your family’s savings, here’s how you can contact him: 

604 308 9502
Image Source: Comfy Ho.Me
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