DIY Halloween Ghost Garland

Halloween kid's craft ghost garland DIY

Halloween is right around the corner and if you’re looking for something fun to do with the kids, this easy DIY ghost garland is a perfect activity to get everyone in the spooky spirit. It’s simple to make and you just need a few materials that you probably already have. It’s perfect for little helpers who are getting excited for Halloween and it’s a fun way to kick off decorating for October 31. If you are looking for other decorations to acompany your unique and homemade garlent then why not look at sites such as Not only can you get decoration ideas but also costume inspiration, remember to shop around to find out what decorations will fit your spooky theme!
When making your ghost garland, all you need is some tissue paper, glue, and twine and a little bit of glitter if you like a bit of sparkle. View Post

Canada Day Bunting Printables

Want to add some patriotic decor to that Canada Day BBQ or party you’re having this weekend? I’ve got you covered with these printables! Hang inside on a wall or outside above a patio to add that pop of red and white. Just print, cut, add some string, and hang! If you want to go the full way, look for telescoping flagpoles for sale, and you’ll be able to hoist the Canadian flag up there along with these colorful tags. Oh Canada? Oh yes! 😉

I’ve got a few options to choose from, so you can pick your favourite: red with white lettering, white with red lettering, a combo version, and a bunting template with stick- on letters (use the shape as a template to cut out your own bunting from paper and then glue on the letters or just print the letters and tape onto twine/ string for a smaller garland).

These decorations will look great above a table filled with bowls of sweet treats! Some friends of ours are catering for a large number of adults and have decided to buy in some candies infused with THC just for the occasion. Check out where they got them here: edibles online canada. Yummy!

There has definitely been a patriotic theme here around OHP this week and I couldn’t resist sharing something to help celebrate day- of! Big or small, I hope your Canada Day celebrations are full of fun! See below for instructions. T- minus 2 days until Canada Day! If you’re contemplating moving to this wonderful country check out the cheapest place to live in canada.

Printing tip: make sure to select ‘fit to page’ to ensure the bunting templates print as they appear. You can also scale the size down if you’d prefer smaller bunting pieces (I scaled down to 35% for letter garland).


Here’s a sample of what the different styles look like:

Click on the option you’d like to print below:

Canada Day Bunting- Red with White Letters

Canada Bunting- Red & White

Canada Bunting- White with Red Letters


Here’s a sample of what the letters look like:

Click below to print:

Canada Bunting- Round

Looking for more ideas to celebrate Canada? See the links below!

Canada Day Strawberry Chia Parfait

#RedandWhite Pop Up at The Local Space: Post a Photo to Win!

Oh Canada: 10 Ways to get Your ‘Eh’ On for Under $75

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Easter Bunting Printables


Looking for some last- minute Easter decor for this weekend? Buntings are a cute and simple way to add a pop of colour to your home and make for a fun craft project for the kids. All you have to do is print, cut, add some string, and hang (plus a little glue for the letters- easy!)!

I’ve got two different printable buntings below: a solid colour lettered bunting  and a bunting template with stick- on letters (use the shape as a template to cut out your own bunting from paper and then glue on the letters or just print the letters and tape onto twine or string for a cute ‘Happy Easter’ garland). I’ve created each in a variety of colours so you can pick one to match your Easter decor or favourite Spring colour- I even created grey versions in case you prefer a more monochromatic option. See below for instructions. Hope everyone has a happy Easter!

Printing tip: make sure to select ‘fit to page’ to ensure the bunting templates print as they appear. You can also scale the size down if you’d prefer smaller bunting pieces (I scaled down to 35% for letter garland).





Here’s a sample of what the bunting looks like:

Click on the colour you’d like to print below:

Happy Easter Bunting- Robin’s Egg

Happy Easter Bunting- Mint

Happy Easter Bunting- Yellow

Happy Easter Bunting- Peach

HappyEaster! Bunting- Coral

Happy Easter Bunting- Mauve

Happy Easter Bunting- Grey



Here’s a sample of what the bunting looks like:


Click on the colour you’d like to print below:

HappyEaster Bunting Letters- Robin’s Egg

HappyEaster Bunting Letters- Mint

HappyEaster Bunting Letters- Yellow

HappyEaster Bunting Letters- Peach

Happy Easter Bunting Letters- Coral

HappyEaster Bunting Letters- Mauve

HappyEaster Bunting Letters- Grey

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New Years Resolution: Drink More Water! {+ DIY}

Hands up who’s already regretting their new year goals/ resolutions? 😉 I love thinking about how I want to set a year up to be a success but in the past I’ve been totally guilty of setting my goals too high and putting pressure on myself. And of course that just has the reverse effect of achieving anything except stressing myself out. This year I’ve still created goals for myself, but I’ve tried to keep them manageable and realistic. I’ve got a few things that I want to work on- such as continuing to work on health and fitness- but I’m not going for an ‘all or nothing’ approach; instead I’m trying to set little goals for myself to help me reach the overall bigger one. One step at a time, right?

As part of my efforts to keep fitness a priority in 2017 and continue on the path that I set out on last year, I know I have to keep health a priority too. If you don’t put good in, how will you get good out? I’m definitely not a saint when it comes to my diet- and let’s face it, few of us are- but there’s one thing we hear lots about but probably aren’t doing: drinking enough water. How many of us reach for an extra cup of coffee or glass of wine instead a glass of water (definitely guilty on this one!)? And really, what could be a simpler place to start with goals for the year than downing more H2O? With benefits like improving overall health (think: reducing headaches and flushing out toxins) and keeping your energy up and helping with your complexion, staying hydrated is a simple first step to checking off those goals on your 2017 checklist.

So to help with this and keep you hydrated (and healthy!), I’ve got a pretty little DIY to inspire you to drink those 8 glasses a day. I think when you make things fun it inspires you to try a little harder, and if a glitter-y cup puts a smile on your face when you think about getting in your water for the day, it make it feel less like an ‘I have to’ and more like an ‘I want to’. If you saw my glitter champagne flutes DIY, you know this is super simple; plus these would be perfect to make to as New Years gifts for all those ladies you know who over- indulged over the holidays- why not inspire others to start their year off right with a cute little gift? Grab a clear plastic tumbler and glitter (or anything else that catches your eye that can be glued down) and make yourself the perfect accessory for on- the- go hydration. No more excuses people, let’s make this a good year!


  • clear plastic cup with lid (I used one I had already)
  • dishwasher proof Mod Podge
  • glitter (and anything else that you think is pretty/ will have you reaching for your cup!)
  • sponge brush


  1. Using the sponge brush, apply the mod podge to all of the areas you want covered. You can go all- out and cover the whole cup, or leave some of the clear.

2. Pour your glitter over the mod podge until the area is covered (I decided to mix gold & silver because why not?)

3. Shake off any excess and allow to dry.


4. Finish up with a second coat of mod podge to seal the glitter and allow to dry according to the directions on the bottle.

5. Add a straw, fill with water & get in your water for the day! Cheers to amazing year!

DIY Flower Monogram

I’ve been having fun adding some finishing touches to Ari’s room now that her big girl bed is set up and I couldn’t resist looking for some fun and easy DIY projects on Pinterest that I could pull off. This flower monogram was super easy and cost peanuts to make (I think I maybe spent $5 on materials at the dollar store- everything else I had on hand). To personalize, you just pick out fake flowers & colours you like (how pretty would this be to make with fresh flowers for a party or shower???). See below for instructions. 
Cardboard tube* (I used a wrapping paper tube, but for tricky letters like ‘G’ a store- bought paper mache letter will work)
Scissors/ exacto knife
Fake flowers
Glue gun
*In one of the projects I saw, they used a paper- mache letter and cut off the top, which would be good for letters that are harder to shape out of cardboard
1. Flatten the tube in half to create a crease, then do the same in the other direction so the creases from your first fold line up- when you hold up the tube it should be square- shaped instead of round. 

2. Using the exacto knife/ scissors, cut the tube into the pieces to make your letter. It may help to draw a letter on a piece of paper so you can lay out the pieces as you go. Tape together to hold shape.
3. With your glue gun, glue the pieces together and allow to cool. Then use your exacto knife or scissors to cut down the middle of the cardboard. Fold the edges in/ down and secure in place with more hot glue.

4. Now for the fun part! Trim the stems of the fake flowers so you can fit them into the letter (the tops of the flowers should sit a little above the cardboard). Place the flowers in the letter to check for spacing, then use the glue gun to secure them in place. Allow to cool. If you prefer a fuller look, add some smaller flowers to fill in the gaps. To hang, you can simply cut a notch in the back of the cardboard to go on a hook, or glue a loop of ribbon/ twine. These are also pretty displayed on vanities/ dressers. 

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