Adding to Your Gallery Wall with Canvas Pop {+ GIVEAWAY}

How many Instagram photos do you have that you want to get printed? If you’re like me, they’re probably some of your favourites and deserve some space on your gallery wall. I like all the options out there for getting Instagram photos taken, and love that you can get them enlarged so you can add them to other favourites on display.
My favourite gallery wall style is one where a variety of items are incorporated: framed photos, shadow boxes/ framed items, and canvas prints. I also like to use different styles of frames; basically I like a gallery wall that looks like a wall- mounted collage. I’m in the process of adding to ours (finally!) after picking favourites of Liam, and got a few photos printed on canvas thanks to Canvas Pop. Not only did they turn out great, they’re as easy it gets when it comes to hanging- no frame required. I find that using magnet tape is a great alternative way of putting things on the wall, and not just typical wall-hangings either. Canvas prints also make great gifts and save you having to hunt down a frame you like (or paying for framing- yikes!). Canvas Pop ships right to your door and their prints come ready to hang with everything you need. All you have to do is pick the canvas size you’d like (some cropping may be required) and upload the photo(s) you want made into prints- they don’t have to be from Instagram, but I love having this option. The hardest part is figuring out your gallery wall layout! Check out one of the prints I had made below.

Just in time for the holidays- and the family photos you’ve probably just had taken for Christmas cards- I’ve got the chance for a reader to win a 16″ * 20″ canvas print shipped right to their door.
Click here to see all the ways you can enter. Contest open from November 25- December 9, 2015.
Canvas Pop has also offered TPB readers a 35% discount towards their print orders (does not apply to shipping costs or purchase of gift cards). Use promo code THPMPRDBB35 at checkout to receive your discount. Promo code valid until December 13, 2015.
Thanks to Canvas Pop for my beautiful prints & for sponsoring this giveaway!

Canvas Pop creates gallery- quality prints using archival quality canvas stretched by hand. With no additives or agents their canvas prints are created to last more than 100 years without fading. Canvas Pop are based in the United States of America. But, if you’re in Australia it doesn’t make logical sense to order from them when you could your canvas prints from companies like Blue Horizon Prints. Canvas Pop uses Canon printers and high quality laminates applied by hand to protect the finished print. This laminate is scratch resistant and protects against UV so prints don’t fade. Canvas Pop provides a 100% Love Guarantee with their products and service to ensure customers love everything about their experience. Visit the Canvas Pop website to get your order started.
Find them on social media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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My Side of the Bed: His & Her Bedroom Decor

Let’s be honest, when you’re married with kids keeping the romance alive can get pushed down the list (hands up, who looks at their bed and yearns for more zzzzzs?). Our bed is usually a pile of blankets, pillows, books, and kid’s toys. A cozy, comfy nest it may be, but a sanctuary it is not. And I’ll confess: I love how a made- up bed looks, but rarely make ours. It’s just one of those things that has inevitably become less of a priority.
But we can all dream of a perfectly tidy and styled bedroom can’t we? Calming, cozy, and serene are three words I like to think about when it comes to this particular room of the house. And I think this room might have that covered. Thanks to Old Barn Rescue, I had the chance to style a bedroom around their ‘Mr & Mrs’ pillow shams which totally had me thinking back to my wedding registry and all of the fun I had picking out things for our home. I love creating the perfect canvas using cleverly chosen wall colours and window coverings (check out these window shades delray beach way, I spent forever searching for the perfect ones and finally found them here), so that you can then use accents in rooms that compliment the overall style while showing the individual personalities of the occupants. For example, using the same lamps but different night stands for a more masculine/ feminine touch. I hope you like these photos as much as I liked having an excuse to decorate this room! See below for all the details.
About Old Barn Rescue
The story behind the company goes like this: In 2003 a barn on one of the co- founders’ family farm had to be torn down, (the inspiration for the name), and rather than letting the 120- year- old wood go to the landfill, the co- founders gathered it up and started creating unique pieces using reclaimed materials. They now source materials from a variety of sources to create upcycled vintage- inspired signs and decor. Having this decor in your house does give it a cosy, barn feel. To add to the barn vibe, you could install some barn style home lights, both for indoor and outdoor. As well as their homely decor, the company also offers vinyl wall decals and recently added clothing and fabric decor items to their stock. In Spring of this year the brand added their Threads line and now offers everything from onesies, t- shirts, pillow shams, and more featuring their heat- pressed vinyl designs. All of the products are lovingly handmade using vintage and new materials. However, what the company doesn’t provide is the typical barn accessory… a cupola! A beautiful barn cupola would be a perfect addition to give your home an even more accenutated barn design.

Bedroom Styling Tips:
Make it cozy– Blankets and pillows are an inexpensive way to add colour and texture, plus are super cozy to snuggle into. This is the room you sleep in after all, and you want it to be somewhere you love to curl up.
Easy update- If you don’t want to invest in an entire new set of bedding, sheets, etc, buy some new pillow shams as a simple way to freshen the look of your bed. They are an easy item to replace and there are lots of options out there to suit your style. The same goes for your nightstands: swap them out and pair with some new lamps for a quick and simple update. Also look at swapping out other accessories and decor – anything goes, if you’re trying to stick to a certain vibe for one side of the room perhaps even keep to the same decor outlet store such as Lulu & Georgia as an example, to try and keep everything uniform.
Colour vs texture- A classic styling tip: If you love lots of colour, keep the shapes and textures in the room simple, so it doesn’t become visually overwhelming. The opposite is true if you like a simple/ monochromatic palette: add in textures and shapes to create visual interest (think faux- fur, fabric textures, and accent materials such as glass and wood for starters).
Show your personality- It’s your bedroom, so enjoy having some fun! Add in details that show you and your hubby’s tastes. To avoid it becoming too busy/ cluttered, pick accents that compliment each other, even if they are on opposite sides of the bed (see tip #3 above). Storage containers such as crates and boxes can also help store items to avoid mess and clutter.
Mr & Mrs Pillow Shams- Old Barn Rescue
Items provided by & available to buy at The Handpicked Home:
Arrow Toss Cushion- Raggy Girl Vintage
Throw Blanket- Forest & Waves
‘Choose Happiness’ Wood Sign- AllyBeth Design Co
Dreamcatcher and Candle- The New Mercantile
White Antlers- Townsend Rowe
Mountain Clock- Florid & Fallow
Wooden Crate- One Wooden Wall
Rugged Gentleman Spray- Happy Spritz
White/ Gold & Gold Wooden bowls
Jewellery Box
Initial Mugs- Chapters Indigo
Lucite Tray- Homesense

Visit the Old Barn Rescue website to learn more and to view their complete product line.

A big thank you to Old Barn Rescue for these pillow shams and inspiring this post, and to The Handpicked Home shop for providing items to style this room.

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Fall Get Cozy Essentials

It’s the time of year to layer up and get cozy! In our house we’ve got loads of blankets and pillows perfect for piling up on the couch and snuggling into with a good book or movie. I’m kind of a sucker for all the greys and neutrals out there, and they’re a perfect backdrop for adding pops of colour, pattern, and texture for visual interest. Even something as simple as a few throw pillows can change the look of a room for the season. See below for some fun & cozy Fall ideas- don’t forget the hot chocolate! 
S’more Marshmallows: Whipped Sweets and Confectionary 
Deer Bedding: Arrow House
Cashmere Throw: Parachute Home
Blanket: Hudson’s Bay
Candle Holders: From The Seeds
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Ari’s Under the Sea 2nd Birthday Party {aka low pressure birthday party planning}

I really love party planning but I’m definitely guilty of biting off more than I can chew. Having Ari and now Liam has taught me to lower my expectations and accept that I might not get everything done the way I want it, and the same goes for planning parties (does anyone else feel like planning kid’s parties is almost like planning a mini wedding with everything that can be involved???). I must admit it’s partly my fault; I always get carried away and one year even booked Exposure Photo Booths because I just loved the idea of all the fantastic pictures you’d have to remember the event by! I’ve learnt one trick that has saved my bacon many times: start in advance and give yourself lots of time. That way you won’t get as stressed if something goes amiss. This year that really paid off since Ari was sick the week leading up to her party and if I hadn’t organized everything the week before and enlisted two of my talented friends (Brownyn from Mama B’s Treats & Jena from Pacific North Photography), the day would have gone very differently.
We had the party on a Saturday and by the Friday before I was exhausted from running my little lady to doctor’s appointments all week. I did most of the set- up the night before the party and only left the food set up for the day- of. It was a busy week, but I was looking forward to the party all week and was glad that Ari had recovered enough by Friday to not cancel the party (last year I had to re- schedule her party because she was sick and it’s becoming a bit of a running joke that her birthday parties may be jinxed). Thankfully my Mum helped out a lot with prep the night before and day- of and wrangled the 2 kids while I set everything up. But even with Grandma available for extra snuggles Ari was clingy and still a bit cranky the day of her party. Instead of getting photos of her with all of her friends I felt like a mama koala bear toting the birthday girl with me everywhere and only got a handful of my own photos. Ah, the many mishaps that come along with birthday parties ;). Thankfully Jena did an amazing job capturing shots from the day and I can’t thank her enough. Despite the chaos leading up to party, it was all worth it and I’m sharing about Ari’s mermaid/ under the sea themed party below.

The Cake & Food
Even though Ari has been gluten/ dairy free for a while I didn’t want to tackle the cake myself. Thankfully one of my close friends also has these dietary restrictions and just so happens to have a little baking business (see her Facebook page here). I scoured Pinterest and sent her a few ideas around the mermaid/ under the sea theme (she also made cookies & the cake pops for the goodie bags). I was so happy with the results.
In addition to the sweet treats I also served up fruits & veggies and Will grilled up some salmon. There was also some popcorn and ‘pet fish’ jello for the kiddos and parents to nosh on. This is also ties in for a present that they may or may not be getting, we’ve yet to see. A small aquarium with some tropical fish from Odd Ball Fish online. We’ve wanted fish for a while, and this just ties it together nicely.

The Decorations
Before Target closed up here (who else misses Target???) I stocked up on party decor including bunting, lanterns, a cute table cloth, and a few other things. I repurposed some of the decorations from Ari’s birthday party last year (see that post here) and made the food table the centre of attention with the decorations. Ari and I also had some DIY fun making a salt dough starfish garland for the table and a splatter- paint treasure chest (made from 2 diaper boxes + paper mache) for the goodie bags.

The Fun
When planning the party I wanted to make sure there were things for the kids to do inside or out, in case the weather wasn’t the greatest. Thankfully we had a beautiful sunny day to let the kids run around outside. We decided to buy a bounce house from The Outdoor Play Store as it is an investment for all future birthday parties. In the long run it will be so much cheaper than hiring one each time. The kids absolutely loved it, as I’m sure you can imagine. We also put out little pools, a playhouse, and a sensory play tub for the kids to play with. Yay for fresh air & sunshine! The kids were all sent home with little prizes like hair accessories, a wooden beaded necklace from Coral and Cloud, bath toys from Bag O’ Swag , and stickers (originally I was going to set up a fishing game, but with Ari being clingy I didn’t get a chance to set it up, but they seemed more than happy just to play with the sensory tub and the toys in it).

To make the sensory play tub uber bubbly I mixed:
1/3 cup water
1/3 cup dish soap
1 tbsp cornstarch
bath dye tablets
I then filled the tub with water and added the bubbly foam mixture.

For the sensory items I went through our house and collected things that have an interesting shape and/ or texture. I used some of Ari’s old baby toys, a loofah, and a squishy ball to name a few.

The Goodie Bags
I love thinking of ideas for goodie bags and putting them together. Making some or all of the items can help save moola and doesn’t have to take a lot of time to put together (check out this post for great DIY crayons). But if you’re strapped for time or ideas you can also buy the goodies or pre made goodie bags online (check out Bag O’ Swag for some great goodie bags for kids of different ages- I really love their selection of goodies that you can add to bags or custom make your own).

This year I kept the goodie bags simple since I also gave little prizes to the kiddos that were supposed to be for the fishing game.
Each goodie bag contained:
A homemade colouring sheet
A cake pop from Mama B’s Treats

Photos: K Petrunia

Each little guest also got to take home a mystery prize:
Photos: K Petrunia
Bath/ bubbles goodie bag- Bag O’ Swag
Hair clips- Cutie Pie Boutique
Wooden beaded necklace Coral and Cloud

My Tips for Stress- Free Party Planning
This year proved that taking the pressure off and planning in advance can really pay off. See below for my other party- planning tips.

– Give yourself lots of time (I started even earlier than usual- 2 months before- since I didn’t want to leave all of the planning for after Liam was born). That way if you’ve got lots of time to organize things without getting stressed out.

– Pick up things like decorations & paper cups/ plates when you see them, that way you don’t have to stock up on everything at once.

– On that note, use paper cups/ plates to save yourself doing dishes. Simple tip I know, but one worth noting. I like paper over styrofoam so they can be recycled.

– Be inspired by Pinterest, Instagram, etc, but don’t be too tough on yourself/ expect everything to be perfect. Pick a few things that you’ll focus on and then relax about the other things. Decorations and DIY projects are two passions of mine, so I enjoy putting time into them, but I picked just a few projects and then kept the rest simple.

– Make sure you have plenty of pictures of the day. Pictures bring back memories and make sure that you won’t forget all the fun that was had that day. Some people choose to have a professional photographer to ensure the highest standard of photographs, so if you choose to do the same make sure to check online for the best photographer for you. Many photographers will have online galleries to give you a feel for their work – Olga Topchii ( has a brilliant gallery that showcases her work. You want the best photographer to catch all those happy faces.

– Outsource the things you don’t enjoy/ have time for. Whether you have friends/ family who can help or you hire/ buy, you’ve got plenty of options for everything from the decorations to the food. Baking a gluten free/ dairy free cake was not something I wanted to tackle this year and was so grateful that Mama B’s Treats could take care of that and the other baked goodies for me. Another great time saver is to get pre- made goodie bags; check out Bag O’ Swag for their great bags and goodies. The other thing that I wish I had done was pick up pre- made veggie and fruit trays. I spent a lot of time the night before with my Mum prepping everything and I could have used that time on other things.

No matter how the food and decorations turned out, what was really important was celebrating my little lady turning two and I’m so glad to have shared the day with some of our closest friends and family. Even with the stress of the week leading up to the party, I was so happy everything worked out. Now to go track down a good glass of wine and unwind… 😉

All photos by Pacific North Photography unless otherwise labelled

A huge thank you to these partners for helping make this birthday party so special!

Photo: K Petrunia

Pacific North Photography (day- of photos)


Mama B’s Treats (gluten/ lactose free cake, cookies, & cake pops)


Cutie Pie Boutique (Ari’s outfit & hair accessories)


Coral + Cloud (wooden beaded necklace- given away as a prize)

Bag O’ Swag (bath/ bubbles goodie bag items given away as prizes)

Glitter & Spice (Ari’s necklace & bracelet)

*** Enjoy 20% off your purchase from Glitter & Spice when you use promo code TPB20 at checkout! Promo code valid until June 29, 2015.
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Nursery Decor & Trends with Lily + Spice Interiors

I love decorating and had a ton of fun when I did up Ariana’s nursery when she was born. I used a service similar to laurel and wolf online interior design which gives you loads of advice on how to make the most of a space, so I had a vision from the start which made things even more exciting. With #2 on the way I’ve been curious to see what’s changed since I did her nursery in 2013 and have been on the hunt for inspiration for her big girl room. Plus, if we have a boy I’ll have to update the nursery for a little man (we’ve waited to find out what we were having with both babies). I’ve been looking at all kind of modern technology too like motorised blinds. Don’t worry you can find out how to setup hunter douglas motorized blinds if you’re wondering how on earth they work!
I’ve been following Lily & Spice Interiors for a little while (check out her features in BOOMBALOO magazine) and love this company’s style & love of local brands , so I asked founder & stylist Amanda if she would share her ideas for both a boy’s & girl’s nursery plus what’s trending for 2015. I’m in love with her ideas! See below for Amanda’s 2 nursery looks plus her top decorating & colour trend picks for 2015! I’m really tempted to try something like this hardwood flooring atlanta for more of a sophisticated look, but I’ll have to see if it fits with my overall theme.
ON TREND Eames chairs are by far popular still and have been for quite some time. I don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon! You can go HERE to find them most reasonably priced. Poufs have proven to stay holding strong, who doesn’t love a pouf?! A definite must have! Printed and fluffy rugs in a nursery or kids space can really pull the entire room together, this is a must have on my list. Gallery walls and prints are a great way of adding personal touch to a room. Take a peak HERE for some of my all time favorites. Annnnd the Teepees, we just got one at our house as a gift and my boys love it! They look great and have a wonderful way of making cozy memories! I love that they can fold up and tuck away if need be too, a definite plus when tidying up. Animal anything for boys is huge right now, plus the woodland theme is still going strong and is such a cute way to make a boys space look ‘real boy’. For the girls, lots and lots and lots of colour, everywhere! A neutral base with splashes of colour is also a great way to keep a space timeless so you can switch out pieces as time goes on without repainting or buying new furniture. If you don’t have much choice and have to replace some pieces, take a look at HomeGenerosity as they review homeware products, so that you can make sure you’re getting the most for your money.
CLASSICS -I am not much of a classic gal and always seem to like things a little or a lot outside of the box .These were more of a challenge for me to come up with but I have a few ideas for you. A simple crib: I know from working with clients that generally this is something people tend to keep simple and timeless so kid after kid can use the same one without it looking outdated. Mobiles: these will never go away! The difference today is that there are way too many great ones to choose from, check out some of my favorites HERE, HERE and HERE. Finally the dresser/ change table piece: I have seen clients purchase the rolling change stations which are very functional and work well especially when your babe is new, but for me it’s always about space. I like to dual purpose on that one by using a change pad on top of a dresser.
Boy’s Nursery Faves
Check out these items from local companies
Moccs by Minimoc
Teepee by Domestic Objects
Wood Circle Mobile by Coral + Cloud
working on a few nurseries so early in the year and watching trends start to develop
so quickly, I have a few thoughts for you on what will be on trend and what
will not for this upcoming year. I see a lot of colour for 2015! I am a sucker
for monochrome and absolutely love neutrals and black with white but adding lots
of coloured accents is for sure going to be on top this year. Here are the top colour trends for 2015:

Mint -This is the
perfect colour for a boy or girl nursery, it’s muted tone goes well with almost
any shade of any colour. I have picked to pair it with coral and navy in my designs
below to give you an example of what it could look like for either. It looks stunning
with the here- to- stay trend of gold and also pairs nicely with the up and
coming copper metallic!

Copper -Gold looks as though it will be holding strong this year, how can you go wrong with this classic?! But copper is definitely on the rise and is a stunning neutral metallic that easily pairs with almost any palette. Again more of a girly look for the girls but touches of it would look nice in a boy’s space as well- maybe a storage bin or lamp to offset a soft/muted palette.

Pastels -Lots of colour combinations in pastels have been popping up everywhere, all sorts of blues, pinks and greens. With touches of metallic for contrast or white, this is a for sure win. Lots of pastels create a very girly look and are perfect for a whimsy sort of feel or can also turn bold with touches of black as contrast.

Coral -This gorgeous hue
made a real statement in 2014 and so far I can see it holding strong and steady
for another year. How can you not love this beauty?! It pairs great with gold
and really looks sharp with white and most wood tones.

Girl’s Nursery Faves
Check out these items from local companies
Moccs by Minimoc
Gold Heart Print by Kardz Kouture
If you have any questions about or need a hand with your space, I am just an email away! Have wonderful day today! A xo
A big hug& THANK YOU to Amanda for sharing these decorating trends for 2015!
Amanda Fraser is the founder & freelance stylist of Lily & Spice Interiors. A lady of many talents she’s passionate about decorating & DIY with a soft spot for kid’s spaces (but can help you style any room in your house). With unique & affordable E- Design packages, Lily & Spice Interiors can help you achieve your dream space while incorporating your own ideas. To learn more about Lily & Spice Interiors, hop over to the website & find the company on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , & Pinterest! You can also contact Amanda via email at

Amanda Photo Credit: Studio 86; ‘One More Day’ Tee by Modern Fort in partnership with Kelly Schmidt of Arrowhouse Design Studio.

Logo & all images included in this post provided by Amanda Fraser, Lily & Spice Interiors

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