Yummy White Wine Sangria

Who’s playing host/ess this NYE? I think planning a New Years party can sometimes feel a little hectic since you go from celebrating Christmas to ringing in the new year a week later, so finding simple ideas you can pull together without much time and effort helps (did you see this post from earlier this week on how to plan the perfect quick & simple NYE party?). That doesn’t mean it has to look thrown together, but no- one needs to know you pulled off your new years bash in record time. And that’s where a bevvy like this comes in: dress up your favourite wine and whip up a batch of sangria for your guests to sip before you break out the bubbly. It’s tasty, takes less than 5 minutes to make, and is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Just think of it as grown- up punch- yum.


– 1 bottle of white wine of your choice (I used this Riesling from Evolve Cellars)

– 1 cup grapefruit juice

– 1 tbsp lime juice

– 1 can of lemon- lime pop or sparkling water

– 1 orange, sliced

– 1 lime, sliced

– 1 cup fresh cranberries (or use another berry if you prefer)

optional: 1- 2 tbsp white sugar to taste


1. In a pitcher mix the wine, pop, and juices together. If you want it a little sweeter, stir in sugar until dissolved & you’ve reached the sweetness you prefer.

2. Add in the slices of fresh orange and lime, followed by the cranberries on top. Allow to sit for an hour or two (or longer if you have time) for a full- flavoured sangria. Serve chilled or with ice.

3. Enjoy!

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Yummy Mummy Monday: 3 Simple + Pretty Holiday Sips

What’s better during the holidays than something yummy to sip on? There are so many sweet things to add a festive twist to drinks: candy canes, eggnog… And they don’t have to be complicated to be tasty! See below for 3 holiday drink ideas perfect for serving at your next holiday party (they’re all kid- friendly, but I’ve included yummy ways to make grown- up versions). Cheers!
Minted Eggnog
1 cup eggnog
1 small scoop candy cane ice cream
Green & blue food colouring
To Make:
Mix eggnog with 1 drop each of green & blue food colouring
Pour into serving glass & add scoop of candy cane ice cream
Decorate with sprinkles & candy cane( don’t forget a cute straw!)
Make it grown- up:  
Add a shot of Irish Cream or rum to the eggnog & stir before adding other ingredients

Blushing Under the Mistletoe
1 cup raspberry ginger ale
1/2 cup lemon lime pop 
1 small scoop candy cane ice cream
Pinch of  white or pink cotton candy
To Make:
In a separate glass mix lemon lime soda with ice cream to create a float
In the serving glass pour raspberry ginger ale followed by the mini ice cream float; allow to froth a little
Top with a pinch of cotton candy & serve
Make it grown- up:  
Add a shot of raspberry or lemon vodka to the raspberry ginger ale before adding other ingredients

Melted Snowman
1 cup lemon lime pop
1 large scoop candy cane ice cream
To Make:
In serving glass pour pop & top with ice cream, allowing to froth a little
Decorate with sprinkles & candy cane( don’t forget a cute straw!)
Make it grown- up:  
Add a shot of vodka or mint schnapps to pop before adding other ingredients
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Yummy Mummy Monday: Grown Up Tropical Punch

Summer is just around the corner and with it comes camp, travel, activities, and seemingly endless days trying to find ideas to keep the kids occupied. After all that who doesn’t deserve a little spiked reward? (PS: For preggo Moms, those who din’t drink & kids, this is just as tasty without the booze).
Yummy Mummy Recipe: Grown Up Tropical Punch
For one punch bowl batch:

26oz Vanilla Vodka
Pineapple Juice (we juiced a whole one fresh- AMAZING!)
1L Orange Juice
1L Cranberry Cocktail
1L Ginger Ale or Lemon Lime Pop 
Orange Slices for garnish
Optional: Scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream (for a dairy free option, coconut ice cream is to die for in this!)
To Make:
Mix all ingredients in a punch bowl with a shwack of ice; if using, scoop ice cream & float on top.
Garnish with orange slices
All ready to go!!!
This punch will make you feel like you’re on vacation so make sure you enjoy responsibly!

Happy Saturday!

Can you believe Christmas is right around the corner?!
Time to eat, drink, & be merry! (You’ve got tomorrow to recover!) 😉
To help with that, why not try this lil scrumptious looking concoction by Style Me Pretty????

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