New Years Resolution: Drink More Water! {+ DIY}

Hands up who’s already regretting their new year goals/ resolutions? 😉 I love thinking about how I want to set a year up to be a success but in the past I’ve been totally guilty of setting my goals too high and putting pressure on myself. And of course that just has the reverse effect of achieving anything except stressing myself out. This year I’ve still created goals for myself, but I’ve tried to keep them manageable and realistic. I’ve got a few things that I want to work on- such as continuing to work on health and fitness- but I’m not going for an ‘all or nothing’ approach; instead I’m trying to set little goals for myself to help me reach the overall bigger one. One step at a time, right?

As part of my efforts to keep fitness a priority in 2017 and continue on the path that I set out on last year, I know I have to keep health a priority too. If you don’t put good in, how will you get good out? I’m definitely not a saint when it comes to my diet- and let’s face it, few of us are- but there’s one thing we hear lots about but probably aren’t doing: drinking enough water. How many of us reach for an extra cup of coffee or glass of wine instead a glass of water (definitely guilty on this one!)? And really, what could be a simpler place to start with goals for the year than downing more H2O? With benefits like improving overall health (think: reducing headaches and flushing out toxins) and keeping your energy up and helping with your complexion, staying hydrated is a simple first step to checking off those goals on your 2017 checklist.

So to help with this and keep you hydrated (and healthy!), I’ve got a pretty little DIY to inspire you to drink those 8 glasses a day. I think when you make things fun it inspires you to try a little harder, and if a glitter-y cup puts a smile on your face when you think about getting in your water for the day, it make it feel less like an ‘I have to’ and more like an ‘I want to’. If you saw my glitter champagne flutes DIY, you know this is super simple; plus these would be perfect to make to as New Years gifts for all those ladies you know who over- indulged over the holidays- why not inspire others to start their year off right with a cute little gift? Grab a clear plastic tumbler and glitter (or anything else that catches your eye that can be glued down) and make yourself the perfect accessory for on- the- go hydration. No more excuses people, let’s make this a good year!


  • clear plastic cup with lid (I used one I had already)
  • dishwasher proof Mod Podge
  • glitter (and anything else that you think is pretty/ will have you reaching for your cup!)
  • sponge brush


  1. Using the sponge brush, apply the mod podge to all of the areas you want covered. You can go all- out and cover the whole cup, or leave some of the clear.

2. Pour your glitter over the mod podge until the area is covered (I decided to mix gold & silver because why not?)

3. Shake off any excess and allow to dry.


4. Finish up with a second coat of mod podge to seal the glitter and allow to dry according to the directions on the bottle.

5. Add a straw, fill with water & get in your water for the day! Cheers to amazing year!

5 Fall Decorating Ideas

It’s getting to cooler weather- Fall is almost here! Once I get over my initial sadness that Summer is coming to an end, I embrace the warmth and coziness that Fall brings into our seasonal decorating. I’m working on some ideas for my home that I’ll be sharing on social media soon, but until then here are some simple ideas I love to incorporate Fall elements into your home decor- happy decorating!

Entryway & Porch

Fill lanterns with items such as pumpkins, gourds, leaves, branches, & candles- beautiful on tables, in a vignette, or as porch decor.
Use a seasonal wreath & some Fall branches to add a warm & welcoming touch to your porch.
Seasonal Fall mums, pumpkins & a bale of hay arranged together add a country- style touch to porches and decks.
For a more contemporary look, seek out ghost pumpkins or artificial versions- if you  love a little glitter, covering them in glitter is a fun touch.
To mix contemporary & traditional, combine white elements with the warmth of reds, oranges, and yellows.
I hope this gives you some inspiration and shows you that adding seasonal touches doesn’t have to be fussy or expensive! oxox TPB
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