Creating a Positive Mind Space: 5 Ideas to be More Mindful Every Day

   5 mindful practices for a more positive mind
What does having a more positive mindset mean to you? A few weeks into the year and I feel like a word that keeps circling around in my head is mindfulness. It was something that I thought about a lot in the second half of last year and I feel like it will continue to be a focus this year, especially when it comes to having a more positive outlook and inner sense of peace and calm.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing your attention to what is happening in the present moment. Not worrying about the past or the future, but being fully present in the now. The idea being that focusing on the present will bring you inner peace and calm rather than worrying about things that can’t be changed in the past, or the ‘what ifs’ of the future. This inner calm and focus takes practice and is developed through practices such as meditation and other actions/ activities, such as breathing exercises.

For me, mindfulness has come to be a daily focus, working towards healthy mental habits. On a good day, it’s a lot simpler, more of an enjoyable habit. On my bad days it’s a constructive, challenging exercise to help manage anxiety and stress. Like honing any habit it takes time and effort, but it’s something I’m making an effort to work on a little bit every day and slowly but surely these efforts are paying off and I am developing new tools to manage my anxiety and counter it in a positive way by redirecting the way I think about things (ie the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘should bes’, etc).
Mindfulness is a word I heard a lot last year, but it wasn’t something I pursued until towards the end of the year. To be honest, I sometimes had a hard time focusing and this is where a lot of my effort comes in. In order to be more positive, more mindful, I needed to turn inwards and focus, not fall into old mental patterns simply because they were my old internal go-tos.  

In other words, focus on the present.

Don’t focus on things in the past you can’t change and don’t worry about the future. Easier said than done, but not impossible. By living in the moment, by being present, you can free your mind from things that are weighing you down and infuse more positivity. There are many simple things you can do each day to help create a more positive, calm mindset, and the best part is you don’t need much else outside of yourself to do so.
From chatting with others, I think mindfulness is something a lot of us are thinking about. We’re becoming more self- aware and reflective; we’re looking for ways to bring peace and calm into our lives, and for all the external things we can do, there are just as many internal things we can do as well. Enjoying a happier, calmer, more fulfilling life doesn’t depend on anyone else or our circumstances- though those things can certainly have a big influence- it depends on our outlook and how we travel through each day. 
I’m no expert. I don’t have a degree in psychology and I navigate this mindful path anew every day- because what two days are the same, right?- but I can speak from my own experience and share about it here, hoping some of the simple actions and rituals I try to include in each day will be helpful to others trying to focus on the positive, seeking peace, and a more fulfilled, content life not chained by anxiety, worry and stress.
I still have bad days, bad moments, I still stumble and fall. But what I notice is that I can pick myself up a little better, combat anxiety a little easier, and focus on the positive a little faster to pull myself out of a negative thought spiral than I could before. And this is because I’ve made it a personal goal to be more mindful of where my mind is in this present moment, working to keep my mind traveling down a positive path, redirecting it when negative thoughts jump into the mix and try to take the driver’s seat.
So if being more mindful is something you’re also working towards, for whatever reason(s) you’re seeking it out- a sense of calm, better sleep, feeling more content, having a more positive outlook- etc, I hope some of the simple tools that I’ve turned to will also be helpful for you. I try to use methods that can easily be incorporated into my daily routine, but I’m also trying to put aside 5- 10 minutes each day to help focus on a more calm, positive mind space. Nothing over-the-top or fancy, just simple things that add up over time to create positive, mindful habits.
None of these ideas are necessarily groundbreaking, you’re probably familiar with some if not all of them, but the reason I’m sharing them with you is that they have been helpful for me and I have found that over time they’ve become positive triggers for me, working a little quicker, becoming more of a go-to response than that of unease and anxiety. Finding inner calm is unique for everyone, but these ideas will hopefully give you some ideas or have you reconsidering ones you’ve heard of when you hear it from someone who has herself felt overcome and trapped by anxiety and has found ways to combat it through mindful practices.
I would love to hear what you think and what methods you use to create a more positive, mindful mental space for yourself. Have you tried any of these methods? Liked or disliked them? Sharing ideas around this can be so helpful, especially when you realize you’re not alone. So here they are, my 5 favourite mindful habits.

5 Ideas to be More Mindful Every Day


Think: the smell of something baking in the oven, the scent of a loved- ones perfume/cologne, etc- smells can be comforting. Find a scent you enjoy, one that is calming and encourages you to breathe deeply. Essential oils and diffusers are a popular choice, but scented candles, room sprays, and fresh flowers are other options. Take long, slow, deep breaths, calming your mind and body from the inside out


Put aside a few minutes to quiet your mind. Even 5 minutes at the beginning or the end of the day. Think about goals, things you’re grateful for, etc. My mind tends to wander. A lot. So this is a positive, challenging exercise for me and one that I find very helpful. Ideally find a quiet spot to sit or lie down and put on some relaxing music, light a candle, and create a calming space. You can even meditate while going about your day- while making breakfast, sipping your coffee, etc, activities like this are great opportunities to focus on the moment you are in and focus/ quiet your mind without stopping what you’re doing (I find this especially helpful since my anxiety will often creep up during the day when I’ve got things to do and have to find ways to quiet my mind while carrying out my to-do list).

Find Little Rituals 

Light a candle, play calming music, water plants, dig in the dirt, or find some other little ritual to help you recenter/ refocus on positive, calming thoughts. Whether you sit and really focus on the activity itself or the action of creating a more calming space helps you subconsciously calm down, seek out visual cues and actions that trigger inner warmth and joy. Really focus on the simple task at hand, noticing little details, redirecting your mind from negative thoughts to become fully present with what is right in front of you. Pay attention to your five senses and try to allow yourself to be fully present in what you’re doing.
5 mindful practices for a more positive mind

Practice an Attitude of Gratitude

It’s a pretty safe bet there will be ups and downs with every day. Some days those highs and lows are more pronounced and others the day seems to coast along nicely. But regardless, a helpful way to bring your mind into a positive space and create a positive mental habit is to think about what you’re grateful for each day. If you prefer to start your day with this practice, great, it’s a solid way to kick off your day. But it’s also something you can do throughout the day when you need a pick-me-up or notice yourself slipping down a negative rabbit hole. I like to think about what I’m grateful for at night before bed, it helps me wind down and sends me off to sleep in a positive mind frame. I have a gratitude journal that I jot bullet- points in, thinking back over the day and pulling out all the positives. Some days I make a few simple, general notes; maybe it wasn’t such a great day, but I find something to remind me of the positives. On others I fill the page, recounting everything from the biggest to the smallest moments that filled my heart that day. A simple little ritual that has had a big impact on my overall mental state and if you haven’t tried this method I hope you do. Even if a day feels hopeless/ lost, something as basic as fresh air, a cup of hot coffee, or hearing a favourite song can be a cue for other things that happened throughout the day that made it a little better. Let the positive flood gates open!

5 mindful practices for a more positive mind

Focus on Breathing

Probably one of the simplest, most self- contained of any mindful practices I’ve come across and found helpful. But in moments of angst and panic this can feel like a much tougher task. Try and take long, slow, cleansing breaths. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Repeat. Feel your lungs and body fill with oxygen, spreading the calm throughout. Sometimes this can help almost instantly and others it takes a longer period, but slowing and concentrating on your breathing can help create an overall feeling of calm.
5 mindful practices for a more positive mind
As I said before, I’m no expert. Just someone looking for methods to help enjoy a more peaceful, content, joy-filled life. Through these mindful practices I am learning how to address my anxiety and stress in a much more constructive way, and breaking it down rather than having it build up and become overwhelming. There are days that are more challenging than others, but the more I work on these mindfulness techniques, the better I feel that I can bounce back.
I hope you find this post helpful. Sometimes simple is better and I am finding that these simple techniques add up to create a big difference. If you’ve tried these methods I’d love to hear if you find them helpful, or if not, what you have found that is.

Frozen Fruit Smoothie with a Boost: Trying out Plant-Based Protein Powder with Botanica | Review + Recipe

fruit smoothie with Botanica plant-based protein powder

Hands up who wants to up their health game this year? Before you jump to conclusions and think this will be just another blog post about new year resolutions I want to let you in on a little secret: it’s not. This is about rethinking lifestyle choices on an ongoing basis by making incremental changes- such as giving your body a boost with a shot of plant-based protein in a tasty smoothie instead of reaching for that bag of chips, that bag of candy (hello leftover Christmas candy!), or whatever your naughty snack of choice is.
One thing we notice in our house is a general lack of energy (in the adults that is, the kids- yeesh can we bottle some of theirs?!). Some days are good, but many are clouded with that not enough sleep/ not enough coffee/ can’t wake up fogginess. I’ve enjoyed Botanica’s products for about a year now (see this post and this post) and we have recently been trying out some of their vanilla Perfect Protein Elevated Protein Powder in smoothies. We opted to try the Adrenal Support blend protein powder in a batch of smoothies as a family and everyone loved them. What I love about this plant-based protein powder is that it’s made with whole-food ingredients (quinoa, vanilla, coconut, brown rice) alongside superfoods recognized to improve/ balance adrenal function (more on those later).

Other reasons I love this plant-based protein powder:

  • Dairy-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Soy-Free
  • Stevia-Free
  • Organic
  • Sugar-Free
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pesticide-Free
I sometimes find that protein powders can be overpowering when you mix them into drinks- smoothies, shakes, etc- but that wasn’t the case with this one. It only made a slight difference to the flavour and texture, definitely not like others I’ve tried where the taste of the protein powder takes over and you’re left with a thick chalky consistency that isn’t very enjoyable. This powder isn’t lumpy or grainy, making it a subtle (and enjoyable) addition to smoothies.

Give your health a boost by rethinking your lifestyle choices.

Botanica has a few protein powders to choose from, but I wanted to try the Adrenal Support blend because both Will and I are working to restore adrenal function in our bodies. So many of us seem to lack energy and/ or suffer from chronic fatigue and blame it on not enough sleep or not enough coffee (who is else is guilty there??), but these symptoms could also be indicative of other underlying imbalances in our body, such as adrenal fatigue. Lifestyle choices such as diet can have a large impact on how our bodies function and the quality of what we put in our mouths plays an important role.

Smoothies are a simple and convenient way to pack in nutrients!

fruit smoothie with Botanica plant-based protein powder

I like smoothies as a quick and healthy snack or breakfast option and admittedly don’t make them often enough. When I saw how much the kids loved the smoothies we made with Botanica’s protein powder it reminded me how great of an option they really are. Even though at this time of year I’m definitely craving warm comfort food, I know I have to make more of an effort in the colder months, because the effort pays off. See below for the recipe we made + find out more about the adrenal-boosting ingredients in this plant-based protein powder.

fruit smoothie with Botanica plant-based protein powder fruit smoothie with Botanica plant-based protein powder  

Frozen Fruit Protein Smoothie

fruit smoothie ingredients with Botanica plant-based protein powder


1 scoop of Botanica’s Elevated Protein Powder

2 cups of your favourite frozen fruits/ berries

1 banana (fresh or frozen

1 cup milk or non-dairy beverage of choice

1/2- 1 cup of water (add as needed to reach desired thickness/ consistency)


Place all ingredients in a blender and pulse to help break up frozen fruit/ berries. Blend until a smooth consistency has been reached (Tip: pour into popsicle molds for healthy popsicles!)

fruit smoothie with Botanica plant-based protein powder fruit smoothie with Botanica plant-based protein powder fruit smoothie with Botanica plant-based protein powder fruit smoothie with Botanica plant-based protein powder fruit smoothie with Botanica plant-based protein powder fruit smoothie with Botanica plant-based protein powder

fruit smoothie with Botanica plant-based protein powder fruit smoothie with Botanica plant-based protein powder fruit smoothie with Botanica plant-based protein powder

fruit smoothie with Botanica plant-based protein powder fruit smoothie with Botanica plant-based protein powder fruit smoothie with Botanica plant-based protein powder 

About Perfect Protein

Botanica Perfect Protein is a fermented and sprouted complete plant protein blend packed with naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, healthy fats and fibre. All in light vanilla taste so it’s easy to digest and absorb. Crafted in small batches with just a few simple organic, fair trade ingredients. So good there’s no added sweeteners, not even stevia. Great to add to a smoothie or mixed into milk/ non-dairy beverage. 

  • Dairy-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Soy-Free
  • Stevia-Free
  • Organic
  • Sugar-Free
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pesticide-Free

fruit smoothie with Botanica plant-based protein powder

Adrenal- support ingredients

Botanica’s Perfect Protein Elevated Protein Powder is made with whole food ingredients selected for their adrenal- boosting qualities:

  • ashwagandha– an adaptogenic herb to support energy levels and immune function as a whole
  • reishi– increase energy and resistence to stress
  • Vitamin C derived from acerola cherries– used by the body in times of stress

fruit smoothie with Botanica plant-based protein powder

To see what other Botanica products our family has tried check out these posts:

Improving Your Wellness Routine with Botanica Health

Heading Into the Holiday Season with Botanica Health + Recipe

Visit the Botanica website to learn more about Botanica and their variety of products.

Find them on social media: Instagram | Facebook 

Disclosure: I received compensation and was provided with product in return for my honest review and recipe creation. All views and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Heading Into the Holiday Season with Botanica Health + Recipe

Botanica Reishi chocolate chia pudding

How do you maintain your wellness routine and keep yourself healthy this time of year? I’m excited to be teaming up again with Botanica Health heading into the holiday season with some ideas to help you stay calm and relaxed while enjoying something warm to unwind with at the end of the day. We all know eggnog is a hit this time of year, but if you’re looking for something warm and not loaded with sugar I’ve got two ideas you might want to try (plus a recipe!).

Botanica Health has just released two new products in time for those evenings you want to stay cozy indoors (or go for a Winter walk), and unwind at the end of the day: Reishi Hot Chocolate and Chocolate Turmeric Golden Mylk. Both are modern takes on traditional beverages (reishi mushrooms are believed to help the body relax and support a healthy stress response, while turmeric is a popular ingredient in ayurvedic medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties). With the added decadence of chocolate, they’re the perfect drink for when you want to enjoy something warm and comforting without being loaded with sugar and artificial additives (bonus points for actually being good for you!).

Made in small batches and free from artificial ingredients and fillers both the Reishi Hot Chocolate and Chocolate Turmeric Golden Mylk are vegan, certified organic, dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, stevia-free, and non-GMO. 

The Reishi Hot Chocolate is my favourite  of the two, and I decided to give it a try in a recipe: reishi chocolate chia pudding, a new take on this chia parfait recipe. I like that chia pudding is a tasty, healthy snack full of nutrients and how simple it is to make. Whether you enjoy the Reishi Hot Chocolate Mix to make a warm drink on a cold day, or to add into a snack like this one, it’s a refreshing option worth a try. See below for the recipe!

Reishi Hot Chocolate Chia Pudding

Botanica Reishi chocolate chia pudding


2 cups milk (regular, coconut, or pick your favourite)

1/4 cup chia seeds

2 tbsp Reishi Hot Chocolate Mix

1 tsp vanilla extract (optional)

Vanilla Greek yogurt (optional)

Cinnamon or cocoa nibs for garnish

Botanica Reishi chocolate chia pudding


1. In a jug, mix the Reishi Hot Chocolate Mix until combined, followed by the chia seeds

Botanica Reishi chocolate chia pudding Botanica Reishi chocolate chia pudding

2.Cover for half an hour or overnight 

3.When ready, pour the chia seed mix into mason jars and top with cinnamon or cocoa nib shavings

Botanica Reishi chocolate chia pudding

4.For an extra dose of protein, layer the chocolate chia pudding with Greek yogurt

Botanica Reishi chocolate chia pudding

Botanica Reishi chocolate chia pudding

Botanica Reishi chocolate chia pudding  Botanica Reishi chocolate chia pudding    Botanica Reishi chocolate chia pudding Botanica Reishi chocolate chia pudding Botanica Reishi chocolate chia pudding Botanica Reishi chocolate chia pudding  Botanica Reishi chocolate chia pudding  Botanica Reishi chocolate chia pudding Botanica Reishi chocolate chia pudding  Botanica Reishi chocolate chia pudding Botanica Reishi chocolate chia pudding  

Want to try this recipe? Save it for later!

Botanica Reishi chocolate chia pudding

More Info

Reishi Hot Chocolate

  • 1500mg of Reishi per serving, which is considered a therapeutic dosage (what you would get if you were to take a capsule or tincture of Reishi mushroom)
  • the whole mushroom is used (mycelium and fruiting body) to capture all the benefits of the mushroom
  • sourced from the Pacific Northwest of the USA
  • tested for herbicides, pesticides, and heavy metals to ensure purity
  • sweetened with dates and monk fruit as natural sweeteners (no added sugars)

Chocolate Turmeric Golden Mylk

  • 1000mg of Turmeric per serving
  • made with the same quality ingredients as the original Turmeric Golden Mylk, but with the added decadence of chocolate
  • sweetened with dates and monk fruit as natural sweeteners (no added sugars)

Check out my other post with Botanica Health here!

Visit Botanica online: Website | Instagram | Facebook 

 Available in health food stores and on Amazon
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Improving Your Wellness Routine with Botanica Health {+ Giveaway}

What little things do you try to do as part of your wellness routine?

It can be drinking more water, taking your vitamins, or working on your mental health. Whatever it is, even small steps can add up to create healthy habits we can maintain. It can take a little time and patience, but over time these efforts add up and today I’m sharing how making Botanica Health a part of that routine is not only an easy choice, but a delicious one.

This has been something I’ve been working on for over a year, and even though I think I’ve still got progress to make, I’ve learned that I can’t change things overnight- but I’ve got to start somewhere and have a little patience. Creating new healthy habits has taken two forms for me: focusing on body and mind, and the two have gone hand-in-hand. Running has become a part of my weekly routine and something that has helped my body and mind feel better. But that’s just half of the equation; the other is paying attention to how my body feels and fueling it with healthy choices. View Post

Self Care Ideas

self care

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14

How often do you make time for yourself? Whether you want to curl up with a book or add some fitness into your routine, help make self-care a priority with these ideas! Self-care has been a topic of discussion with many of the people- men and women- that I know, and I feel like it’s coming up more and more in conversations online as well: we’re busy, burnt-out, and tired, and don’t have enough time to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, let alone enjoy a hobby or find time to exercise. We’re getting lost in the shuffle and losing touch with ourselves. We need to make ourselves a priority and find some time for ourselves (even if only for a few minutes!), and that’s what inspired this post.

Whatever form self-care takes, from a favourite activity or hobby to fitness/ health, to trying something new, it’s personal and something that makes you ask yourself ‘what fills my cup’ or ‘what do I need to do for myself’? The answers can be game changers for your mind, body, and soul, but for many it can be a struggle to find/ make the time. I don’t know when self-care became such a hot topic, but I understand it’s different for everyone. This time of year is a great opportunity to reflect on we want and need for ourselves for the year ahead and ultimately think about our priorities. Finding simple ways to form or strengthen healthy personal habits can make a big difference in our happiness and overall well-being.

Before you tell yourself you don’t have time, think of it this way: it can start with something as simple as ‘drink more water’ and move forward from there (there’s nothing wrong with baby steps!). If at first you find it challenging to find a block of time, start with 5 minutes and build from there. Be kind and have patience with yourself, this is something to be enjoyed, not be another item on a list to stress us out! 😉 I used to get anxiety at the thought of making time for one more thing, even if it was good for me, something I enjoyed, but slowly over time that melted away and my outlook towards self-care changed. Goodbye guilt, hello… contentment, calm, happiness… fill in the blank. Running has become my main fitness-related activity, largely due to convenience and simplicity, but it’s been instrumental in a lot of positive mental changes as well; over time it’s become something I look forward to on both a physical and psychological level and one of the best self- care decisions I’ve made. Self-care can also take different forms throughout the year and as our interests change; there are no set rules other than to make time and enjoy! Even if self-care takes the form of something we don’t love– such as exercise- we ultimately will feel better knowing we made the time for it, invested in ourselves.

For this post I wanted to include a variety of ideas to hopefully inspire making self-care a priority, so I’ve included everything from something as simple as a candle to a cozy chair to hopefully get you thinking about what self-care looks like and means to you. I love curling up in lots of blankets and pillows and reading; add a cup of tea or glass of wine and I’m happy. Whether you have an area in your house that you can dedicate, like a little reading nook or fitness space, or you just want to add touches throughout your home that remind you to make time for yourself- like that just breathe print– I hope this post helps you make self-care a priority and part of your routine.

What are your self-care goals for the year?

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links.

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