Fun & Bright No Sew Cushion Covers

DIY no sew cushion covers

I love a good DIY, especially if it’s something I can whip up in just a few minutes. These cushion covers I made for the La- Z Boy Lifestyle Meets Comfort blog are perfect to add a pop of colour inside and out. Toss them on your patio furniture or on your couch, but if you don’t even have any patio furniture then I recommend taking a Shop @ wayside furniture house as they offer a great range, this way you can style it up with these cushions you’ve made. Making these is an easy project and if your kids are older they can help. I wanted some Yellow Cushions for a while, just to brighten up the house a bit! If you’ve got a few cushions that need a little love, freshening them with new covers is an easy way to update them and only costs a few dollars.

All you need are a few materials and to pick a design you like! Find the how- to over on the La- Z Boy blog here.

DIY no sew cushion covers

DIY no sew cushion covers DIY no sew cushion covers

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DIY no sew cushion covers

DIY Baby Halloween Costume!

This will be our first Halloween with a little one and while we won’t be going trick- or- treating, there will definitely be a costume! We originally wanted to do more than one, but as life goes, it gets busy, time flies, and before you know it, you’ve barely got the time to whip one costume up, never mind 2 or more!
My philosophy is to dress Ari up in costumes that I really want to see her in, so that when she starts to pick her own I won’t be sad if she picks something crazy and/ or something I wouldn’t have picked for her. I also wanted to go with an idea that I could make/ put together with existing materials and maybe a few dollar store purchases. Nothing too expensive or complicated.
After deciding that I wanted to make it, the Hubs and I had the task of narrowing down our choices.  Omg bring on the crazy! With so many adorable ideas how do you choose?! I had seen a few ideas so I had a jumping off point, and after some discussion we decided on a peacock. With all the tutorials I’ve seen on Pinterest, I figured I could make a tulle tutu for part of the peacock costume, then make the tail & accessories with items I had. One of the best things about DIY costumes is you can use some of your kiddies’ existing clothes and build upon them, plus you might be able to re- use the costume elements in the future for other Halloweens or parties. 🙂

First, I gathered all of the materials:

– tulle
– ribbon
– construction paper & card stock
– pipe cleaners
– foam
– feather boa
– peacock feathers

Existing clothes: (as base of costume)

– tutu pants
– onesie
– headband
– socks (it’s cold here in October!!!)

Also need:

– glue gun & glue
– scissors
– pen/ pencil

Next, I took the tutu pants and figured out how much ribbon I would need for the waistband of the tulle tutu overlay. Following the tutorials on Pinterest, I cut the tulle into strips (mine were approx. 2″* 12″) and knotted them over the ribbon. I made the tutu big enough so that it could loosely wrap around the tutu pants.

Next, I made the tail. I free- hand drew a peacock tail on 2 pieces of blue construction paper (so that each side would be blue) and used 2 pieces of card stock, cut a little smaller (so you don’t see the edges) in between to create a stiff & strong backing. I then laid out the feather boa to make sure it would cover the whole piece & glued it to the paper backing. I then cut 3 peacock feathers to size and glued them at the bottom of the tail & at the top, so that they made a spray of feathers. (If you want to do the whole tail in peacock feathers, I say go for it, but I was able to get the feather boa on the cheap and loved the royal blue colour). You can do this to both sides if you like, so that it’s finished no matter what side you view it from. The little pipe cleaner spiral at the bottom is to cover the ends of the feathers.

For the feet, I took Ari’s feet and marked how long they were on the back of one of the pieces of foam. I then drew out the shape of peacock feet and cut them out. Using the yellow foam, I cut 2 rectangles and rounded the edges on one side. 

I then rounded them into tubes and glued the edges onto the orange foam bases. Finally, I cut a yellow pipe cleaner in half and poked holes into the yellow tubes and looped the pipe cleaners through the holes & wrapped the edges (so the sharp ends wouldn’t poke Ari’s feet & ankles). This creates a backing (think of baby Crocs) that you can adjust and tighten to suit your babe’s feet).

I hope you like the idea! I’ll add some more photos to show how it looks all together, but I thought I’d get this post up so you can see how you can make a cute, quick, & inexpensive costume for your little one. 🙂 While I doubt everyone’s going to make their kiddos into peacocks this Halloween, you can take the basic concepts and modify them to suit your costume needs.

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