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Hands up who needs all the help they can get staying organized/ remembering all the things? Most days there’s a to- do list a mile long that’s never ending and usually something gets forgotten. Sound familiar? My survival skill is to make lists. And sometimes lists of lists. Usually that way I can at least keep track of everything even if it doesn’t all get done (and let’s face it, it pretty much never does 😉 ). 

There’s always lots to remember and keep track of and with school around the corner there’s about to be more to remember. With Ari starting preschool in the Fall I’ll take all the help I can get when it comes to getting more organized and keep track of the to- dos. For the past few weeks I’ve been trying out Picniic, a family organizer app that helps you keep track of things like activities, meal planning/ groceries, and items on your to- do list, with notifications popping up on your phone as things come up. All members of the family can download the app and link to the same account so everyone can stay updated and see the same info, add to the calendar and grocery list, and keep track of upcoming special dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. 

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August is a busy month- it feels busier than usual this year- and staying organized/ keeping track of what’s coming up helps me keep calm when I look at what needs to get done each day. Especially on days that feel overwhelmingly busy, reminding myself to prioritize, focus on one thing at a time, and check things off as I go makes the day go smoother. Even if I don’t get through everything on the list by the end of the day, knowing I worked my way through and checked off the most important things first means that I stress less about what didn’t get done.

With kids it can be tough to get through everything that needs to get done in a day- and even to remember everything you’re trying to get done- and Picniic helps not only you, but everyone in the family stay organized. There have been days where I make a mental note of something and remember later that I needed to remember something, but can’t remember what it is that I needed to remember! With Picniic I can quickly make a note in my phone so I can come back to it later and remind myself; I can then make a note in the app’s calendar or create a new list/ add an item to an existing one to help me keep track. 

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Hands down my favourite/ most- used features of the app are the lists and calendar, but I’m looking forward to using the meal planning tool more as well. Picniic is quick to set up/ simple to use,  and everything is in one place and easily accessible which I appreciate.

For families with young kids it’s a great tool to help us parents stay on the same page (even if your hubby doesn’t add to it, he can see what’s coming up on the calendar, etc) and with older kids I can see how this app would be a useful tool for everyone in the family: older kids can enter their own info/ see what’s on the family calendar, as well as add notes for upcoming activities, events, and due dates for school work. Picniic can be used on a phone, tablet, and computer, making it an accessible organization tool wherever you and members of the family are.

Here’s how the app appears on a phone & computer:

Picniic App Screenshot

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The app is also launching a new feature, Pia, today to help personalize the app for your family and make recommendations based on usage so families can get the most out of the app and it’s features (learn more about Pia below). If you’re trying to find simple ways to stay organized, definitely check out Picniic to help keep your family on top of everything. 

Picniic Features

  • Calendar- day/ week/ month options to keep track of upcoming events and important dates
  • To- Do & Lists- create to- do lists and lists by title/ category to stay organized
  • Shopping List- add recipe ingredients and items as you’re running low
  • Info Locker- include info for key contacts like doctors, medical info such as insurance provider, and household info like wifi network and password
  • Special Events- store important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries
  • Meal Planner- organize meals for the week ahead, including ingredients and recipes
  • Recipes- search online or add your own custom recipes
  • Family Locator- see where members of the family are near or far


Picniic is an app designed to help families be more organized. It acts as a personal assistant for use by the entire family on mobile, web, and tablet. Picniic has features including family member location tracking, assigned to- dos and chores, meal planners, information lockers for all your important records, and more. It’s easy for families to not be on the same page with information spread through multiple family members and locations, and slipping through the cracks. Picniic family assistant bridges this gap, and helps everyone stay connected. 

Launching on August 8th, Picniic is introducing it’s latest feature, PIA, an intelligent persona similar to Siri. PIA will help families connect with Picniic further and making recommendations based on how they use the app. PIA will help families be proactive by reaching out with suggestions to keep them organized and prepared.

Learn more about Picniic and download it here. Find the app on Instagram: @picniic

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Keeping Organized In Style with Victoria Senges

How’s everyone doing getting back into the school routine? Even though Ari isn’t in school yet, the Fall always marks a change in routine as new activities start up and we look for fun ideas for things to do inside. And I know September can get a little crazy as parents ramp up with school and activities- I have to write everything down to make sure I keep organized, and we don’t even have field trips and bake sales to keep track of yet! (hello Mom brain!).
I’m old fashioned and still prefer to use a day planner and a calendar to stay organized and have used a giant poster- sized one for years so I have lots of room to write everything down. It did the trick, but it wasn’t a thing of beauty. Purely functional. And then this beauty came along! This month, Victoria Senges has launched a beautiful 16- month calendar- just in time for the new school year!- and I’m loving that she created one that’s big enough for everything I need to write down and that it’s got a clean and simple look. It does the job and it’s  pretty too! No matter what your decorating style, this calendar will be a stylish addition to keep you organized. It works great both to hang (like I do) or to use as a flat desk calendar. She’s also included a side column so there’s room to write notes and extra info you don’t want to forget. If you need a way to keep everything organized in one place, this beautiful calendar is perfect! Check out this beauty below and don’t miss the PROMO CODE at the end!!!

Want one for your home? Shop the 16 month calendar hereUse promo code PAMPEREDBABY15 to get 15% off when you order one between September 13- 20, 2016!

Calendar Features:
Perfect to hang on walls or as a desk calendar
16 months: September 2016- December 2017
Large spaces for each day to write event/ appointment info, etc
Side column for notes
Beautiful monochromatic design to suit any decor style
Dimensions: 12″ * 15″
Includes important Canadian & US holidays and observances

To see all the other beautiful products available, visit Victoria’s website & check her out on social media:

Instagram: @victoriasenges
Facebook: Victoria Senges Design Co.
Pinterest: Victoria Senges

Summer Closet Organization

Now that it’s officially Summer I’ve been going through all the closets of the house sorting through everything, purging unneeded items that got pushed to the back (out of sight out of mind, right?), and swapping out the cooler season essentials for our warm weather duds- goodbye boots and jackets, hello shorts and sandals!

There’s something about looking into an organized closet and seeing things neatly piled and labeled that is calming and makes things easier to find when you go searching for them. And as much as I don’t want to be inside with the sun out (although the past week or so of grey weather made it easy to be inside tackling this chore), it’s a great chance to wash and air things like duvets and blankets before storing them away until the Fall. Since I know I’m not the only one who gets the organizational bug I thought I’d share a few of the options I came across that will stretch your budget and come in handy for a variety of uses- see them below. For some more home organization ideas see my Home Organization board on Pinterest.

1. Cami hangers- Zulily
2. Accessory drawers- Zulily
3. Wooden hangers- IKEA
4. Accessory tray- Zulily
5. Show rack- Zulily
6. Storage bin- Chapters Indigo
7. Sweater weave basket- Chapters Indigo
8. Storage box- IKEA
As I’ve been purging the closets, I’ve also been going through dressers and tidying drawers- I feel like the kids are constantly outgrowing things and it’s a constant rotation of bringing out new, larger sizes and putting away the clothes and shoes they’ve outgrown (space bags have become a much- loved storage item in our house to save room, and they fit great in under- bed bins). And I’m guilty of holding onto things, thinking that I’ll wear something again, but really all I’m doing is putting off getting rid of something I haven’t worn in ages. Hoarder much?
The camisole hangers are something I’m excited about- I really need to re- claim some drawer space and these are a great inexpensive way to move things from drawers into the closet without giving up prime hanging room in our bedroom closet. I’m looking forward to having this major task checked off my to- do list! 
How do you keep keep closets and seasonal items organized? I’d love your tips!
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Ready to Go Beach Bag

I like to think I’ve always been an organized person, but now as a Mom I have to always be a step ahead, especially when it comes to packing up and going somewhere- like the beach! A trick I’ve learnt is to always keep a bag packed and ready, so all we have to do when we want to go somewhere is grab it & go. See below for what I keep in my Ready to go Beach Bag!

Ready to go Beach Bag

1. Plastic basket- Dollar Tree Canada
I know I said ‘bag’ but these are great to put everything in- plus it’s easy to wash at the end of a beach day
2. Sunscreen- Alba Botanica
You can’t go anywhere in the Summer without the stuff & I like this brand’s natural products.
3. Wipes- Seventh Generation
Good to have on hand to clean up spills and wipe sticky ice- creamy hands (and help wipe off sand too!).
4. Outdoor blanket- JJ Cole
You need something to lie on at the beach & I love how easy to clean & travel- friendly this one is- it’s one of my most- used gifts I received at my baby shower.
5. Towel- Carter’s Canada
I love hooded towels for little ones and how cute is this flamingo one???
6. Flip flops- Old Navy Canada
A Summer staple, nothing to add!
7. Water shoes- Carter’s Canada
Perfect to protect little feet from walking over rocks & sand.
8. Sunnies- Carter’s Canada
You’ve got to protect those little eyes and why not do it in style?
9. UV Rash guard bathing suit- Carter’s Canada
I love the built- in UV protection & long sleeves- these are my fav bathing suits for Ari.
10. Sun hat- Old Navy Canada
For added protection from the sun & heat I love wide- brimmed hats
11. Wet bag- Little Alligator
To bring home all the wet gear – just toss the contents & bag in the wash when you get home!

Please note: I did not receive endorsements from any brands to include their products in this post, the items I have included reflect ones that I use and love!

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