Summer Closet Organization

Now that it’s officially Summer I’ve been going through all the closets of the house sorting through everything, purging unneeded items that got pushed to the back (out of sight out of mind, right?), and swapping out the cooler season essentials for our warm weather duds- goodbye boots and jackets, hello shorts and sandals! If you’re trying to make more room in your home, take a look at these 8×12 Storage Sheds.

There’s something about looking into an organized closet and seeing things neatly piled and labeled that is calming and makes things easier to find when you go searching for them. And as much as I don’t want to be inside with the sun out (although the past week or so of grey weather made it easy to be inside tackling this chore), it’s a great chance to wash and air things like duvets and blankets before storing them away until the Fall. Since I know I’m not the only one who gets the organizational bug I thought I’d share a few of the options I came across that will stretch your budget and come in handy for a variety of uses- see them below. For some more home organization ideas see my Home Organization board on Pinterest.

1. Cami hangers- Zulily
2. Accessory drawers- Zulily
3. Wooden hangers- IKEA
4. Accessory tray- Zulily
5. Show rack- Zulily
6. Storage bin- Chapters Indigo
7. Sweater weave basket- Chapters Indigo
8. Storage box- IKEA
As I’ve been purging the closets, I’ve also been going through dressers and tidying drawers- I feel like the kids are constantly outgrowing things and it’s a constant rotation of bringing out new, larger sizes and putting away the clothes and shoes they’ve outgrown (space bags have become a much- loved storage item in our house to save room, and they fit great in under- bed bins). And I’m guilty of holding onto things, thinking that I’ll wear something again, but really all I’m doing is putting off getting rid of something I haven’t worn in ages. Hoarder much?
The camisole hangers are something I’m excited about- I really need to re- claim some drawer space and these are a great inexpensive way to move things from drawers into the closet without giving up prime hanging room in our bedroom closet. I’m looking forward to having this major task checked off my to- do list! 
How do you keep keep closets and seasonal items organized? I’d love your tips!
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