Inspired by Pinterest, Find it on Barter Bay: 5 Reasons to Love Second-Hand Shopping

second-hand shopping with Barter Bay

Ok let’s be honest, Pinterest is addicting! How many times have you pinned away only to realize it’s an hour later and you’ve planned rooms for a house you don’t yet own, jumped into the deep end with recipes to try, and found enough outfits to last you until next year? Well now I’ve got a little something to help you with that Pinterest addiction and help you score some great finds for less: meet Barter Bay a new fun (and safe) second-hand shopping experience! View Post

Cyber Monday Sales

Cyber Monday sales- housewares and home

Who’s planning on doing some Cyber Monday Shopping today? I’m rounding up a few of the sales you can find online + some of home items that caught my eye. It’s a great time to pick up gifts on your list and maybe even something for yourself! 😉 What’s on your Cyber Monday shopping list??

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

Cyber Monday Sales- fashion and accessories

13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25



Indigo | 40% off Jamie Oliver Cookware | 25% off S’well | 25% off Le Creuset + more 

Amazon– various

Topshop– 50% off + free shipping

H&M– 20% + free shipping with code 3095

Old Navy– 50% off entire site including clearance (discount applied at checkout)

Gap– 50% off + free shipping with code GAPCYBER

Joe Fresh– 40% off when you spend $100 | 30% off everything + free shipping

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#HopsShopRepeat: Craft Beer + Shopping Pop Up Recap

HopShopRepeat Craft Beer Event 1

Two words: craft beer. It puts a big smile on my face when I hear those two words together and I had the chance to co- host an event inspired by my favourite hoppy drink, the #HopsShopRepeat pop up, on the long weekend at The Handpicked Home in White Rock. This event combined craft beer and shopping plus a giveaway from everyone involved- cheers to a fun evening! One of the best things that has come from this blogging journey is the people I’ve met and businesses I’ve had the chance to work with and this is made even better when the opportunity comes along to bring a few of them together for an event like this.

Together with Trading Post Brewing, CPC Woodcraft, and Shop Ava to Zoe, we had an evening full of craft beer- inspired fun and it was the first event that I brought The Surrey Girl Project to (Piya will be carrying the Surrey neighbourhood tees from Locomotive Clothing in shop soon!). Our hope for the event was to encourage visitors to meet the makers behind one of the local brands Piya carries in THH, get introduced to a local craft beer brewery, and have everyone have a good time while shopping local. I think we succeeded and it was a great evening full of friends and fun.

Piya (the owner of THH) and I have been good friends since she opened her shop about two years ago (happy shopiversary friend!!) and we’ve teamed up on a bunch of things, but this was the first pop up like this we’d organized. We’d been scheming for a month or two about how everything would come together and as soon as we knew Candice and Carlos from CPC Woodcraft were able to make it on the 6th we saved the date. Thanks to Piya and a few of the brands carried in shop and Trading Post Brewing, we had a craft- beer themed giveaway that shoppers could enter; shopping + craft beer and a giveaway? I think we got in some good stuff there. 😉

We held this 2- hour pop- up on the Sunday of the long weekend and had fun handing out samples of 1827 Helles Lager and Rye Amber Ale with Kristin from Trading Post and introducing shoppers to the makers behind CPC Woodcraft (have you seen their handcrafted beer caddies and openers?? Even if you’re not a beer drinker their handmade pieces are great for wine and other bevvies). We’re already chatting about another pop up event and can’t wait. If you missed this pop up, you can see some of the highlights from the event below and if you made it out we hope you had as much fun as we did. Cheers to good times with good friends!

HopShopRepeat Craft Beer Event 2

HopShopRepeat Craft Beer Event 3 

HopShopRepeat Craft Beer Event 4

HopShopRepeat Craft Beer Event 5

HopShopRepeat Craft Beer Event 6  

  HopShopRepeat Craft Beer Event 7

Thank you to everyone who helped bring this pop up together, took part, and came out for an evening of craft beer + shopping on the long weekend! Can’t wait for the next one and hope you can make it when we plan it. Cheers!

#HopsShopRepeat Pop Up Partners

Venue- The Handpicked Home

Meet the Makers- CPC Woodcraft

Beer- Trading Post Brewing

Handmade leather growler tags- Shop Ava to Zoe

Additional partner: The Surrey Girl Project

Photo credit: OHP and Akane Kondo Photography

Handpicked Home for The Holidays: Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Last Saturday I spent the afternoon at my friend Piya’s shop in White Rock, The Handpicked Home, for her #THHfortheholidays Pop Up shop. We had so much fun kicking off the holiday season with treats from Edible Canada and shoppers having the chance to enter not 1 but 2 raffles with more than $600 in goodies (one lucky shopper won themselves a beautiful wood watch from Tense watches) with proceeds benefitting a local animal shelter. Every time I walked around the store I couldn’t help noticing something new and thinking ‘who could I give this to?’. With the holidays fast approaching I’m trying to get through my shopping list before things get too crazy and since I opted not to do a gift guide this year I thought I’d share some gift ideas from her shop instead. I went through THH and picked out some of my favourites for men, women, & kids to help you think of gifts for everyone on your list and support some great BC and Canadian brands in the process. Everything featured can be found at Piya’s shop, so if you see something you like you know where to find it. One stop shopping at it’s best!
For the Men
I don’t know about you, but I find guys the hardest to buy for. When you ask them what they want and all you get is ‘I don’t need anything’, it can be tough to think of ideas. So that leaves you the option to load ’em up with things that you think they’ll love. You’ll be a star for being creative with ideas and for giving them something they didn’t even know they wanted and they’ll get something they won’t be able to live without once you give it to them. Win- win gift giving at it’s finest.
Gift Ideas:
if he’s into clothes: think things like tees, socks and ties in fun prints. These sound like really basic ideas, but there are endless options out there to suit the guy(s) you’re buying for. Just think of his personality and what he likes and go from there, you could check out something like these alternative clothing to give you a better idea of what you could get him.
if he’s outdoorsy: think cold weather cozy items like gloves/ mitts, scarves & hats or items that come in handy like a water bottle or thin wallet for days when he doesn’t need more than a few cards (perfect if he’s into hiking or other activities where packing light is preferred)
if he’s on the rugged side: think grooming items like an old- fashioned shaving kit, beard oil & body spray. Even if he’s not into using products, most guys with beards seem to like to groom them and what better than with some masculine toiletries?
if he loves his man cave: anything related to beer or his favourite drink will probably be a hit (like that magnetic beer top remover) or get him something to add to the ambience (ie improve the decor) like some signs or prints to hang on the wall
if he’s not a morning person: a cheeky mug and some good quality coffee with other edible treats is a simple and fun idea (what guy doesn’t like to eat?)
For the Ladies


I feel like I can always think of ideas for the ladies on my list, it just comes down to their personal style and trying to find something I know they’ll like. While I find it harder to come up with ideas for guys, they’re usually easy to please once you think of something. With ladies I find it’s the opposite: you might have a variety of ideas, but finding something that suits their style can sometimes be the toughest part. Fashion, home, and pampering items are my go- tos when it comes to shopping for the ladies on my list, it just comes down to what their taste is like for making my gift choices.
Gift Ideas:
if she’s into fashion: like with the guys, I don’t think you can go wrong with a t- shirt in a fun print, but how about something like a sweater or cozy hat to up her cold- weather style game? Or ask what her fashion bucket list is and help her achieve her style goals
if she’s all about the details: for the ladies who always seem to have the perfect #ootd right down to the accessories, some shades, a pair of earrings or a necklace might be the perfect addition to her accessory collection. Think of things like colours, textures, and materials to find something unique and different
if her house should be in a magazine (or she wishes it looked that way): gifts for the home can be a lot of fun. Things like throw pillows and blankets, candles, and decor items like vases and prints are perfect when you want to give something to help personalize a space
if she’s a girly- girl at heart: I feel like ideas for this kind of lady are endless. Think things like makeup and beauty products you know she loves, jewellery, accessories, etc. Have a look at chanel no 5 vaporisateur spray to get you started!
if she’s a bit of a tomboy: if you know some gals that don’t mind getting messy, think of things she can bring along for her favourite outdoor activity. A good quality water bottle (can you tell I love them?) or gear for her hobby of choice will be well- loved and used
if she’s really hard to buy for: if you’ve got some super- picky ladies on your list, I don’t think you can go wrong with a nice bottle of wine and a pretty card with a personal message that shows you care. Think of a favourite inside joke or quote to write in the card and remind her why you’re such an awesome friend/ daughter/ mother, etc. Then you could put all of this into a lovely gift basket, I always get gourmet gift baskets online

For the Little Ones

Let’s face it, there is so much cute stuff out there for kids right now! Whether you want to give clothes, something fun, or something practical, you won’t fall short of ideas if you check out some of the local brands we’ve got here in BC. If toys aren’t something you want to give or the parents don’t want the clutter, there are lots of other sweet things to give to your favourite little ladies and fellas. Sizing and seasonality for clothing is good to think about when buying clothes, and checking with parents to see what they need/ want can help narrow your choices. Other than that, it really is limitless and a lot of fun to buy for the babies and kids on your list
Gift Ideas:
if they need clothes: this is always a great choice since you know parents appreciate keeping closets stocked (it can be hard to keep up, they grow so fast!). Ask about current sizes and if you’re thinking forward a few months, keep in mind the season it’ll be worn in (ie don’t buy cozy fleece items that will likely fit in the Summer- ask Mom & Dad for sizing suggestions)
if you want to give something fun: little ones can be entertained by the simplest things, so you don’t have to over- think these kinds of gifts. Something to encourage learning, books, age- appropriate jewellery and toys, items for playing dress up, and things for the bath are a few ideas.
if you want to give something practical: other than clothes, things like blankets, bedding, shoes, bath items, and age- specific gear (ie teething items for babies, a dinner set for toddlers) are great gifts if you’d prefer to spend your gift budget on things that will get a lot of use
Hopefully some of these ideas help you check off some of the people on your holiday shopping list! If you see something you love, pay Piya’s shop a visit and enjoy shopping local this year.
The Handpicked Home
1406 Johnson Road, White Rock, BC

For the Kids: Amazon Prime Day Deals

Today is Amazon Prime Day and if you’re not familiar, it’s a great chance to pick up some great deals (maybe stock up some some gifts) and enjoy 2- day shipping when you sign up for Amazon Prime. Brands like Melissa and DougK’Nex, and Fisher Price are on sale and I’ve rounded up a few of the best deals I came across for babies & kids. (If you’ve been looking for a play kitchen now’s your chance to get one for 50% off!). I like to pick up gifts as I find them and sales like this are a great time to do some stress- free shopping and keep the budget in check.
We signed up for Amazon Prime last year and have loved using it to stock up on essentials and gifts (perfect if you need something last minute). Whether you’re looking for something for your favourite little ones, for yourself, or want to find something for your home or garden, now’s your chance to enjoy some great savings. If you’re looking for Amazon deals, be sure to keep an eye on sale dates as well as always look out for discount codes. Put some things aside for (dare I say it…) Christmas and upcoming birthdays and enjoy shopping in your pjs. What’s on your shopping list?

Clek Fllo 2016 Convertible Car Seat, Noire– $359.99 (20% off- save $90.00)
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