Natural Sunscreens for the Whole Family

Every Spring as the weather is getting warmer I start to get everything organized for the heat of the Summer- water shoes and sandals, hats, beach essentials, swim suits… and sunscreen. And each year I try to find a natural option that isn’t loaded with chemicals while keeping my family from turning into lobsters (no olive skin/ 5 minutes to bronzed over here, we fair- skinned folks have to build up a tan over a looooong time). There seem to be some general things to look out for, some questionable, and some that you want for sun protection. As I did the research for this post I tried to simplify the information and make recommendations based on what I found* (I’ve also included the sources that I referred to at the end of the post so you can do some research for yourself if you wish). It’s sometimes hard to find quality options in grocery stores, so all of the options below are ones that you can easily find online (you can also find them in natural/ health food stores). See some of the good and bad things to look for in sunscreens and a few suggestions to try this Summer below- just add sun!



Top to bottom, left to right

Goddess Gardens Organics Baby Sunscreen 

thinksport Kids Sunscreen

Badger Kids Active Sunscreen

Goddess Gardens Organics Natural Sunscreen Spray

Badger Baby Sunscreen

Goddess Gardens Organics Kids Sunscreen

California Baby Super Sensitive Sunscreen

thinksport Baby Sunscreen 

For more natural sunscreen options available online check out and Amazon– if you’re unsure about some of the products you find, Google search them by name and you should be able to find their ingredients listed along with information about how they really measure up (that’s how I discovered one of my old go- tos wasn’t as good as I thought).

One other thing I learned while researching the sunscreens to include in this post: if you like sunscreens in spray form (ie in an aerosol/ pressurized can), look closely at the ingredients, as they may not be cause for concern when applied to the skin, but inhaling them has it’s own set of concerns (this article was informative on this topic). This opens up a whole ‘nother can of worms, so I didn’t include any aerosol suggestions, just a cream that you can spray on without it becoming a mist). 

* Please note that these recommendations are based on research and information I found online. I am not making medical or scientific recommendations, and as with any skincare product if in doubt, apply a small amount to a test area prior to use. 

Sources: Here and here.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.


Ready to Go Beach Bag

I like to think I’ve always been an organized person, but now as a Mom I have to always be a step ahead, especially when it comes to packing up and going somewhere- like the beach! A trick I’ve learnt is to always keep a bag packed and ready, so all we have to do when we want to go somewhere is grab it & go. See below for what I keep in my Ready to go Beach Bag!

Ready to go Beach Bag

1. Plastic basket- Dollar Tree Canada
I know I said ‘bag’ but these are great to put everything in- plus it’s easy to wash at the end of a beach day
2. Sunscreen- Alba Botanica
You can’t go anywhere in the Summer without the stuff & I like this brand’s natural products.
3. Wipes- Seventh Generation
Good to have on hand to clean up spills and wipe sticky ice- creamy hands (and help wipe off sand too!).
4. Outdoor blanket- JJ Cole
You need something to lie on at the beach & I love how easy to clean & travel- friendly this one is- it’s one of my most- used gifts I received at my baby shower.
5. Towel- Carter’s Canada
I love hooded towels for little ones and how cute is this flamingo one???
6. Flip flops- Old Navy Canada
A Summer staple, nothing to add!
7. Water shoes- Carter’s Canada
Perfect to protect little feet from walking over rocks & sand.
8. Sunnies- Carter’s Canada
You’ve got to protect those little eyes and why not do it in style?
9. UV Rash guard bathing suit- Carter’s Canada
I love the built- in UV protection & long sleeves- these are my fav bathing suits for Ari.
10. Sun hat- Old Navy Canada
For added protection from the sun & heat I love wide- brimmed hats
11. Wet bag- Little Alligator
To bring home all the wet gear – just toss the contents & bag in the wash when you get home!

Please note: I did not receive endorsements from any brands to include their products in this post, the items I have included reflect ones that I use and love!

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