My Funny Valentine: 5 LOL Truths About Love

L O V E. Four little letters that carry so much weight when strung together.

It’s such an amazing thing, a defining part of the human experience. But I thought today would be the perfect time to share the more humorous side to love I’ve encountered in the past few years. Instead of a corny Valentine, these are the things that you laugh about and appreciate on a whole ‘nother level when you make the decision to spend the rest of your lives together. It ain’t always easy, but you sure learn to find the humour in things! And while these things aren’t specifically about marriage, they definitely refer to some of the more comical aspects of being in a relationship. I hope you enjoy (and can relate! ūüėČ ).

Think of this as a ‘you know you love someone when…’ list

  1. Bodily functions: TMI no longer. Farts, burps, snoring, you name it. You know you love someone when you witness all of these (and more) and still look them in the eye (without laughing) and tell them ‘I love you’ (hell, you might even find some of it cute). Things definitely change when you become comfortable around each other.
  2. You don’t even pretend not to fight or argue or bicker. Instead you make jokes about chasing each other around the house with a frying pan and indulge in the thought of how satisfying it might be to have a wiffle bat fight to get out your frustrations. No matter what, you love each other but some days you just DRIVE EACH OTHER CRAZY.
  3. Flashing body parts waivers between ‘come here and make mad, passionate love to me’ a la day time soap operas and ‘nanananabooboo you can’t have this <insert said body part>’. Basically, nudity becomes a cruel game of peekaboo under many circumstances. 
  4. Building on #3: You become creative with opportunities to (ahem) do the things. And by the things I mean each other. And by each other I mean whatever form of activities you can get (and while all necessary body body parts still work and haven’t shrivelled/ stretched/ become completely unrecognizable). ‘I’m tired/ not in the mood/ the kids are awake/ Paw Patrol is on in the background’… are probably spoken more often than ‘hey baby’ <insert suggestive eyebrow wiggle>. (Also- I have to reference MC Hammer’s ‘Can’t Touch This’ here- aka basically the anthem of what it’s like living together with kids around).
  5. You see each other at each other’s absolute worst (and we’re talking body hair in weird places, half- dead when sick, no makeup/ hair not done/ unshaven/ bad breath, etc) and still somehow manage to love each other/ find each other attractive/ potentially do said things mentioned in #3 & 4. It is absolutely about loving and accepting each other for who you are, but let’s face it, you have to have a sense of humour with yourselves and each other. 

Does this sound familiar to anyone else???

I hope if this post did nothing else, it gave you a laugh (or a few). Love is about so many things, but I definitely think keeping a sense of humour helps a lot when it comes to keeping the love alive and relationships fun and interesting. ūüėČ Happy Valentine’s Day!

xx KP




DIY Chalkboard Valentines

One last Valentine’s Day DIY coming your way! If you’re not a fan of the store- bought cards and prefer to make your own, these Valentines are for you! All you need is some black construction paper and a white crayon- how much easier could it get?!- and maybe some washi tape if you want to mix things up a bit. These take minutes to make and the results are super cute. Just look up some cute phrases and pretty designs on Pinterest for inspo and you’re good to go- voila! (I’m also thinking this would make cure wrapping paper if you can find sheets of paper big enough… what do you think?).


Black construction paper

White crayon

Washi tape


1. Fold the paper in half to make the card and using the white crayon draw out the design you want

2. … or cut out washi tape to size and create a cute heart (or other pretty Vday design).

Tip: you may want to use a glue stick for extra hold- I found my washi tape didn’t stick too well to the paper for some reason…

I thought these were a fun twist on the classic Valentines we see every year, and if you’re really talented at calligraphy, think of how beautiful these could turn out! For kids, this is a fun way to get them making their own cards and encourage them to add a personal touch when they write out what goes inside (even if they just add some stickers or write their name). Does anyone else like making their own cards or do you like to buy them? What are some of your favourite ways to personalize a card or gift?

For more Valentine’s Day ideas:

Easy Homemade Tablecloth (that also doubles as a cute photo backdrop!) 

Cheers to Good Friends! A Valentine’s Day Tutorial- Ava to Zoe

Easy Homemade Tablecloth/ Photo Backdrop

I’m just going to say #sorrynotsorry right now for all of the Valentine’s Day posts that will be coming your way in the next week or so. I’m not necessarily¬†that girl who goes all- out for Vday, but I love any excuse to try a new recipe or DIY and with all the hearts and cute things that come with February 14th I can’t resist the chance to try out some things I’ve had on my to- do list. Whether you’re looking for ideas for date night or a Valentine’s Day party, I’ve got some good stuff coming your way!

And before you think ‘girl I don’t have time for that’ I’ve got you covered: this project only takes 15 minutes to make and can double as either a tablecloth or photo backdrop. With 2 kids running around a lot of my projects usually end up with that ‘nailed it‘ moment at the end (you know that feeling when you try an idea on Pinterest thinking it’ll be easy and it fails miserably with you laughing the whole way ;)). But I promise this DIY is super quick and easy (the drying time is the longest part of the process), so even if you leave it to the last minute, you can whip this up the night before and still have it ready in time (just make sure you pick a design that’s simple enough to paint on fabric). If you’re looking for the perfect finishing touch for a party table or a cute photo backdrop, it doesn’t get much easier than this.

oxox KP


White fabric (cotton or another natural fibre is best)

Black fabric dye

Sponge brush

Large plastic garbage bag


1. Lay down the plastic garbage bag underneath the fabric. Mix up the fabric dye according to the instructions (we only used half a box) making sure you mix it well. It’s better to add a little water at a time so it doesn’t get too diluted.

2. Using the sponge brush, paint on the fabric the design you like- I went for Xs and Os for Valentine’s Day but the options are limitless. Repeat the pattern as desired.

3. Allow to air dry before using. If you need to wash the table cloth, follow the instructions on the fabric dye box. Add all of your party treats & have fun!


Photos: Ava to Zoe

Marshmallows (pops, on straws, mini heart s’mores & hearts)- Marsh & Mallow

Heart pizza- Rocky Mountain Flatbread

Love envelope cookies- Que- T Sweet Treats

Sparkling rose wine- Haywire Winery

Paper flowers- Blooms and Paper

Cupcake toppers (used in marshmallows)- Paper + Parties 

For more Valentine’s ideas from the styled shoot visit this post on my friend Janette’s blog:

Cheers to Good Friends! A Valentine’s Day Part Tutorial (+ Free printable)

Potato Stamp Treat Bags {DIY}

This DIY totally brought back memories for me- who else remembers using potato stamps when they were kids??? This craft might have a Valentine’s Day theme, but it’s great for any occasion or party when you want to send guests home with a little favour. Just pick a design that matches the theme/ occasion and that’s simple enough to carve into a potato. I love how these turned out and how simple they are to make- it’s the perfect project for little hands to help with (once the potato is cut of course!). The hardest part is deciding what to stash inside them. ūüėČ


For the bags

1 large potato

tempura paint

cotton bags (find these at the dollar store or craft store)

sharp pairing knife

cutting board

paper towel

For the treat bag inserts

clear plastic bags


candy/ treats of your choice


  1. Slice the potato in half and cut out the shape you like (Bonus: ‘X’ and ¬†‘O’ are nice & easy). If you prefer, use a toothpick or the tip of the knife to etch the design into the potato as a guide to cut along.

2. Blot the potato on a piece of paper towel to help remove some of the moisture.

3. Pick the colour(s) of paint you want to use and blot off a little bit of the paint on the paper towel.

4. Press the potato stamp down on the cotton bag and repeat until you’ve completed the design you want.

5. Add other colours if using to finish your design & allow to air dry.


6. Pop the treats into a clear plastic bag and tie- off with some twine. Insert into the cotton bags and pull closed. ¬†Optional: tuck in a little Valentine’s Day card or add a name tag to personalize.



Be My Valentine Sugar Cookies


I’m just going to put this out there: who can resist a good sugar cookie? Especially when it’s made with love and- added bonus- heart shaped? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I thought it was a good time to bring out the heart shaped cookie cutters and whip up a batch. Ari’s favourite are these chocolate chip cookies, but sugar cookies are a close second. We did cut- outs with mini hearts for a fun extra touch and I think they turned out great.

I used this recipe¬†, but cut it in half since it makes¬†a lot of cookies. And even though the original recipe I shared is gluten/ dairy free, you can simply swap in unbleached flour and butter if you’d prefer the classic version (the cookies we made were gluten free but I used butter). It’s a classic recipe that’s versatile and easy to adapt, so whether you have to make some substitutions or not, they’re a crowd- pleaser! (I tried to save a few take a some more photos but they were gone in no time!).

For the recipe we used see this post: Gluten & Dairy Free Sugar Cookies


1. Once you’ve mixed your dough, divide it equally. Add red food colouring to one half and knead until it’s mixed in (or maybe go for a cute marble effect!). Roll dough to 1/8″- 1/4″ thick.

2. Using a large cookie cutter, cut out the cookies in the desired shapes.

3. For the cutouts, use a small heart- shaped cookie cutter in the centre of the large cookies and swap the centres (pink into the plain and vice- versa). You can also leave the centres empty as a cute alternative.

4. Line cookie sheets with parchment paper and place the cookies carefully on the sheets (the shapes can warp, so be careful when transferring them).

5. Bake at 400 degrees for 6- 8 minutes and allow to cool.

6. Optional: add icing & sprinkles for a fun touch.