Teepee Fun with Woodland Wovens

Spring is here and that means Summer isn’t too far away (yay!!!!). And whether you’re still stuck inside waiting for the rain and snow to disappear, or starting to get outside more, it’s fun seeing what our kid’s imaginations think up. Play is an amazing thing and what better way to inspire their imaginations than a fort, or in this case a teepee?

Meghan from Woodland Wovens and I got our four kiddos together this week (4 kids under 3 and we survived and managed to pull off this shoot- yahoo!) for some fresh air and playtime with one of her teepees and it was so cute seeing how much fun the kids had with it. Set them up inside or out, these teepees are a fun addition for the home without screaming ‘I’m here for the kids’- they’re as beautiful on the eye as they are fun for the kids, so they’re win- win for the whole family.

These teepees are the perfect place for kids to play and use their imaginations, and large enough for the whole family to pile in for cuddles and story time (how cute would it be to set up an indoor camping- inspired movie night? Or set up at the beach for a Summer bonfire?). I love that they’re large enough for older kids to enjoy as well, so these are great for families who’ve outgrown the baby and toddler years. Meghan constructs them herself from sustainable materials and she’s got a few designs to choose from based on your style and decor, plus some fun accessories for the perfect finishing touch. We had fun incorporating some boho- inspired pieces into our setup and as beautiful as it looked outside, it was great setting up the teepee inside to see how it works in a playroom setting. Scroll to the end of the post for details on where the accessories are from.

As beautiful as the teepee was setup outside, I wanted to share how it looks when setup inside- a great addition to a playroom or even a kid’s room! (And how perfect would it be to store toys and stuffies at the end of the day- just close the flaps for a clutter- free room!).

Teepee & decorative accessories- Woodland Wovens
Dreamcatchers: VMD Jewellery
Roundie towel- Plaj Towels
Feather print canvas buckets- From the Seeds
Mustard swaddle blanket- Narra Nest
White chunky knit blanket- Leo & Bea
Kid’s outfits:
Liam’s Leggings- Vonbon
Ari: Tee- West + Wind Leggings- Kewe Clothing
Emmy & Rowan’s Rompers- Jax & Lennon Co

To see all teepee designs and learn more, visit the Woodland Wovens website. You can also find them social media: Instagram | Facebook 

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