Testing out Bottles with Playtex {Review}

When it comes time to give your baby a bottle, how do you choose? I know friends who tried what seemed like every bottle out there trying to find one their picky bumpkin would take. And of course, there’s the dreaded bottle strike: just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, your little one decides to refuse the bottle. Oh geeze….
Just in case you’re needing a laugh when it comes to nursing 😉

We’ve been using Playtex products in our house for a while and they’ve been a hit. A little while back I got the chance to try out their Playtime Cup (see that post here) which are great for little ones making the transition from bottles to cups, but they’ve also got a great variety of bottles & related products for when you’re ready to try a bottle with your baby and/ or are unable to breastfeed. One of my friends has a little lady who was a tough customer when it came to bottles and I thought her little critic would be perfect to help with this review on some of the bottles and nipples they offer.

If you’re doing some research into the bottles available on the market or are trying to find ones for your picky little one, I hope you will find this post helpful. A big thank you to my friend Leanne & her little lady for helping with this post!

VentAire Bottle 

Photo: Playtex

Product Info:
– designed to reduce colic through the unique bottom venting system to help reduce baby ingesting air
– angled bottle design promotes a semi- upright feeding position (recommended by paediatricians to help prevent ear infections- I learnt something new!)
– compatible with all new Playtex nipples
Our thoughts:
– easy to use
– doesn’t leak (perfect for toting in purses and for when baby pushes it aside)
– good for upright feeding, which is good for babies taking bottles because it
helps them differentiate from breast and bottle (breastfeeding-lying down in
football hold, bottle-sitting upright) 
– helps babies become comfortable with
both methods and more accepting of the bottle as an alternate route when mom
isn’t available (baby learns one position means Mom, one means friend or
– easy for older baby to hold
– variety of nipples that fit to help Mom find one(s) that baby likes (more about them below)
– great value for money when bought as a gift set (shown) 
Drop-Ins Bottle Liners

Product Info:
– designed for busy Moms on- the- go
– disposable & pre- sterilized liners make bottles easy to use & clean
– provide a comfortable feed for baby 
– as baby feeds the soft liner gently collapses to prevent air mixing with milk to stop it getting into baby’s tummy & causing gas pain
– works with all new Playtex nipples 
– designed to mimic breastfeeding
– used for generations
– BPA free

Our thoughts:
– good idea for dealing with colic/ gas by keeping air out
– if you have a gassy baby they’re worth a try
– can be a little bit messy/ not incredibly user friendly- prefer to use the bottles without the liners

– throwing out the used liners = not very environmentally friendly
Nipple Variety Pack

Product Info:
– available in slow & medium flow
– compatible with Playtex’s VentAire & Nurser with Drop- Ins Liners bottles
NaturaLatch Nipple made specifically for babies switching between breast and bottle & made to mimic average nipple size
Breastlike Nipple designed with a slope around the nipple to mimic the slope of a breast
Angled Nipple designed to allow for upright feeding & made to mimic average nipple size
Fullsized Nipple designed for babies with wider mouths & made to mimic larger nipple sizes
– in a study of 350 moms, 96% found a nipple their baby liked & 97% would recommend the Playtex Nipple Variety Pack to other moms
– BPA free
Our thoughts:
– great idea for new moms starting out not knowing what nipple baby will prefer
– great way to save money as you can try out several nipple styles with one purchase instead of purchasing several bottle/ nipple combos from  variety of brands (see gift set  with the VentAire bottle, above)
– the Angled Nipple is good for upright feeding
Breast- Like Nipple– my baby preferred this one out of all of them and was indifferent to the Fullsized and NaturaLatch
– good quality and the seals well onto bottle

We hope this post helps you narrow down your choices when it comes to trying a bottle with your baby & makes it an easy transition! If you would like to learn more about the products included in this post, visit the Playtex Baby website.

If you want to try out the products mentioned in this post, you can purchase them from a variety of stores or online, including well.ca– a Canadian site- and have them shipped right to your door! 🙂

Image Sources:
Breastfeeding cartoon- EveryDay People Cartoons

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