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Breville juicers review centrifugal and slow compression
Ok friends, I’m just going to say this up front: I’m excited about this post. Our family has been juicing for some time and having the chance to work with a company whose products you love was a great way to kick off this month. Will and I shared a comparison of two styles of Breville juicers on Instagram Stories earlier this month (look under the Food highlights and tap through to see)- our existing, centrifugal juicer and our new slow compression juicer- and I’m now sharing some more information about them, plugiving away a juicer to one lucky Canadian reader!

If you’re interested in trying juicing, or already do, read on to learn more + enter to win!

We’ve been really happy with the juicer we got from Breville five years ago, the Juice Fountain Elite, but we’ve been wanting to try a slow compression juicer like The Big Squeeze for some time. The main difference between the two styles is that the centrifugal juicer (the Juice Fountain Elite) uses rotating blades at high-speed to extract the juice, while a slow compression juicer (The Big Squeeze) crushes and squeezes the juice out. The idea being that there is no heat generated during the process, leaving the nutrients intact.

When we had the opportunity to try out a slow compression juicer, we wanted to test the two juicers to compare and honestly both perform very well, it just comes down to the style of juicer you prefer and what your budget is.

As I mentioned with our existing Breville juicer, the Juice Fountain Elite, that we purchased a couple of years ago, we’ve been very happy and impressed with the quality and performance. Before purchasing Will did research into the different styles of juicers and Breville came back at the top of the list. This juicer still performs great, and we have replaced the filter basket twice simply due to use (which cost us approx $55 CAD each time, an investment we feel was well worth it both times to extend the life of our juicer).

Let the testing begin!

When it came time to try our new juicer, we decided to test them side-by-side and use an equal amount of ingredients for both juicers to get as accurate of a comparison as we could. This was a fun way to try out out new The Big Squeeze while also comparing the performance of two different styles of juicers. Having recently replaced the filter basket in our Juice Fountain Elite it was almost like having two brand new juicers to compare.
Breville juicers review centrifugal and slow compression    Breville juicers review centrifugal and slow compression Breville juicers review centrifugal and slow compression Breville juicers review centrifugal and slow compression Breville juicers review centrifugal and slow compression
Breville juicers review centrifugal and slow compression

Centrifugal vs Slow Compression: The Results

To cut right to the chase, the new The Big Squeeze is quieter than our other juicer and produced more juice with the same amount of produce, and the pulp that was leftover was much dryer (we weighed the pulp from both batches of juice to compare how much moisture was left over, ie how efficient the juicers were at extracting the juice). One item to note in the preparation process for The Big Squeeze is that you have to cut your produce into smaller pieces than with a centrifugal juicer like the Juice Fountain Elite to fit into the shoot at the top, as opposed to simply feeding it straight down. It’s a minor additional step in the preparation, then you simply use the wand to help push the produce down the shoot where it is crushed and then squeezed. (Visit this link for our go-to juice recipe)
To view the juicing process of both a centrifugal juicer and a slow compression juicer, check out the videos on my Instagram Stories under Food highlights. Our family has been very happy with all of the Breville products we have bought over the years, especially the juicers, and we would happily recommend this brand and either of these juicers. Note: A fun bonus with The Big Squeeze juicer is that you can watch the process through the clear shoot, which is something the kids like to watch. Our kids already like to help in the kitchen, but this brings another level of involvement and fun to a healthy food option they can be a part of.

What we liked about this juicer

– yields more juice 
– quieter 
– easy to clean
– great value for the price
If you’re in the market for a juicer I highly recommend either of these models, and I feel The Big Squeeze is an exceptional value for what you pay- especially when you take into account how efficient it is in extracting juice. Groceries aren’t cheap and the more juice you can get the better! I’ll include some basic product stats onThe Big Squeeze below, but you can also find both the juicers mentioned in this blog post on Amazon, including product- specific info. One more note: when we bought our originalJuice Fountain Elite on Amazon a few years ago, Will did quite a bit of research and found the reviews very hopeful. It’s definitely worth it to take some time to read them and I hope that this review helps inform your purchase when it comes time to buying a juicer.

The Big Squeeze Specs 

– slow compression juicer- crushes produce to extract juice from produce
– retail price approx. $460 CAD (as see on Amazon.ca)
– easy to clean- hand wash in warm, soapy water- use basket cleaner (included) to clean the filter basket
Find both juicers on Amazon.ca:

Want to win a juicer from Breville? Enter below to win a The Big Squeeze juicer (a $460 value)!


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Learn more about Breville products on the Breville Canada website and find them on social media:  Facebook | Instagram

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Breville juicers review centrifugal and slow compression

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