TPB Fitness Series: 4 Simple Ways to Make Cardio Your Friend

Cardio. That is such a loaded word, full of expectations, anxiety, and pressure. At least it is for me. I always set myself such lofty goals in this department and beat myself up for it when I fall short. But cardio isn’t actually as intimidating as so many of us think and thanks to our kids, we’re already a step in the right direction for what it takes to get this aspect of fitness in check: we’re up and moving about! For some, cardio means hours on a treadmill but that doesn’t have to be the case. As long as you’re moving, that’s pretty much cardio. Other forms of cardio could be playing a favorite sport, like tennis. If you want to play tennis to help improve your cardio, check out Kansas City tennis lessons here. After a few lessons, it won’t even feel like work anymore! Part 2 of this fitness series with Tone Every Zone is dedicated to this topic and I love how Irina has suggestions that you can easily fit into your daily routine- even with the kids around- that take 15 minutes or less to help you work towards your fitness goals, you can use a gym or you could buy some home gym equipment from one of the Exercise Equipment Stores, however, you do not need a gym to participate. You don’t need a gym or even a workout space for her suggestions (think hills, stairs, a step stool, and even your own body) and let’s face it: 15 minutes isn’t such a challenge to squeeze in, is it? See below for her great tips and click here to view Part 1 in this fitness series.
Oh! And I almost forgot- there’s a GIVEAWAY announcement at the end of this post! See how you can enter to win 1 of 5 fitness assessment sessions with Irina and for a chance to win a pair of LNBF Suri leggings (like the ones I’m wearing) at the end of today’s post. 😀

Hey everyone it’s Irina again! Cardiovascular health is a very important aspect of general wellness. We spend too much time being sedentary and we don’t move around as much as we should. This can lead to heart disease and all sorts of other problems! Now, if you’re a mom – you’re already ahead of the game: chances are your kids force you to be more active than the general population because we all know kids don’t sit still unless they’re sleeping.

Cardio is a bit misunderstood: it doesn’t necessarily mean going for a run or doing a crazy HIIT class. But it is great fat burning exercise and should not be overlooked. Setting up fitness eqiupment similar to battle ropes / TRX Training can be a good cardio work out, especially when wearing a fitness waist trainer to help tone your waist. However there are other ways for you have a workout. Here are some simple ideas you can start incorporating once or twice a week into your schedule.

If you have any hills around your house, you’re in luck! Start modifying your usual route when you take your baby/ kids for a walk and opt for the hill instead! An incline is a great way to get your heart rate up while at the same time eliminating the high impact that comes with running or jumping around (which can be really uncomfortable if you’re a breastfeeding mom for example). When the hill starts getting easier, increase your walking speed.

If you live in a house or townhouse, chances are you have some stairs. Here are some cardio exercises you can do with stairs:
  • 1min step ups
  • 1min sprints
  • 1min jumps (jump from step to step)
  • 1min step and squat: go up a step, do a squat. Do the same on the way back

*Repeat 3x for a quick 12min cardio workout!*

Any elevated surface
If you don’t have hills in your neighbourhood or stairs in your house, maybe you have a step stool! A step stool can be awesome cardio! Really, any elevated surface will do, just make sure it’s sturdy! Here’s a quick cardio routine using a step stool:
  • 1min step-ups
  • 1min step up and jump down
  • 1min step up and lunge back
  • 1min jump up and jump down

* Repeat 3x for a quick 12min cardio workout!*

Your body!
As it turns out, equipment is only optional when it comes to fitness training. Your body and gravity can do an awesome job getting your heart rate up. Here’s an awesome 5min sequence that requires no equipment. These exercises are simple but very effective!

  • 1min jumping jacks
  • 1min high knees (or marching, for the lower impact option)
  • 1min jump squats
  • 1min mountain climbers
  • 1min walking planks

*Repeat 3x for a fast 15min cardio workout!*

As always, the thing to keep in mind is that it’s ok to start small. 12-15min can be a quick burst of energy and a great workout if the time is used to its full potential.

What are your thoughts about cardio? How do you incorporate it into your busy schedule? What are you finding works really well? What are you struggling with? I’d love to hear from you!

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