What’s for Dinner? Meal Planning Made Easy {Printable}

Is meal planning a thing in your house? After years of trying, I finally made it a weekly habit about a year ago and it’s made many a dinner time easier to organize. Usually on a Sunday evening I’ll sit down for a few minutes and write down meal ideas for the week, with input from Will and the kids. This way we all get something we like and enjoy a variety of meals.

Meal planning isn’t about having meals set in stone, but coming up with meal ideas you can shift around based on how the week and each day is looking.

Slow cozy day at home? Make something that takes a little more time. Busier day? Opt for something simpler/ slow cooker friendly. I like having ideas so I can grocery shop without just grabbing items off shelves and hoping for the best- plus this way I can organize the week’s meals ahead so I can be one step ahead with food prep and ingredients. Bonus: this also helps save money on the grocery bill since you know what you need rather than just shopping on impulse.
Usually, I try to plan for some meals with meat and some vegetarian, and this helps save a little on the grocery bill as well. Where I struggle is with lunch ideas (if you have some good ones, lay ’em on me!), so I guess that’s the next area for me to tackle. But for now, getting dinner ideas organized ahead of time is one less thing to think about as the week goes on.
Meal planning is one of those things that can help you feel a little more organized, especially for days where the kids have activities after school. Even if I switch up which meals I make on what day, it’s nice to have a list to look at in the morning so I have some ideas based on the day ahead and I can get ingredients prepped accordingly (another bonus: making dinner time more relaxed because things are ready in advance). I like to include a mix of go-to meals I know our family likes while trying out something new every week or so.

To help make meal planning simpler, I put together this meal planning printable + grocery list page!

Whether this is something you’re already in the habit of doing or is something you have been wanting to try, I hope this meal planning printable helps! Print it off and put it in a page protector or laminate it to use with a whiteboard marker or simply print off each week as you need it. To keep things simple for you I’ve also included a grocery list page so you can write down ingredients you need to pick up.

To get your meal planning printable just scroll down to download + print! 


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Meal Planner Printable



Grocery List




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