Why I’m Making My Makeup Bag Natural + Review with Elate Cosmetics

I met Melodie from Elate Cosmetics at last year’s Modern Family Expo  (renamed the Healthy Family Expo for 2015) and enjoyed chatting with her about natural beauty products and the challenge we face to find natural, chemical- free options that actually work. Makeup has been one of my biggest challenges when it comes to going green because I’ve had staples in my makeup bag for years that I’ve grown used to and love. But I’m over the science- lab worthy list of ingredients and am replacing my drugstore brands with natural alternatives. I was really excited when I got the chance to work with Melodie & her line of natural cosmetics that are cruelty & chemical free, organic, and vegan. 
Melodie generously sent me Elate’s Essential Mascara & Universal Cream for lips & cheeks to try & I was interested to see how these natural options stood up to their chemical- laden counterparts. The company has a goal to “empower women to make healthy choices and use the best possible products for their daily ritual“and I can definitely get behind a brand with a mantra like that. So, out with my tube of mascara & compact of blush and in with these products!
Let the fun begin!

First up:

Elate Essential Mascara ($20 CAD)
Product details: Great for those with sensitive eyes; gluten free & water resistant. The teddy bear brush “makes application a breeze and gives full, longer lashes”.

If I was stranded on a desert island and could only pick one makeup product it would be mascara. I used to go through a tube of the stuff in a month or two. I love how it can open up your eyes and really finish off your look. But I hate knowing that the black goop I’m layering on my lashes is laced with chemicals- and that stuff is flaking and running into my eyes! Not the most comforting thought, but I’ve had a hard time giving up my big brand mascara because I haven’t found a natural brand that delivers the body & length that I was looking for. I also struggle with the cost, since the natural products are more than double what I pay for my big brand tube, and this was especially frustrating when I wasn’t happy with the result. Enter Elate’s Essential Mascara.

Not only does it act like any of the regular mascaras I’ve used over the years, it only took 2 coats for me to get the length & body that I was seeking for my daytime makeup. (I add another coat or 2 for an evening out, date night, etc). I love the way this mascara coats lashes to make them look fuller & longer without looking gloppy & caked- on. The brush does a great job of coating & separating lashes while adding volume.
On that note it’s important to mention the shape of this brush. Over the years I’ve experimented with mascaras with all variations of bristles & shapes. Some definitely work better than others and I’m all about length & volume. I want a mascara that delivers, but even a good formula is no good if the brush doesn’t do it’s job. The ‘teddy bear’ brush that Elate uses is a good shape for achieving the results I’m looking for & I like the bristle style (I’ve used some mascaras with plastic, comb- like brushes & they just weren’t for me). 

When it came time to removing the mascara I noted 2 things: there was no flaking at the end of the day (a major pet peeve of mine) and it washed off easily with warm water and soap. With several coats of mascara I was pleased that no makeup remover or abrasion was necessary to take it off. Back to au natural! πŸ˜‰ 
Second up:

Universal Cream (for cheeks & lips) $20 CAD
Product details: This cream blush contains lemongrass essential oil & adds a soft, natural flush. The shape is designed to glide easily along your cheekbone.

As a fair- skinned girl I have to be very careful with the colours I use on my face as it doesn’t take much for me to look like I’ve had a bad day at the beach. I have natural pink undertones, which can have their charm, but make it so that whatever powders & creams I put on my face tread a careful line between highlighting my features & making me look like a drag queen (just saying!). I’ve learnt what colours work well for me and ‘Bliss’ was the perfect warm peachy colour for me (thanks Melodie!).
I started out with my moisturizer & mineral powder as a base/ foundation then used the Universal Cream on top. The shape of the cream is specifically formulated to glide along cheekbones & for use on lips. I like how it made applying the cream pretty much fool- proof, especially since I’m used to using a powder. Simply use light pressure & apply it from the apple of your cheek & move upwards (suck in your cheeks & make a fishy face if you need help figuring out where to apply). Then simply use your fingers to blend until you reach the desired colour/ effect. It creates a natural blush effect without looking heavy.
I loved the creaminess of the Universal Cream (no pun intended) and that it can be used on both cheeks & lips (I’ve used it on my lips but didn’t want to share close- ups since the they’ve been a little chapped & not so photogenic), but it’s just as lovely for that use too. Like the mascara it lasted all day and only needed a touch- up before heading out for the evening. As for removal, it was as much of a breeze as the mascara to wash off and I didn’t feel the need to scrub or use other products to sufficiently remove it. No leftover residue or the feeling of clogged pores. Just fresh- faced & clean.
Voila! Whadya think?
It’s important to mention a few other things about Elate in addition to the products I’ve talked about in this post. I love that the company has a goal to help women make wiser choices about the products they use without compromising on quality. When you think about how many products we use on our faces alone (count them, I dare you; I use 6-8 on average including soap & moisturizer), suddenly it becomes clear why we need to care more about our product choices. If these products contain toxic & harmful ingredients, they pose a threat to our health given the duration & consistency of use (click here for more info on this).  In addition to this mindfulness, Elate’s products the are also cruelty free, vegan, organic, are made in Canada, and come in sustainable packaging. I think they’ve just about got everything covered. The price is comparable to other ‘natural’ brands that I’ve seen at my local drugstore & ultimately, like with what I put in my mouth, I’d rather pay a little more for the products I use on my face & get better quality without the laundry list of harmful chemicals. Because as one famous beauty brand likes to remind us: You’re worth it.  πŸ˜‰
In addition to these merits, Elate Cosmetics can be found on the Think Dirty App, an app that has rated more than 200,000 cosmetic and personal care products including shampoo, soap, toothpaste, and nail polishes based on the toxicity of their ingredients on their Dirty MeterTM. Simply scan the barcode of the product to see it’s rating. If you’re curious about the ingredients in the cosmetics & personal products you use, it’s worth it to check this app out; it may make you toss out the entire contents of your bathroom. 
A big thank you to Melodie from Elate for treating this lady to some lovely new cosmetics. I’m looking forward to trying out more of this company’s products & replacing the naughty ones in my makeup bag.

Elate Cosmetics is based in Victoria, BC and offers a variety of natural cosmetics with a skincare line due for release in the Fall of 2015. Visit the company’s website to learn more & shop online. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram
The Think Dirty App helps consumers easily identify the toxic chemicals found in the cosmetics & personal products they buy. When you scan the barcode of a product, Think Dirty will provide a rating plus information on the product & it’s ingredients and suggest cleaner options.  For more information about the Think Dirty App, click here. You can also find the app on FacebookTwitter, & Instagram. 

Elate cosmetics won’t compromise your skin, your lifestyle, or the earth. Beautiful colours. Skin loving ingredients. Sustainable packaging. Made in Canada, all natural and vegan.
Life, Love, Community.

Product photos by K Petrunia; logos courtesy of Elate Cosmetics & the Think Dirty App.
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