Yummy Mummy Monday: Salted Chocolate Covered Caramels

Looking for a holiday treat you can whip up in no time? These are a perfect no- bake item to bring to a holiday party or as a last minute hostess gift. And my favourite part (other than how addicting they are!) is that there are only 3 ingredients. They’ll be gone in no time!
Yummy Mummy Recipe: Salted Chocolate Covered Caramels
Caramel cubes 
Milk & white melting chocolate (I bought the caramels and chocolate in bulk based on how much I thought I’d need)
Sea salt
1. In a double boiler bring some water to a boil and begin melting chocolate; cover a baking sheet or chopping board with a piece of parchment paper.
2. Once water has come to a boil reduce to medium heat. You can do batches of each chocolate or drizzle both chocolates over the caramels based on how much time you have/ how artsy you want to be.
3. While chocolate is melting unwrap the caramels, stirring chocolate occasionally to avoid lumps.
4. When the chocolate has melted, use a fork to spear the caramels and dip them in the chocolate, tap them against the the side to shake off excess & place on parchment paper.
5. Place baking sheet in fridge for 5 minute to help the chocolate set. 
6. After 5 minutes, remove from fridge & re- dip in chocolate, again tapping to remove excess. Drizzle with the alternate chocolate if desired & sprinkle salt before the chocolate sets.
7. Place in fridge for 5 more minutes to ensure the second layer of chocolate has set. 
8. Wrap or arrange as desired (I recommend keeping some for yourself too!).

Image Source: Weary Chef

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