Yummy Mummy Recipe: Green With Envy Juice

With cold & flu season upon us, it’s SO important that we take care of ourselves and stock up on all the nutrients we can. This week I decided to break out the juicer and try my hand at creating my own bevvies. I went with a green juice loaded with vitamins. And the good news: I didn’t sprout bunny ears for trying all the good stuff! 😉 It’s delicious & refreshing- great served on ice with a sprinkle of pepper if you like a real clean flavour.
Yummy Mummy Recipe: Green With Envy Juice
1 bunch kale
4 stalks celery
1/2 cucumber
1 lemon
1 green apple
Optional Ingredients:
– spinach
– ginger
– lime
– carrots
Add all ingredients to juicer and power away! If you are lacking in the juicer department and have a blender or Bullet to wok with, simply zest the lemon & core the apple before popping in. While you will be left with a thicker drink- more like a green smoothie- you’ll be keeping a lot more of the valuable fibre that can be lost during juicing.
As with many things, juicing can be trial and error to find a combination you enjoy. My hubby found my juice to be a little tart, but I personally enjoy the zing from the lemon & green apple. Worst case scenario: pop your juice in the freezer- best to portion in ice cube trays- and keep on hand to add to smoothies or to use as flavour cubes in more successful juice recipes. (Psst- it’s also great to add to soup stock!)

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