Yummy Mummy Recipe: Make Your Own Trail Mix

Before I get started, I know what you’re going to say: You don’t make trail mix, you just mix a bunch of stuff together. Right? Mmmmm kinda. As convenient as it is to pick up a bag at the store (especially the extra- naughty kind with chocolate candy & lots of salt, which we convince ourselves is a healthy snack *wink), I find it hard to find one that has everything I’m looking for. Great as part of breakfast or a snack for school/ work/ hikes, etc, trail mix is a great source of protein and other nutrients, if you eat a  healthy version. Like so many snacks that claim to be healthy, you have to examine the ingredients before simply trusting it’s good for you because it says so. Sugar and salt can negate the benefits of such a snack option, so why not bypass the expensive (and naughty!) versions and mix your own?
Because this isn’t a recipe per se I’m going to list the different ingredients you can blend to make your own personal mix. I’ll also show you what I did to make mine below. Organize the options and have the members of your family create their own blends and voila! personalized snacks the kids can help with. While you can buy dried fruit, be wary of added sugar and preservatives to enhance colour & flavour; I’ll show you two different ways you can dry fruit from home. Oh, and another added bonus: you can buy many of the ingredients in bulk and make a big batch so you don’t have to make this on a daily/ weekly basis. 

The goodies for my trail mix blend
Ingredient Options:
Dried Fruit:



Other Ideas:
Yogurt pieces
Dark chocolate chips (if you reeeeally want to) 😉

All you have to do is decide what you want in your trail mix (for my blend this time I used dried mango & apple, cashews, and pecans). If you want to dry your own fruit, you can use a dehydrator or oven. If you have a food dehydrator, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the different kind of fruit you want to dry. For the blend I made, I dehydrated mangos overnight  and baked apple slice rings (see my how- to here). Once both were cooled, I cut them up into 1/2″- 1″ pieces.
The mangoes before being dehydrated…

 ...And after

There are so many different ingredients you can use and countless ways to blend them. I can’t wait for  the Summer so I can use local fresh fruit! I hope you enjoy! <3

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