3 Hair Styles in 15 Minutes (or less)

I love taking my time getting ready in the morning, doing my hair and makeup without rushing and feeling like I’m ready to face the day put together. When you look good, you feel good, right? But let’s face it, most mornings are busy and you either have to get up before the kids or wrangle them while you try to quickly tidy your hair and throw on some mascara and lipgloss. Ah mom life, amiright?! And having an hour to get ready- pffft! So I’m sharing 3 quick and easy hair styles that take 15 minutes or less, using basic items you’ll already have. I know not everyone has hair as long as mine, but this doesn’t mean you cannot recreate these looks. From growing out your hair naturally to even opting to use clip in hair extensions, anything is possible, even if it does mean taking a little bit of time to perfect the look.

With the help from Dana from Illusions Artistry, we picked 3 styles, with the 2nd and 3rd building from the first. Starting with a pretty all- down style, these ‘dos will take you from day to night and can be as fun or as formal as you like.

Style 1: Quick Curls
This first style is perfect for casual or dressy occasions and will take you from day to a night out. Whether you’re just looking for a quick style for running errands with the kids or something you can do quickly for a meeting or date night, this style is perfect.

Curl with a 1.5′ wand style curling iron. You don’t have to curl in the same direction as we’re going for a relaxed yet put together look.

Leave curls to cool and once finished curling the entire head, lightly spray with a flexible hold hairspray such as Tresemme’s No.3 or Big Sexy Hair’s Spray Don’t Play. 

Run through curls with fingers to comb out any structured curls and leave you with tousled waves. 

Style 2: Boho Braids (half up do)
This style makes me think of days at the beach or Summer music festivals- such a pretty casual style! Check out how we added an extra touch of fun with flowers too.

Part your hair where you usually do and braid one
small section of the front of your hair on each side. Starting at the
sides of your hairline is flattering for a softer and feminine look. Braid the
small section all the way on both sides. Keep aside. 

Lightly tease the crown area and spray so that the teasing holds. Take the two braids and pin underneath the teasing so you have some volume at the crown. 

Want a fun twist? Add flowers for a boho/ music- fest look (how pretty would this be for a Summer wedding?). Make sure the flowers have mid-size stems to make securing them easier or you can thread a bobby pin around the stem and secure the bobby pin into the braided or teased area so that it will hold. 

Style 3: Bug Bun (up do)
I love a good top knot, but this big bun doesn’t take much more time or effort. So pretty for date night or work without a lot of effort.

Keep aside braided sections from style 2. Tie the rest of your hair into a
ponytail at the crown or where you prefer your bun to be. 

You will separate your ponytail in 4 sections (one on top, one on bottom and one on each side). Roll each section starting at the ends and rolling inwards. Bobby pin the rolled section so its stays in place. 

Once all sections are rolled and pinned you can loosen the bun so there are no gaps between the sections by lightly pulling some pieces. Spray to hold. 

I have mid- length hair, but I love that these styles will work for most hair types. Even if you have shoulder- length hair, you can try modified versions of these styles- I love the look of a half- up top knot with braids- so cute for Summer too!
I had such a blast working with Dana from Illusions Artistry on this post and want to say a big thank you to her for helping me with these styles and photos for this post. See below to learn more about her and her (mobile!) hair and makeup services. 
About Dana
Bandana (Dana) Seehra is a freelance hair and makeup artist who is able to travel to her clients so that they are able to enjoy the experience of getting ready in the comfort of their home. She provides services for all occasions, including weddings, proms, and photoshoots. Her favourite part of her job is getting to know her clients and making lasting connections with them. Bandana graduated from the Freelance Makeup Program at Blanche Macdonald Centre in 2012 and from John Casablancas Institute at the top of her class in the Hair Art Design program. Bandana believes in continued education and attends makeup and hair seminars in her downtime. To inquire about rates and availability please contact her at danaseehra@live.com and visit her website: www.illusionsartistry.ca.

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