Amara Baby Food Review

I’m fairly picky about the food that Ari eats (partly by choice, partly by necessity) and always on the look out for new things to try with her. It’s been tough since we’ve had to further restrict her diet beyond dairy and gluten to include some fruits and veggies to determine if these foods are hurting her belly & gut. It’s been an interesting culinary journey to say the least and I’ve found that some of my favourite go- tos have been crossed off my list (including many of my favourite organic store- bought pouches). With these new restrictions I’ve had to make sure all the food she eats doesn’t have any sneaky ingredients that she can’t have (there was even wheat in the jarred prunes we were buying!) 

It can be frustrating at times, but it’s also led us to try new things. We recently discovered Amara baby food and have been trying out their banana dried baby food. Like rice cereal, all you have to do is mix it with water (or swap in breast milk/ milk or milk substitutes) and it’s good to go (I use a fork to mix it so there’s no lumps). It’s also great mixed into a smoothie or in oatmeal, making it a versatile option that Ari has been loving. And let’s face it, what Mom isn’t elated when her toddler eats what’s put in front of them and it’s healthy to boot?

Aside from the fact that Ari is happily gobbling it up, here’s what I like about it:
– organic
– non- GMO certified
– made just from fruits & veggies
– free from additives/ fillers 
(the ingredients list for the dried banana pouches: organic dried bananas. That’s it.)

Here’s the ingredients/ nutritional info:

Unlike the food that comes in pouches or jars, this food is dehydrated to ensure none of the nutritional benefit is lost. I’m a fan of dehydrating fruit for trail mix, etc, but didn’t realize just how beneficial this process is for keeping nutrients in food intact. While researching this post I learnt something that really p’d me off: because of the high temperatures used to cook baby food that comes in jars and pouches to keep it shelf stable, most if not all, of the vitamins and nutrients are compromised resulting in mostly empty calories. Uggggh. Those things aren’t cheap!

I try and make as much of my own food as I can as I have a really good baby food maker. I spent a lot of time choosing it and read the reviews on mommyhood101, which convinced me to buy it. I’m so glad I did – it’s been one of my best purchases. I actually enjoy making the food, never mind that it’s usually much better for your baby. That being said, sometimes you just need something that’s easy to grab & go. So for a convenient snack option I’ve been making smoothies with the Amara dried banana food and either putting them into reusable pouches or in cups with wide straws for when we’re out and about (a great way to sneak in spinach and kale!). You can also just toss the pouch of dried food into your bag and mix it up when you need it (which is a great snack for when we visit Grandma & Grandpa). 

Here’s what the food likes right out of the pouch and when stirred with water:

Amara’s baby food is good for babies 6 months+ and comes in several flavours. If you want to try Amara out for yourself, visit their website to see where it’s available near you (Whole Foods on Cambie Street in Vancouver is one local location carrying it). You can also find them on Facebook & Twitter.

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