Beauty, Bath + Skincare: 5 Natural Products to Try

We all have our favourite beauty, bath, and skincare products don’t we? Most of my friends have got a favourite beauty product, whether it be their expensive face mask, soft foundation, or even their professional salon shampoo, and they’re all the products that we can’t live without. But more and more we are looking at the ingredients in the products we use and switching them up for options that aren’t loaded with chemicals. Bring on the natural!

Today’s post is all about some natural options that deserve some space in your beauty and skincare regime. Over the past few years one of my goals has been to go as natural and chemical free as possible, and personal products have posed a unique challenge- they’re such an integral part of our day-to-day routines and not always the easiest things to switch out (especially when you’re replacing a product you love)- and there has been plenty of trial and error.

I still have a few more items I want to check off my list (next up: haircare!), but I’ve really started to narrow down my choices and figure out my favourites- plus which products not only sound great but actually live up to their promises (deodorant was a big one for me). Based on these efforts, I wanted to share a few of the brands and products I have come to love since starting this shift to natural. Some of the brands have been in my home for a few years and others are more recent additions, but all of them are ones that I have put to the test/ used and loved- and continue to use on a regular or daily basis.

When it comes to anything that comes in contact with our skin, it can be tricky to find options that work for us, and I understand not all of these products will work for everyone. But I hope at least a few of them will and that this post will help you find some natural options that work for you. See below for 5 natural beauty, bath + skincare products to try!

1. Makeup- Elate Cosmetics

When it comes to our makeup, it can be tricky to make the switch from those favourite products we’ve used for years and find natural options that measure up (mascara was a big one for me). Enter Elate Cosmetics and their full line of cosmetics that are vegan, gluten free, toxin free, cruelty free, and all made right here in Canada. Their products are worth every penny and everything I’ve tried has earnt a place in my makeup bag. The quality is amazing and they offer everything from lipgloss and eyeshadow to illuminators and mascara (check out their Liners, Lips and Lashes Collections as a great way to try a curated selection of products). As I mentioned, their mascara is my go- to and has become that product that I hate to run out of without having another ready to go. They’re also a part of the Leaping Bunny Program and you can find them on the Think Dirty App.

2. DarkNite Soap- OnceUpon a Bath

I have been trying to take better overall care of my skin and recently have started working outside in the elements more, meaning that I’ve had to up my skincare routine. Will and I have both used this soap on our faces and really like it. Made with essential oils, activated charcoal, and dead sea salt, it’s been a welcome addition to both of our skincare routines.

3. Natural Deodoratn- HOLA Deodorant

I can’t tell you how many natural deodorants I have tried over the years! This has been the hardest product for me to find a natural option for: I needed something that didn’t irritate my skin (many did), smelled nice, and that actually worked. Full disclosure: I usually re- apply deodorant at least 2- 3 times a day- and had no luck finding a natural option that could stand up to the traditional deodorants on the market. Also- have you heard about doing a deodorant detox? When planning to make the switch to a natural deordrant it was recommended to me to go 2- 3 weeks without deodorant so my body and skin could detox before trying out natural options. So naturally I decided to do this in the middle of Summer- because isn’t that the best time to go without deodorant?! 😉 – and went a little crazy keeping myself feeling fresh in the heart of the hottest months of the year. But hey, if you really want to put a deodorant to the test, Summer is a great time, no? After trying out another natural deodorant with not-so-great results and irritated skin (as I mentioned, this has been the most challenging product to switch over to natural), HOLA was recommended to me. I went with the Coconut Citrus scent and love it. This is a little different from the regular stick options- it is like a thick cream that you apply to your underarms with your fingertips- but it doesn’t take long to get used to (they also recently released deodorant sticks, which I’ve bought and trying as well). These deodorants are made without chemicals and are potentially a great option for sensitive skin. And let me leave this here: if a natural deodorant can keep up with me, it’s definitely a keeper.

4. Coconut & Oat Milk Bath + Natural Bath Products- So Luxury

Since discovering this milk bath a few years ago, it’s become a favourite staple. I always joke that I buy it for the kids but always enjoy it for myself. If you are craving an indulgent bath or something soothing for your little one’s sensitive skin, So’s products (formerly Bebe DeLuxe) are free from chemicals- including parabens- and made with 100% organic, food- grade ingredients. If you can eat it, it must be a good choice! 😉 The oats and coconut help cleanse skin, leaving it super soft, without stripping it of its natural oils. Just add a few tablespoons into the bath with running warm water, pour a glass of wine and enjoy some TLC. This brand also offers a variety of other natural products including soap (another favourite of ours), bath bombs, and body oils.

5. Face Mask- Haven Living

I’ve never been one to do face masks. I have no excuses other than I usually couldn’t be bothered. But I’ve noticed in the later part of my twenties that I have to be more proactive with my skincare to keep it looking healthy and glowing, and started casually experimenting with them over the last year or two. Add in my recent addition of working more outside and I really had a good reason to try and make these a regular addition to my skincare routine. As with all the products in this post, I wanted to find an option that not only gave me results, but did so without a toxic list of ingredients. After an exceptionally rough few weeks with my skin, I applied this mask one night, not really sure what to expect. When I washed it off and moisturized, my skin felt good, but it wasn’t until the next morning when I woke up that I really appreciated the difference this mask had made. My skin felt softer and healthier. This mask helped strip away build up and dry skin that I’d been struggling to properly remove without it feeling dry or raw after. This is the newest item on my natural skincare list but absolutely one I’ve welcomed and look forward to using on a regular basis. Haven Living offers a full line of skincare products for both men and women, suitable for head to toe, so if you’ve got a few things in mind that you’re trying to swap out for natural, chances are you’ll find a great option to try from this line. Men need to take their own personal grooming very seriously too. Reading this Ear Hair Trimming Guide is a good start but this should be common practise amongst millenial men nowadays.

I hope this post gives you some ideas to try for yourself and to help you on your hunt I have linked to the 5 brands included below so you can check them out for yourselves. As I’ve mentioned, these are all products and brands I’ve used and come to love through a fair bit of time and trial and error. As with any product that will be applied to skin, the results can vary, but my hope is that some of the information and products I’ve included will be helpful for you when it comes to making the switch over to natural, or helping you find the product that’s right for you. If you have any questions or have found other natural beauty, bath + skincare products that you love I’d love to hear!

Products featured in this post

Pressed EyeColour Trio + Liquid Eyeline in Joy (Gold)- Elate Cosmetics

DarkNite Soap- OnceUpon Bath & Body

Natural Deodorant in Coconut Citrus- HOLA Deodorant

Coconut & Oat Milk Bath- So Luxury

Charcoal + Ragaya Facial Masque- Haven Living

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